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Melvin and Howard

Some Film Moments Are Truly Better Than Money
The film's opening interaction between Dumar (the quintessential dreamer/loser) and Hughes (who found his dream but lost himself)is hauntingly brilliant. As they drive along in Melvin's truck, on the cusp of desert's dawn, Melvin manages to draw Hughes out of his crusty and maniacal shell by getting him to sing one of his self-written songs. As dawn opens, Hughes is still singing. It is probably his most uncomplicated - yet happiest moment in years.

Melvin never does receive any money from the disputed and disregarded will. But he really does not care. He still has his dreams, and knows that validation can be found in impecunity as he reflects upon his encounter with Hughes: "No, I'm not going to see that money. That's all right. Because you know what happened? Howard Hughes sang Melvin Dumar's song. He sang it." Some moments are truly better than all the pain that money can buy.


Good Pick for "Dead Blondes Night"
A "bottle blonde" biop - nothing in this film really reflects the true shade of Harlow. But worth the watch, for these laughable moments:

(1) The way "Harlow" tears into a chicken breast, then flings a piece of gristle onto the ground with the aplomb of Henry the VIII while lamenting (with her mouth full) to "Arthur Landeau," that she can't get the parts 'cause she doesn't put out on the casting couch. (Could be...but I really wonder if her table manners had something to do with it?) (2) The bedroom scene with future "Naked Gunner" Leslie Nielsen as the "Richard Manley" - (Howard Hughes) - who tries to bang her, but gets "shot down" when she throws the proverbial drink in his face and calls him a "dirty, rotten animal." I tend to agree...after all, they actually had dinner first!

There are a few more, but I'll have to rewatch the movie.

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