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Totally Under Control

FACT: Now in Spring of 2021 we know Trump saved millions of lives
Fact: deaths per capita were not higher than than EU, and Trump's warp speed is why the US is the most vaccinated major nation. The Us also did much better under Trump flattening the curve than the EU.

I am sure I will get downvoted by people who do not like facts, but those are the facts.

If you got vaccinated before July 2021, that vaccine, the fact we ramped up so quickly in early 2021 are all 100% due to decisions Trump made in spring 2020.

Somebody Up There Likes Me

Artificial and forced quirkiness in place of a plot
This film seems comprised of artificial and forced quirkiness in place of a plot. After ten minutes it is just repetitious.

Mamma Mia!

Streep more like grandma than mother
Really who cast this? The stage version was tolerable but Meryl Streep is decades too old for the lead.


The data do not support what this film portrays
The studies in Essex county NJ, and in Maryland, of incidents of gun injury and death of juveniles or by juveniles show that north of 95% of such incidents the access to the gun is due to a criminal domiciled with an illegal gun in a home or some other access from a criminal.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: One World, One People
Episode 6, Season 1

fully 3/4 of the nine and ten star reviewees are shills/single use accounts
Seriously who do people giving this a nine or ten stars via multiple single use accounts or accounts that only rate this series, think they are kidding?

Repeating your phrasing is even more obvious!


Even if you have patience to tolerate the glacial pace of this - there is no reward
To put it concisely: this is an art film without art.

I have a highs tolerance for experiment work. But if you actually make it through this torpidly paced, overacted, incoherent work, there is no payoff.

Fear the Walking Dead: Things Left to Do
Episode 9, Season 6

Legit reviewer average is 2.7/10 stars. Same three or four peopel with multiple accounts endlessly rating episodes "10"
The diction on any half dozen "10" star reviews is identical. In fact often identical for different episodes.

Almost all these are accounts whose sole activity is giving walking dead and its spin offs 10 star ratings.

Lets face it, viewership share of the walking dead franchise has been PLUMETING and brain dead episodes like "things left to do" are a good reason why.

Otto no chinpo ga hairanai

Exploitive and 100% INaccurate portray of a specific syndrome
Really even in Japan it is the 21st century, not the 19th century. I've been to Japan several times and the population is not so repressed that a young married couple will unwillingly choose celibacy and no children -- when they can just see a doctor.

As far as the current top reviewer saying the show is accurate and the medical problem not addressable by modern medicine: I doubt they have any experience at all with this problem and are getting their info from this show's nonsense portray.

Vaginismus where one can have sex with some partners but not with others, as is the case shown in this series is a PSYCOLOGICAL anxiety syndrome. There are other types that are 100% physical (and most those can be addressed with effective therapy too) , put in this case the woman only has problem with a specific partner and not others, which means it is a psychological, not physiological issue. Just go to NIH website and look at the peer reviewed work on this.


Misogynist is in message and tone
It is surprising how a modern era film can carry so much misogynism.

Overall the pacing of the film is torpid. That and the misogyny in several of the textual quotes proves an unpleasant cinematic experience.

Coded Bias

Does it matter that the assertions in this documentary have been debunked?
Does it matter to any of the reviewers here that the claims made in this documentary have been debunked?

Fact: The darker ones complexation is the LESS likely that there is usable video or photos for investigators or prosecutors.

The makers of this film claim the opposite is the case, they claim there is a bias against persons with darker complexions -- when in fact that is not at all what the peer reviewed research shows.


Essentially a "Lifetime Channel" soap with message that men are dogs
Really, I am a fan of French cinema in general. This film though seems a copy of the worst in B-grade American films set in France. The cinematography and acting are good. But really in the end L'enfer is a trope and cliché filled melodrama. It seems made not from the French point of view, but that of someone who does not know France visiting the country.

The "surprise" ending is telegraphed a million miles away. Lesson: all men, at least all straight men, are dogs. You've seen this theme a thousand times, and in virtually every case done better.

3/10 stars.


As if we haven't seen every trope
As if we haven't seen every trope in hospital drama, this endlessly repeats them. It is mindless forced melodrama.


The Parthenon Marbles need to be returned, but this film is a mess
I have to wonder about another reviewer here calling himself a classist and saying the apogee of Ancient Greek civilization was "2500 to 2000 BCE." That is actually earlier than the classical age (by 1500 to 2000 years), earlier than archaic even earlier than Mycenean period.

The classical or golden age of Greece, and when the Parthenon marbles were created was in the period were the fifth and fourth centuries BCE ie from about 500 to 300 BCE, not 2,500 or 2000 BCE!

Also Roman and Greek Culture were not rediscovered in the 15th century CE , they were widely known and living and breathing in the Byzantine Empire with many western European scholars visiting Constantinople, and visa versa all through the "dark ages." Now let's get to this film. It is perhaps the worst argument for return of the Parthenon Marbles I have seen. The parthenon marbles need to be returned, waver poll and survey of UK citizens shows a majority want them returned to Greece, and that majority grows every year. The British Museum holding a "receipt" from, of all things, a brutal and genocidal occupying's power is no different than if the Wailing Wall had been carted away by the Nazis. But this film makes a botch of the case for return.

The Walking Dead: Diverged
Episode 21, Season 10

Darrel guy goes wandering, his grandmother makes him soup and awaits his return
Another torpid and absurdly slow and meaningless episode.

The woman who plays Daryl's grandmother can not act. But she dos make some soup out of a rat. But then the old bitty then spills it.


Stunningly bad and highly inaccurate telling of a compelling story
Wow. The real story of Operation Anthropoid is so much more interesting and dramatic than this awful film. Sometimes there are reasons for dramatic license in adapting a true story , but so so many core facts of the actual operation are inverted, omitted or simply falsified for no comprehensible reason in this version. Skip this and see "Anthropoid" or even "Operation Daybreak"

Assistance mortelle

A broad and mendacious insult to all the aid workers in Haiti
This "documentary" is just a litany of untruths that is an insult to aid workers and the millions of individuals around the world who contributed to Haiti Earthquake relief and the billion or so of taxpayers from the US, the EU, Australia, Canada, Japan and S. Korea that contributed huge sums via their governments' assisting Haiti. This was not an issue of "alleged" corruption in in Haiti's government and society, but profound and pervasive corruption. The denial of this is the big lie and this film is guilty of many lies. As one example using the Haitian government number for those who died as a result of the earthquake is uncritical repetition of a proven lie. The actual number of dead turned out to not be 10% or 20% lower, but half of the claimed number. That is according to peer reviewed studies of the issue. This propaganda film sucks up to the Haitian convent line at every possible turn. Skip it.


Fosse was a major and serial abuser of women, had a casting couch, and that is glossed here
Look, sensible people know one needs to judge people by the time they live in. I am for taking down some statues, (literally and figuratively) and leaving others. But Bob Fosse was not just average in his treatment of women for his time, he was in the context of the 1960's-80s a complete pig, an abuser, and a perpetrator of sexual assaults'. If he had lived as long as Bill Cosby had, he would be in jail right now. This film portrays him as a vulnerable artist and simply as a short tempted driven perfectionist who was demanding, perhaps too demanding and occasionally bullying. That is not what was going on. He clearly had a problem of violence. There is also credible indications he on occasion pawned off young dancers and women hopeful to be cast on people who financed his work which kind of makes him a pimp. Google: Fosse's Darker Legacy: Bob Fosse, Ben Vereen, and #MeToo.

Made for Love

Pacing is not jus a bit of a problem, it is mind numbing. Dark humor gets dropped for a creepy vibe
I've seen the first four episodes. My guess is the other reviewer has seen just the first episode. I don't think the pacing is a bit of a problem, but deeply flawed and makes for an unenjoyable experience. Also the show dropping the viewer into the middle of the timeline and going forward and backwards comes as an artificial and compensatory gimmick that makes a mess of the narrative. (that is not a spoiler it is obvious in the first 30 seconds)

The set up is pretty much dystopian rom-com, and it has been done better elsewhere. Really instead of subtle dark humor, the vibe is just generally a drawn out creepiness. This all comes down to bad writing. The acting is quite adequate. Yoeman talent level for TV acting. The lead actress overdoes the quirkily schtick just a bit much, but it looks like that is more bad directing than an acting problem. The dialogue and screenplay are not clever by golden age of TV standards. Not even a sliver or bronze effort. There is an unevenness and a lot of tedious sections. Once gets the sense that the writers take the audience for granted. 4/10.

The Walking Dead: Splinter
Episode 20, Season 10

Legitimate user average rating is 1.8/10 stars
When you control for the shill reviews with accounts whose only activity is to give a "10" to every TWD episode, many clearly using multiple accounts that are obvious from repeat phrasing, the average rating is under two out of ten stars, in fact 1.8/10. This episode is typical. The genuine reviewers, and the actual professional reviewers in the major media are noting the main character in this episode can't act at all, that the episode lacked drama, intelligence, action, suspense, meaning -- and even lacked coherence.

Shoot To Marry

14/15 are FAKE single use accounts/ This is a torpid, boring, naval gazing work of narcissism
Wow the writer of this film looks to have spent more time shilling reviewers here than writing this piece of garbage. This film is awful.

The Walking Dead: One More
Episode 19, Season 10

Legit user reviewers average score is 2.7/10
There are only three people who positively reviewed this here, the rest are shilling with multiple accounts. Seriously who do you think you are kidding?? Same phrasing, same diction and grammar idiosyncrasies.

The Vietnam War

Selective cherry picking by Burns, including ignoring Soviets archives
This series seems comprehensive. There are a lot of sources. But Burns engaged in selective cherry picking to spin it.

This was a proxy war, yet in the hours and hours of this opus there is nothing at all from the now public information from the other side is included. Only the other sides' proxy. So we get three sides: US, US's client proxy of South Vietnam, and North Vietnam. We get no information from the other side's directing/controlling power: the Soviets.

The problem manifests right away with the discussion of the 1954 "agreement." Firsly the South did not agree to that 1954 plebiscite so calling it an agreement is just Orwellian. Secondly we no know for soviet archives that comprehensive work was in place to make sure the vote in the communist north was 100% for "unifications" thus making a stacked vote in any case.

We also now know from soviets' archives that the plan was Vietnam, and if the US did not oppose Vietnam that Indonesia and the Philippines were next. That is not deluded domino theory, but literally a black and white domino POLICY the soviets had in place and planned to deploy if we did not oppose their aggression in Vietnam.

What burns misses is that as part of ":Containment" strategy the US in hindsight was fantastically successful in Vietnam. From the Soviet perspective it ended up being a USA victory.

Teh soviet data show that only a tiny number of the Viet cong actually existed. teh vast majority, according to Sovceit archives over 95% of forces the US were fighting were NVA, the Norht Vietamese Army.

No mention in the entire length that South Vietnam was a member state of the United Nations, not any mention whatsoever that all hisotrians agree this was adirect invasion of S. Vietnam.

VEry frw pwople are at the extrem

The Mauritanian

Why are fact based critical reviews being removed?
What is going on with review section? There is a whitewash removal of reviews that note core factual problems with the film's narrative. My review referenced Washington Post and New York Times articles showing several major untruths in this film, including outright untruths told by Mohamedou in his book.

My review had had no "spoilers" bad language or untruths, yet it was removed. My review did not rationalize torture, nor did it defend Guantanamo that Bush had opened and that Obama never closed despite promises to do so. I also included statements on this case from top Obama administration officials, several of whom are now top Biden administration officials who stated that that Mohamedou was an Al Quada terrorist and needed to be kept locked up.

I think people are marking as "spoiler" reviews that they simply do not like. This is a complex issue with bad actions by all sides, Bush, Obama, and Mohemedoiu himself.

Frontline: Losing Iraq
Episode 13, Season 32

Even PBS comes to the conclusion that Obama lost Bush Iraq victory
Firstly I think it interesting that the other reviewer here is so upset that this even handed PBS docu discusses failures of both Bush and Obama, and how ultimately Obama lost this war and threw away the gains the US and its allies had made.

The other reviewer even bizarrely dismisses ISIS, just as Obama had, and says "ISIS who are they? They killed each other off." As if the Obama policy spawned ISIS did nothing harmful, when they murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.

Fact is that the Clinton administration said, for its entire eight years, that Saddam had WMD. The UN estimated that 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five died as a direct result of of Clinton administration WMD sanctions. If WMD was untrue, why did Clinton and the entire Democratic Congressional leadership claim Saddam had WMD?

Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Ellen's Home Quarantine/Andrew Cuomo
Episode 145, Season 17

Ellen shares jokes about Trump with Cuomo, ignoring all criticism of cuomo that was already known
Ellen really showed us, praising Gov Cuomo. I thought she was going to get down on her knees to him. Yet at this point we already knew that on a per capita baiss the US had 18% LESS deaths than the EU, and we now know Trump saved hundred of thousands of lives with operation warp speed on the vaccines. It is now March 2021 and the US is miles ahead of the developed nation average for vaccinations, with three TIMES as may vaccinated, and four times as many at risk vaccinated than as the EU per capita. According to the NYTimes this was all due to vaccine production commitments secured by President Trump. Meanwhile, the fact that NY State under cuomoos specific directives had the WORST covid policy performance, and systematically hid deaths, is not mentioned at all.

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