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Spider-Man: Far from Home

the same as always in the MCU
It is supposed to Endgame was the end of a phase in Marvel so that Far from home opened another with many changes, but it remains the same, the same formula that obviously will never change, jokes without grace, absurd stories. If this is supposed to be an evolution for the MCU, where are the changes? Perhaps they plan to continue following the same formula for another 10 years and make another film that supposedly closes a cycle. That was Endgame, an end to something but an end of what? The ridiculous excuse of being the closing to a saga of 20 movies but is there really a difference now? You yourself may notice that no. What I see here is a door to 10 more years of movies and repetitive series, I do not lie, Marvel confirmed a lot of projects that will arrive in the next few years and invade our ticket offices until who knows when Who could get excited for a movie of these people, When are all the same? Anyway, Far From Home is a ridiculous movie that I can say that the best thing he has is his villain that is not the big thing, this seems like a mediocre film about exaggerated romances of adolescence. Take some mediocre Netflix "teen" movie and give the protagonist super powers, you have Far From Home !Great¬° This I am writing after Spidey supposedly should leave the MCU and the truth that makes me happy, this version of Spiderman is rubbish.

Love, Death & Robots: The Witness
Episode 3, Season 1

Could have gone better
I dare to say that this is the best directed episode of the series so far I really seemed more appreciable than the first episode, has very good surrealist touches and incredible approaches with a animation work with a lot of cinematographic style, the problem here is the story; predictable, pretentious and boring. But I must highlight the great animation work, I would like to see this style ever in an animated movie.

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