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Happily N'Ever After

Foolish and boring
Remember these good old fairy tales? Like Shrek or the sequels. Well this one it's stupid,boring,with terrible music,annoying characters. Watch it only if you have nothing better to do.

Ta kokkina fanaria

One of the best from Georgiadis
With a great cast too.Karezi proved hat she was a good dramaic actor.Foundas as the bully is great and Damantidou as the ''night lady''.Other stars are Georgitsis,Papamichail,Hronopoulou.Great music too.Enjoy!

Poia einai i Margarita

Classic Karezi
Along with Karras in his film debut,Fertis and Nikolaidis in this romantic comedy with the false identity.Nice music from Markopoulos and aa funny note from Veggos.

Tzeni Tzeni

Karezi at her best
Not to mention the other cast including Papagianopoulos as her father who shines Barkoulis as the fool husband Konstantaras and Zafeiriou as the aunt.Nice music from Kapnisis too.A total enjoyment from the beginning till the end.


Its crime fighting time
And one of the coolest cartoons of the 80s coming to youtube.I remember watching it as a kid but even now as na adult is good.It started with a a file presented by Bulletproof and ended with the cops solving the case.Highlight the ending crdits with the role call.A nostalgic trip back to our kid youth.

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

Very good
Perhaps not as good a aaa the first but we still have Dean Jones,as the main actor.Of course the lovable bug steals the show and we have a tone of romance with Lancia.Sit back and enjoy,it's pure Disney guarantee and fun.

To karpouzaki

Unexpectedly good
With a cast of famous comedians gives you one hur and a half of pure fun plus some places like Voula's beach in 62.Enjoy!

Fylakes anilikon

Best film for the greek prison system
Where do I start?The opening sequence with Ganotis singing the ''decayed bolt'',the sequences with God played terrificly by Tsahiridis,the wiseguy Manesis speaks.A total era in front of your eyes.pure 80S cult!Don't miss it.

Pater Gomenios

Moustakas was the best
Funny lines,good actors and nice music from Krimizakis.Another hit from the 80s era.

An itan to violi pouli...

Moustakas funny once again
One of the best greek actrs in one of his best performances.Getting in trouble with three women and getting all the help frome the court president,well played by Mihalopoulos.Nice music from Mamagakis too.

The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone

Flintstones vs Dracula
Pure fun with the famous prehistoric families who win a trip to Rocksylvania.Some funny moments and lines will appeal to younger audiences better.But still it's only a 48 mins movie.Relax and enjoy.

The Fox and the Hound

A true friendship
Nice characters and music,veteran voice actors and here's another Disney classsic for your collection.

The Call of the Wild

Very good adaptation of the book
Ford is very good as always but the show steal the trained dogs with back to the front line and the snowy landscapes.


Classic epic
Heston was the one and only Moses and the one and only Ben Hur.3 hours of scenes changing one from the other,nice musci and the top scene chariot race at the end.Highly recommended!

Over the Hedge

I tried to watch it,but after the first 20 mins became silly.Well voice cats but it's not enough.

Open Season

Some funny moments but
The whole film is mediocre.The villain is good and the bear with the deer have some funny moments.Kids will enjoy but the elders prefer something else.

Romeo and Juliet

Best Shakespeare adaptation
Zefirelli,Olivia,York tem up before Jesus of Nazareth and the result is outstanding.Not to mention the wonderful music from Rota.

Dodge City

Good old Errol
I personally prefer Flynn in the swashbuckling adventures but this one surprised me good.Starring De Hallivand and Hale as his co-stars is an nintersting western vehicle,with acton a few romance and witty dialogue.Give it a chance.

Everyone's Hero

Nothing special
The film wishes to give a social message but as it goes on and on becomes boring.Some good voice actors doesn't save the movie.

Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs

Kid's fun
The dwarfs the princess the bad queen,nice music but all these were better back in Shrek or Snowhite.Just for once.

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus with a great guest casting
The outstanding film of Zefirelli!Wondrous music,excellent performances 6 hour duration with anthology scenes as the Lazarus' resurection and the birth in Bethleem.Don't miss it!

The Ten Commandments

Heston was the ultimate Moses.Scenery,music fight scenes,actors,the special effects of the era makes you forget the four hour duraton and enjoy one of the best biblical films in history.


Great series
Papadopoulos is great as the poet Karyotakis and Kitsiou in her debut role is alos great as Polydouri.Excellent scenery and atmosphere of the era.

Oi aparadektoi

Papadopoulou and the rest of the cast shine in this great sitcom which marked the 90s.Highly recommended and often repeated on TV.Enjoy!

Demetrius and the Gladiators

Good biblical drama
Of course not as good as the Robe,but Mture gives another nice performance as a slave.Very good scenery and cinematography!

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