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La vérité si je mens! 3

Truth, they were missed 7/10
"La vérité si je mens! 3" is personally one of my favorites among french films, it's not a masterpiece or a classic but it's always fun to rewatch it. I remember watching it hundreds of times and never got tired of it. The group of five is back for business only this time they are fallen victim to a scheme and now need to rise above. The screenplay by Gerard Bitton and Michael Munz is clever and full of catchy lines that make the film impossible to not laugh at. As always the movie ends with a happy ending as the gang keep making fun of poor Serge.

La vérité si je mens! 2

I won't lie, that was funny 7/10
"La vérité si je mens" is a great French comedy by Thomas Gilou. All three movies in the franchise are funny and full of excitements. The story follows a group of five french Jewish businessmen who are all close friends in search of scoring the next deal in business that will make them rich and happy, the plot follows how they try to take vengeance against their competitors and how they balance their family lives. Each and every one of the characters is different and humorous in his own way, my favorites were Eddie and Serge, Serge is always in for the comedy and Eddie is more of the leader in the group, he figures out what to do. Overall there is not much else to say about this movie, it is always a pleasure to watch it again and enjoy it.

Angel Heart

Lucifer has come for your soul 6/10
"Angel Heart" is a thrilling and terrifying movie by Alan Parker, It is the kind of movies you'll take as a perfect example of how to create suspense and tension. Private investigator Harry Angel has been sent by a man named Louis Cypher to find a missing person who ows a huge debt to Cypher, the investigation takes a sudden turn and Angel discovers a horrible truth. The plot itself is interesting and captivating although the movie is really slow and dull. Mickey Rourke gives an incredible and understated performance while Robert DeNiro is amazing as always, he appears in only four scenes but catches the viewer's eye every moment. The main theme of the movie is of course everything that has to do with Satan, souls, voodoo and dark magic. Even DeNiro's character has a game of words in his name, Louis Cypher - Lucifer. Overall it is a nice story with a high level of suspense although at some point it becomes less affecting.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The legecy of the shield goes on 7\10
"The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" is one of the better Marvel shows i've seen in a while. It is written perfectly to today's world and the cinematography in every scene is amazing. One of the things people were more hyped to see was the chemistry between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barns. And honestly it doesn't disappoint for a moment. From the moment they hate working with each other till the point they trust each other and are close friends. Anthony Mackie is a amazing actor and he finally gets to step up in a major bigger role in the MCU. Sebastian Stan is great and delivers a lot of emotional moments along with Mackie. Daniel Bruel returns as Baron Zemo and gives a great and awsome performance, defently a good character who I believe we are yet to see more of him in the future. The show in general is fabulous for planting in the marvel universe a true image of today's world: racism, discrimination, world problems such as poverty and refuge. This series doesn't give answers to any of this but does hint that it's time to move forward and do better, just like Sam says in the final episode. The show does give a better view on how the U. S "gives" respect to it's veterans and how they prefer who's better for the image of the U. S. until finally Sam steps up and takes the mantality of Captain America. I can't wait foe Marvel to release more content similar to this show because at the end of the day, this is the kind of shows that interest people. Shows full of action that represent a good and realistic image of reality.

Point Break

Great classic full of adrenaline 7/10
"Point Break" is a exceptional movie, many movies with the same plot have been made before but this one in particular is better and cooler, usually in movies of this type of genre there is an undercover cop who investigates a few suspects who might be the robbers he's looking for. On the way he gets emotional with the robbers and befriends with them, falls in love with a girl and eventually must decide what is right. This type of storytelling has been used since then in every possible heist and crime movie. So Point Break will always be a special and exceptional movie for kind of inventing this storytelling. Patrick Swayze was a legend and already a famous actor during the release of this film, he plays the role of Bodhi so well it feels natural for him to be such a man. Keanu Reeves was at the start of his career way before The Matrix happened, and was yet to become one of Cinema's best actors. What I love about the film is how Johnny Utah's character evolves every single time and how he's torn apart between his duty and his love for the group. He adapts to surfing, the surfing scenes are among the best scenes in the movie and give the viewers a good vibe. I really loved this film and recommend it to all those in favor of watching some good action and adrenaline.

Ascenseur pour l'échafaud

Perfect film noir movie 8/10
Elevator to the Gallows is a perfect French film noir movie. Louis Malle is one of France greatest directors and he definitely knows how to put all the Film Noir features into his movies. From the tempting blonde woman to the use of darkness. The Film Noir is a highly special genre in Cinema. One that is not so easy to understand. The movie in general is wonderful, the story with the killer and the elevator is a bit humorous but tensive, the soundtrack by non other than Miles Davis is beautiful and compared nicely to the story and tone. Overall I really enjoyed it.


Good comedic French film 7/10
"Taxi" is definitely a good movie that has plenty of comedy, action and character interaction. One of the more underrated and less known French films I've encountered lately. Starring Samy Naceri, Frederick diefenthal and Marion Cotillard. This comedy crime movie delivers good humor and dialogue amongst its bizarre characters. Although from what I've heard, they made a franchise out of the movie and made numerous sequels which is kind of disappointing because I can't imagine a movie like this having a sequel. It's funny and all but not something that will be known as a masterpiece. Luc Besson sure does deliver a perfectly nice story.

Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop brings the heat on 7\10
Eddie Murphy's big hit "Beverly Hills Cop" is a funny and light film, brings a lot to the table: humor, action and a lot of differences between how Detroit works and how Beverly Hills works. Eddie Murphy was one of the big stars of the 80's and his career evolved with every movie and performance of his. This is probably one of his more notable movies. The film overall has much to offer, including those differences between Axel Foley and the other cops. The music is a little painful and overused but it does add the vibe of the 80's.

L'as des as

comedic action film, exactly what to expect from Belmondo 7\10
Jean Paul Belmondo is one of the greatest French actors of the last centuries, moreover one of the best stuntman alive in movie history. "ace of aces" is a incredible and great action movie of his taking place in the Berlin Olympic Games before World War 2. A French boxer is accompanying the French delegation to the Olympics but on the way befriends with a little Jewish boy and decides to save his family from the Nazis.

It is a wonderful and humorous film, although on the way focuses on turning events happening in Germany such as the upcoming holocaust.

In the same sense, the movie sort of creates this type of adventure film around World War 2 and how the main hero comes out victorious against Hitler, just like in other movies such as "Don't look now, were being shot at" and "Tex Avery". A really fun and well made movie.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

The blues is storming in this picture 7/10
"Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" is a chilling experience, a good and powerful movie that it's most biggest advantage and main feature is the dialogue. The whole movie is centered with dialogues and interactions between characters. Personally I would have preferred if the plot was centered in a longer period of time and not just one single day, not that it's a bad way to tell a story but with these kind of characters you're gonna need more time to get used to them. Viola Davis completely nails her role as Ma Rainey, she deserves a lot of applauses and is making her way towards the award of best actress in this year's academy awards. Her monologues during the scenes are tensive and captivating. At the same time Ma Rainey is also pretty Insufferable and mean towards everyone, you can understand her pain and struggle but still. It was around this time I figured out what it means to dislike a character but adore the actor. Now about Chadwick Boseman, the man was and always will be a legend, in his final role he gave one of his best performances ever and I mean that this movie truly showed what kind of a exceptional actor we had and lost. Chadwick just bursts into flames with every line and monologue of his, his character Levee is amazing and eye catching, he is probably the only character in this film that stood to Ma Rainey and dared to fight her, what a person he was. Overall I loved this movie and really wished we would have gotten more blues music. Although you can definitely feel the blues hitting hard in this picture.

The Trial of the Chicago 7

In 1968, the freedom of speech was in danger 8\10
"The Trial of the Chicago 7" is one of the best movies I have seen that are nominated for this year's Academy Awards. It is serious in a amazing way, but also pretty humorous and easy to watch. It is the kind of movies that deserve a well written script and here enters Aaron Sorkin. For those who are not familiar with him, he's only one of the best screenwriters out there, he mostly wrote "The Social Network", "Moneyball" and "Charlie Wilson's War".

This time he is both the director and screenwriter, he does both things in a most dramatic and perfect way.

The story focuses on the trial of 7 people who face various charges surrounding the protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Mostly protests against The Vietnam War. Around this time the freedom of speech and liberty were at stake, many people came from different parties but they all had one common goal: The SDS, The Yippies, The Mobe and The Black Panthers all joined together against the war.

With an ensemble cast of amazing actors and a well script, this movie has no flaws and is recommended to watch for the upcoming Academy Awards. Eddie Redmayne is amazing, Sacha Baron Cohen in another perfect and serious role after his last performance in "The Spy". Joseph Gordon Levitt is good in every movie he performs, same goes for Mark Rylance and Michael Keaton. Yahya Abdul Mateen II has an exceptional role and acts too good.

Overall this is one of my favorite movies to win the Academy Awards this year.

The Addams Family

The true definition of scariness and weirdness 7/10
"The Addams Family" is a story by Charles Addams, which has later turned into a series and movie franchise. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and written by Caroline Thompson and Larry Wilson, this movie is one of the wackiest and funniest I have seen in a while. The movie focuses on the relationship of the Addams Family, a weird, bizarre and scary family that worships death, séance and everything that is gothic. Every member of the family is special in his own way: Morticia and Gomez who are the leaders of the family, Wednesday and Pugsley are the little rascals who make death pranks on each other, we then have Granny, Lurch the waiter and Thing. Fester Addams is the long lost brother of Gomez who comes back and creates a lot of chaos. All the cast members are fantastic and act so well under the whole makeup on their faces. Christopher Lloyd is great as Fester and steals the show with every appearance of his. The interactions of the family members with each other is brilliant and well written due to the script. The better the script is attached to the story, the better the movie gets. Overall this is a very funny film that aged well and is always a pleasure to watch again.


Not Mann's best but has a lot to offer 6/10
"Blackhat" is a good crime genre film by Michael Mann, for those who might be wondering, he is indeed the director of Heat (1995). Although this isn't his most notable work, neither his most famous one. Mann is a well achieved director and he manages to draw the best out of this film. Chris Hemsworth is a hacker forced to work with the American and Chinese governments in order to stop another ruthless hacker. The movie is filled with action and nice dialogue. My favorite part is when the car exploded, it definitely attaches to "the bomb under the table" act. All actors are great and Viola Davis always impresses me with her talent.

The movie itself in terms of storytelling and plot doesn't have much to offer. In terms of cinematography, editing, vision and dialogue the movie does it's best and makes itself less dull. All in all, it was a good one by Mann.

The Liberator

The animation is just one of the reasons to watch this show 8\10
"The Liberator" is a magnificent beautiful series created by Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Alex Kershaw and Jeb Stuart. For those who are a bit tired of war movies which represent brotherhood, honor and friendship all over again. You get pretty much the same features here. Although the series has one changing feature which is the animation. The animation is fantastic and is serious to the subject and plot of the show. The series focuses on a unit called "The Thunderbirds" a.k.a the 157th Infantry Regiment. A unit composed mostly of Native Americans, Mexican Americans and Dust Bowl Cowboys. People who weren't expected to do much during the war but did the impossible at any cause. A four - part series with amazing scenes and an exceptional story. I finished the series in one day and couldn't stop thinking about the animation and the resemblance to "Waltz with Bashir". Two perfect and well achieved masterpieces. Overall this series should be recommended to everyone, it is absolutely great and not a random animation show.


Valhalla is waiting for it's Viking warriors 8/10
Vikings is a exceptional series that I doubt we'll ever see again in it's shape. One of the most rarest shows to have ever come alive. For those who can't live without this show I have two things to say: 1) it's over, move along. 2) don't worry, there is a spinoff in the works now. The main storyline focuses on the Viking legend - Ragnar Lothbrok, a hero to his people, a man who was a farmer but turned into a king and "god". If you ask me, Ragnar was the true reason to watch this show in the first place. He is powerful, written well, brilliant, funny and great. The reason Ragnar is such a key player in Vikings is mostly because he is smarter than others. He thinks outside the box and is always one step ahead of everyone. Not only that but he is also a explorer and adventurer, he always wants to discover and learn about other things. You can see in his relationship with Athelstan and King Ecbert how interested he is in the world and how it works. Some believe he didn't really exists and that his character is based on other Viking tails. To me, Ragnar is the true heart of the show, Travis Fimmel nailed this performance. Alongside Ragnar are his friends and family: Rollo (based on the character Rollo of Normandy), Lagertha the shield maiden, Floki the boat builder and Athelstan the priest. Following these characters are the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok: Bjorn Ironside, Ivar The Boneless, Ubbe, Hvitserk and Sigurd. Personally I believe each of ragnar's sons is special and they all have their advantages. They also have a common disadvantage which is that none of them are compared to their father. Although some of them are interesting: Bjorn is supposed to be his father's successor and travel with him around the world to discover everything. But he goes his own path until he becomes the new king of Kattegat. After Bjorn dies, the focus moves on to Ivar and Ubbe who each represent a different side of Ragnar: Ivar is a tactician and wise person, he just like Ragnar is one step ahead of everyone while also being ruthless and crazy. Ubbe is like Ragnar in terms of exploring the world and finding new lands, he wants to build communities around the new lands. There are many other characters worth talking about but instead I want to focus on the plot itself: telling a story in such a different time in history is rare, the focus on details around England and Norway is amazing, such as the cinematography and music. If I needed to divide the show in certain half's then it would go this way: seasons 1, 2 and 3 are great, season 4 is absolutely my favorite, seasons 5 and 6 are rough and hard to keep track with. Although I'm happy we were left with a closed ending to this marvelous show. The golden age of the Vikings is finally over.


A Pixar movie for adults 8/10
"Soul" is a great movie. it is funny, original, amusing and beautiful. For a Pixar movie it is really odd and a bit of a gamechanger. This is the type of animation films that adults can relate to. If you show this movie to kids it's way more complicated. Pixar's older movies are the ones you might want to show to your kids because they are more fit for them. Movies such as Finding Nemo, Monsters inc., Toy Story and more are the ones every person can relate on and love. But Soul has something different. Maybe only adults can truly understand the meaning behind it's story. Soul talks about the meaning of life and how to enjoy every moment of it. How a character wants something vs what he needs. We can all relate to this film because of what it talks about: we want to live are lives doing something meaningful, but what happens when our passion becomes an average work? What happens when our work becomes an obsession? What happens if we discover in a later stage of our lives what we needed and not wanted. What if what we always needed was right in front of us the whole time and missed it? These are the kind of questions the main character Joe Gardner is forced to face throughout the whole movie. These are the same questions we are facing all the time and maybe with Soul we can find a few answers. The soundtrack is amazing, Pixar really nailed it this time with the Jazz music. Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey are wonderful as Joe and 22, they are funny and have a amusing relationship. 22's line is a reliable and realistic thought: you can't crush a soul here (the great before), that's what life on earth is for. Overall as much as I want this movie to succeed I just feel like some people won't get it. On the other hand it's great to have another original and creative Pixar movie instead of a sequel.


The best Pixar has ever made 9/10
WALL - E is probably the best movie Pixar has ever made, as long as I live "Finding Nemo" will always be my favorite. But regardless to "Finding Nemo", this movie is probably the most creative and original Idea Pixar has ever made. We start on Earth where it has become an uninhabited planet, a little robot is tasked with reorganizing earth to it's original state. Things go out of order and the little robot goes on a quest that will decide humanity's fate. What makes this film so amazing is of course Wall - E. A dependent, funny, cute and wise robot who steals the attention at the very first second of the movie. Wall- E is unlike any other robot, he finds interest in everything and uses his knowledge and skills to survive on earth. He is also shown as having feelings and emotions towards others, such as when he first meets EVE. The chemistry between the two is adorable and captures the hearts of all the audience. Personally my favorites were Wall - E and M.O. they were so funny. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with this movie, it is nearly flawless, this movie fits perfectly to the case of "show, don't tell". The exposition is shown directly and beautifully. Every moment of the film in general is shown marvelously and taught of real well: the axiom, the people moving around with floating chairs, the similarity between Auto the villain to the villain from 2001 A Space Odyssey, the relevance to today's world and plenty more. If Earth ever gets uninhabited (due to a global pandemic maybe?) So we will really feel the relevance to this movie, overall Wall - E is a masterpiece of cinema and animation, my favorite moments are when Wall- E is in space for the first time and when he and EVE are dancing in space (pure genius). If you haven't seen Wall - E yet so shame on you, go watch it! The best movie Pixar has ever created.

To Rome with Love

Why people can't appreciate this? 7/10
"To Rome with Love" is a fantastic and beautiful movie by none other than Woody Allen. All of his movies are about cute, funny and complex love stories happening at the same time in one location. In this film in particular, you have four love stories happening at the same time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A great cast starring Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni and Allen himself. Along with other good actors all do a great job together. We as the viewers who try to understand Allen's movies most of the time can see his elements repeating themselves again in this film such as: the love affairs amongst the characters, the long filming of the locations, the beauty of life shown that not everything can be achieved, how the characters are left with his/her loved ones, how all stories end with a closed ending, etc. Personally I always enjoy Allen's movies and kind of hoped this one wouldn't end so quickly, something about all the plot points during the movie were really compelling. When I saw on the page of the film the rating it got. I just couldn't understand why people can't appreciate Allen's movies nowadays? Is it that hard to enjoy a romance movie these days? In rome?

Six Days Seven Nights

They'll need a vacation after this one 6/10
"Six Days Seven Nights" is a fun and enjoyable movie to watch whenever you like. Harrison Ford and Anne Heche are great together, Jacqueline Obradors is gorgeous and David Schwimmer seems to never let go of his Ross Geller character. The story is pretty funny: two people who are unlike each other get stuck on an island and need to work together to get off the island. While at the same time growing emotions with one another. Unlike any scenario that sounds the same. Director Ivan Reitman and screenwriter Michael Browning do a fantastic work with the genres combined in the movie to create a nice amusing adventure film. Some people may complain that this plot has already been used before but it is still enjoyable.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Everyone here is crazy! 8/10
"One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" one of the longest movie titles I've encountered so far. A true dramatic and funny story. Everything in this film made me think afterwards if things like these still happen in the U.S to mental institutions. The thought of people with mental illness being treated that way was pretty disturbing. On the other hand this what makes cinema perfect: the power to draw emotions from the viewers. Nurse Ratched (portrayed by Louise Fletcher) was a very annoying character and evil one. But the portrayal is what makes the character so well and realistic. Jack Nicholson in another Oscar Winning portrayal and fantastic film. Just proves again what an actor he is. Danny Devito and Christopher Lloyd In early roles before their rise to fame. The movie is inspired by a novel with the same title only to me it felt original because of the writing and dialogue. Every dialogue between Nicholson's character Mcmurphy and the other characters is worth mentioning, such as the monologue he gives when he discovers he can't leave the institution willingly, and that the rest of the patients are in the institution volunteerly. It is well written dialogue that is planted through the entire movie. Although the movie ends with a sad conclusion. At least Mcmurphy made life in the institution a little happier for the patients. After all, they are all crazy in this place.

Roman Holiday

The perfect voyage in the perfect city 8/10
Roman Holiday is a beautiful and heartwarming romance film. A relationship between a princess and a journalist turns into a love story and kind relationship. A princess wishes to have her own desires and freedom while the other man searches for a good story. This kind of plot is perfect for a romance movie because there are two different characters from two different worlds. Today this kind of relationship and plot is obvious and old. To show this story in romance movies today is very unlikely then back in the day (1953). The main reason to watch this film is obviously Audrey Hepburn. I mean she's got it all: the beauty, the style, the happiness, the skills. She's the queen in this case. Gregory Peck is wonderful and does a marvelous job. The setting around Rome is fabulous and beautiful. Each and every sequence in the film is beautiful and enjoyable. Overall this is a must watch to enjoy. A voyage in a perfect city.

Les compères

Funny and amusing french comedy 6/10
"Les Compères" is a amusing and funny frence film. A boy runs away from home, his mother contacts two of her former boyfriends and tells each one they are the father so they will go search for him. The problem is they are both two very different men. One is a nerd and the other is muscular. The two go on a quest to search for their "son" and find out who is the real father. Not only the idea of the film is original and amusing but also the whole plot is very wild as long as the movie goes on. These kinds of French comedies are funny and realistic with a little sense of humor. Pierre Richard and Gérard Depardieu are a dynamic duo and their chemistry goes on for three movies. There are just great together. Eventually it appears none of them is the father but the ride is remarkable.


Two things: colors and music 7/10
"Rio" is a fantastic animation movie that is so enjoyable to watch every time. The plot is enjoyable, the characters are amazing and funny, the animation is incredible and stunning. Two things that I mostly enjoyed were the music and all the colors that define Rio. Rio is such a colorful city and it is shown and animated the best way possible. The music is also very special and amusing. Every song written for the film was great and beautiful. The characters are something else to discuss about: Blue is a very unconfident and wise bird, Jewel is confident and proud, Nigel is the perfect villain with a background, Rafael, Nico and Pedro are all special and amusing birds. Overall this is a very enjoyable film to watch every time and I recommend everyone to watch it.

The Mask

Smokey!!!!!!!!! 7/10
"The Mask" is one of Carry's classic films and most remarkable ones. This is the kind of movies where Jim Carry can let all his humor and comedy burst out like a parade. His portrayal both as Stanley Ipkiss and The Mask are hilarious and compelling. At one point his a complete loser during the plot and afterwards he receives this huge confidence by using the mask. It's a good conflict between two personalities of one character. Every scene with Carry as the figure of the mask is wild and funny as hell. Just shows you his such a talented person. The only thing I may have against the film is that it is another origin film of how a regular person becomes a hero. Many origin films have been made and many of them either by Marvel or DC. So it would have been nice to have a different plot going on the movie instead of the same origin story. Overall it is a fun movie to watch.

The Girl on the Train

Interesting but becomes long and tiring 6/10
I'm always in favor of mystery films with a crime around them and a compelling twist. unfortunately it doesn't always work with any kind of film from this specific genre. "The Girl on the Train" is just one of those movies who try too hard to have a compelling and shocking reveal near the end of the plot. although it starts pretty well, the length of the movie is just too long to bare and at one point I was about to quit watching and crash to bed. the cast was pretty good: Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett and Rebecca Ferguson are all talented actresses and act pretty well during the interactions between their characters. although acting is never enough if the audience loses their focus. overall it was decent enough.

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