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Fauteuils d'orchestre

Fauteuils D'orchestre
My family and I love this movie Daniele Thomson and her son Christopher wrote a wonderful story and put it under the Paris sky and wonderful sites of the city, each person in this movie has a some thing that we can relate with, the comedy part is fowlowed by heart felt sentiments. The acting is superb ,the Effel Tower with the flashing lights is so romantic,the young girl is so believable and will probably be a great star.I had the priveledge to stay at the hotel across the theater and was so glad to see it in that movie ,I also went to the restaurant next door and talked to the real waiter Marcel, this movie has no violence and can be seen by the all family. I felt like I was back in Paris ,I will get the DVD and watch it every time I am lonesome for that wonderful city, it was a delight Chistopher Thompson also a good actor and writer.

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