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Alita: Battle Angel

Wow this was amazing.
Great visuals.. Just wow and the story line really amazing. Half way of the movie i was hoping there would be another Alita movie cause i would want to watch.. I mean it is that good.. And then the way it ended.. i was so happy knowing there is going to be a part 2.

The Professor

Made me Laugh and Cry
This movie is amazing. Will recommend this to others. Johnny Depp as always is fantastic. Gave a good performance in this movie. I love watching him. He took me in with the story of this movie. His performance is what made this a great watch.

Spider-Man: Far from Home

Wow this was good in so many ways!
I love Tom as Spider he is brilliant. This movie shows how he was struggling being a Spiderman. Had so many Tony moments (Made me think of Tony so many time) Great movie after the endgame. Perfect way to kick off the Next phase.

Ends with 2 post credit scenes which will leave you with so many questions. This just shows how much of deep planing marvel has done for it's future.

Amateur Night

Funny Good Movie
This was actually good. One of those funny movies. I really enjoyed this.


So intense! Goood survival movie
Amazing movie. Loved every scene. Every single moment is deeply intense.

You got to watch the movie.

Murder Mystery

I love Adam Sandler he is amazing. Glad to see a new movie with him being casted. Also liked seeing Jennifer Aniston. Both were amazing and this is not the first time both of them a done movies together. Movie is funny. It is fresh.


Movie that will make you Awed
Found this to be surprisingly amazing. Did not think it would be good. Proved me wrong. Loved the story and the happy ending. This is a great movie for the family..kids.

Hotel Mumbai

Good Strong Movie
Gets better as it goes. So deeply intense! Good job by the cast they made it realistic

The Hummingbird Project

Kept me on my toes
This movie has so many ups and downs.. Movie will keep you interested up until the last second. Jesse Eisenberg was spot on.. This guy is so amazing to watch.


Made me want to visit Thailand. That place looks fun
This movie made me want to visit Thailand. Beautiful scenery/scenes in the movie. Movie has so much going around with a person trying to deal his emotions when his wife cheated on him. The story it okay. Nothing impressive but it is fine. If you ask me if i would watch it again. NO I WOULD NOT. Just a 1 time watch movie.

The Package

this was kinda funny...
Well i was able to predict the story out.. but it was funny. The script was hilarious.

One of those one time watch movies

Five Feet Apart

Found it a good watch
Nice Movie. Love the story. Love the ending even tho it was not a happy ending but it was a almost happy one. Cole Sprouse & Haley Lu Richardson were fabulous.. they were an awesome pair.

Id watch this again.


Loved it
This was a good action movie. Mads Mikkelsen gave a great performance.. The story line was good. Everything about this movie was good

Run the Race

Good Movie
Really Liked it. Good movie.. Not the kind of movie i would like to re watch.. However i did enjoy it.

Like Father

Good Story! Family Movie
It is a nice movie. A good story! A family movie. Fun movie


Guaranteed good action movie
Talk about a great action movie.. This one is just awesome. Scott Adkins was amazing.. I want to see him taken on more bad ass person action role. The story is new.. not predictable so very much likable

Mia et le lion blanc

Beautiful Movie. Must watch
Absolutely loved every moment of this movie. Everyone should take time and watch this beautiful movie.


Good, fun movie
When i went in watching this...i did not think it would be good. This was actually fun. Funny, not predictable story.. Nicely done

Escape Room

This was nice
Good movie.. Well it was slightly predictable from the first death the people will be dying in each room. What amazed me was the ending! I did not see that happening.

I hope there is next one... Cause i want to see where that would be heading. Plus escape room on a plan would be epic.

The Upside

Good humor, fun movie
This was a good movie... It is fun and you are sure to enjoy it. The humor was good.. And kevin is amazing!

Cold Pursuit

An okay movie
Did not expect that.. I expected something like taken.. However this move was enjoyable. Felt it could have been better.

Fighting with My Family

Better than I thought it would be
This is one of those fun movies. Not going to say much about it. You should watch it.

Avengers: Endgame

This movie is "America's Ass"
I have watched it thrice now. Was excited all 3 times. This movies is "America's Ass" bloody amazing. Triggers all emotions and I felt them all even when I watched it for the third time. This movie is everything you would want and even more. Russo brothers are legends. I don't know how they pull of something this great making sure the movie gave importance to each and every character in it.... I know how hard it can be when u got a lot of superheroes in one movie and you got to make sure u don't screw it up. Russo,s did not... Thank you for this.

Such a great way to end this journey. What an ending! ENDGAME

Miss Bala

Good not great
I liked this movie.. The story and the acting was good. I wish it had more action.. I wanted to see more action of gun fire at the end.

Then Came You

Nice movie
Enjoyed it. Great Story. Good Cast. Well made.

If your reading this to decide if you should watch this or not. Go watch it.

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