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Gully Boy

Slow movie for rap lovers. Nothing original copied from Hollywood movie
If acting is heart of Gully Boy then music is its soul. I am no lover of Rap neither do I have much knowledge of it but whatever I heard on screen today was terrific. Lovely lyrics, melting music & bombastic beats. Definitely deadly deal!

Often we get confused with musical dramas, whether it's more of M or D. Thankfully, this one strikes perfect balance which makes it a hit, at least for the younger generation and those who are young at heart. And the best part is, you don't necessarily need a valentine to enjoy it. That's the beauty of music, so no excuses for missing this one. Simply rap alon

Uri: The Surgical Strike

One time watch.
One time watch. I liked the concept but Yami Gautam I didn't like. Just to put glamour. Fair and lovely fame wasn't necessary. Someone else in her place would have been better. She didn't feel realistic. Movie at times shows that it is to highlight and appreciate current govt. I liked the drama part but a little far from reality.

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi

Best cinematic experience and Must watch for every Indian
Best cinematic experience and Unable to differentiate between the actor and the real Queen.

Waited for a long time. But finally had the experience. This will be known as one of the best movie made in Bollywood. I am sure this is going to rock box office too. Will leave an impact on u & fill u with patriotism

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