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A Madea Christmas

So funny!!!
This is so funny!!!!!!! Tyler perry is so comical.

The App That Stole Christmas

Fun fun fun Christmas movie!!!
Just sit back and enjoy!!!! Its funny, witty, and just all around fun


A true classic. The best movie and a shining beacon to Spielbergs work.

Among the Shadows

It was a great movie!!!!! Give it a chance. Lohan is upcoming on her career!!!!


Never got the light to shine!!!
Brandys first role ever!!!!!! Truly an amazing cast

Double Platinum

A classic
Brandy and diana together have amazing chemistry. Never say never album premotion!!!!$


Moesha reboot needed
Black culture and an amazing role model!!!!!!! Brandys iconoc character give direction to a culture.

The Game

Chardonnay is everything!!!!!!!! Cant wait for the reboot.


Amazing series!!!!! Such a shame it got cancelled. At least we get a movie. Brandy as cassie is everything!!!!! Queens acting and direction is amazing. Everyone is an amazing addition. Srar forever!!!!!

Zoe Ever After

Brandy!!!! Should've continued
This show didnt get the light to shine!!!!! The potential was there. Brandy killed it. The cast was funny. The chemistry on screen was decent. Id recast the son.

Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

You better act Brandy!!!!!! Loved Brandy performance. This whole film is just perfect. Yes even Kim K non acting, her role was perfect for her personality!!!!!!

The Perfect Match

Brandy Norwood!!!!!!
Just all around!!!!!! Love this film. Brandys part was so funny!!!!!!!

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Just an all around fun slasher movie. Great sequel!!!!! Haters back off!!!! trying to find logic in a horror movie is just pointless. Just sit back and enjoy.

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