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  • This family has always been a fascinating sort of train wreck. I have been engrossed in every season and grew to really like the individual people, and always hoped for more follow up seasons to keep up on the Brown family, but I'm not sure I can watch much more unless these two things are changed:

    1. The catfishing situation and the Meri/Mariah situation has been beaten to death and is still going... and going... and going... still being dragged on endlessly even though it happened 4 years ago- I can't watch any more of that because now it's just incredibly annoying. Meri was my favorite one in the beginning back in 2010 because she was so down to earth and relatable, but she's SO victimy now and always suspecting that everyone in her family is out to get her, and she can't seem to see how her behavior in her relationships is often quite toxic and inflammatory, and she really needs some intensive therapy on her own to get herself through this midlife crisis and out of this major victim mode. I feel like she changed at the time of the divorce and turned into a completely different person... and has felt like the left out, abandoned victim ever since. But please, no more catfish stuff. That dead horse has been beaten down to nothing and you're killing us regular viewers with it.


    2. This show is SOOOOO far behind real life that I have looked things up online to get details. The current episodes aren't current at all. So Axel should only be a few months old according to the episodes playing now but in reality he's almost two. Meri didn't JUST open the B&B, it's been open for more than a year, and there's been another wedding and another pregnancy, and a major relocation several months ago, but we probably won't see that until 2021. It's so far behind real life. I wish they would try to catch up, at least a bit. I could understand being a few months behind but not this far behind.

    I have to say that Christine keeps me watching. She's down to earth and I love how she puts Kody and all of his gigantic attention-seeking narcissism in his place (like "this is NOT about you Kody"). She seems so real. I love how she goofs around, even tackling Meri, because she makes the show fun. And her honesty is refreshing- the best part of the show. Janelle is a sweet lady but so emotionally detached that I don't see how she has any relationships at all, and I hope she can heal from whatever childhood trauma made her so entirely afraid to be vulnerable and connected to other people, because she obviously has a good heart. Robyn is nice and seems sincere too. Polygamy is clearly a miserable way to live, no matter what the show's intro script says. Holy cow. Never in a million years could I live that way. But still, a train wreck that is interesting to watch. Take out the catfish, get Meri individual counseling, catch up a bit (seriously!), and then keep it coming!