• I enjoyed watching the film Midnight Cowboy. I thought the coloring, lighting and acting was all very good. One thing I found interesting was sexuality displayed in the movie. Although the censorship code had ended years before, it was just interesting to me to compare this film to one from the 1930s. For example, before, movies could not show married couples sleeping in the same bed. Within the first twenty minutes of this film they show a man kissing all over a women, her taking off her clothes in front of him, and sexual talk. This is just an interesting change and shift in film content that caught my attention.
  • 28 April 2019
    The film sabotage by Alfred Hitchcock was not one of my favorites. In my opinion the film was slow to start, and the lighting was too dark and too many shadows. I felt that the story line was good, and that the movie could have had potential but I thought the acting and camera angles and cuts made it less appealing and hard to capture my attention and interest.
  • The film the Wizard of Oz is ground breaking in my opinion. It is an amazing, well done, popular movie. This movie was released in 1939, and still in 2019 is very well known. The use of technicolor is a 3 strip color process that I believe was done very well in this movie. The movie has both black and white and color scenes that fit very well together. The colors pop and are very vibrant, for example the shiny and bright red slippers and gold and bright yellow brick road are iconic.
  • I thought the film "The Woman in the Window" was very well written and had a great storyline. It was very captivating and had my attention the entire time. I thought that the acting, the scenes and the wardrobes were great! The ending was very unexpected, and I did not like it too much, but overall it worked.
  • I thought that the movie "the stranger" was an interesting movie. At first, I thought it started out slow. However the overall idea and plot of the story I found good. I thought that Loretta young was very captivating as she would awaken from her naive dreams. I also thought the shadows, lighting and melodramatic acting throughout the film was also brilliant.
  • 13 March 2019
    I have seen this film many times, and each time I do, I love it just as much. The animations, the colors, the sounds, the music. Everything about this film is beautiful artwork in my option. Disney is commonly known for making films for children, especially films with Mickey Mouse anthem. However I have always felt that most Disney movies can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. This movie in particular I feel like adults can especially appreciate. There is so much skill shown through the making of this movie and the animations done in it. I believe that the art and the visions and the planning and time put in really shows. I would recommend this film to everyone.
  • I was given the option to watch this movie for a film class, and at first I was unsure about it, thinking it would be boring. At first the movie did seem to start out slow, but overall I enjoyed watching it. There were many comical parts, and it held my attention for the most part. One of my favorite scenes was in the court room. I loved the energy that was brought through and watching it, it seemed real, and I felt like I was really there. Another part I enjoyed that was shorter, was the tug of war scene. The camera angles were important, as well as the props and actions of things going on around them. The excitement of the people and the dust flying in the air helped give the movie an authentic feel. I felt that overall it was a well put together movie that had a way of showing history in a more entertaining way.
  • I believe that the film His Girl Friday was a very enjoyable screwball comedy. The film was very lively and entertaining, while moving at a faster pace but keeping the audience interested. The relationship in the movie is that Hildy Johnson has an ex husband, Walter Burns, and she is now engaged to Bruce Baldwin. I believe the height of comedy in this movie, for myself is how even though Hildy has harsh feelings towards Walter and has moved on, she still knows him very well. For example, she has Bruce give her all of their money to hold on to, and when she is on the phone with him tells him to put his check in his hat. Later, Bruce realizes hat his wallet among other things were missing. This proves that Hildy was right and still knows her ex husbands character. This also shows how smart and independent she can be, which is a very positive outlook on women, especially during that time period.
  • 10 February 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I found the movie King Kong to be incredibly interesting, and well written. The film was very captivating from start to finish. I have seen the King Kong 1976 and 2005 version before I saw this one and I believe this one was the best. The special effects for this movie I think were done very well given the time period. I also really liked how they had Ann in the beginning acting like she was looking up at something, and then screaming. It alluded to the fact that this was something she would be doing later- and she did when she was kidnapped and tied to posts and then saw King Kong. Overall the film did a great job having the audience feel like they were there and feel the emotions. I personally was saddened when they went back to captured King Kong just to put him on display in the city, and watching it you can also sense that it was not a good idea. The final scene was very sad, but it was also my favorite. The Empire State Building was something new and exciting when this movie came out, and even though today it might look cheesy how they cut to the far away shot of the building and a gorilla "climbing" the side, at the time it was very high tech and relevant. At the end you can see that he loves the girl and s only trying to protect her, and does not realize what he is doing. After he had been shot at and he picked her up and puts her down one last time before getting hit again and falling is heart breaking. Watching him fall off the building is very sad, but a great way to end the film.
  • I thought the movie City Street was a very well put together film, especially considering the time period it was made in. I would consider this film to be romance movie, while having action and crime as well, appealing to a wide variety of audiences. The use of sound stood out to me throughout the movie, and I found certain times more notable. One example would be the dramatic volume level of footsteps through out the movie. Another would be the pitch and sound of louder everyday things, such as the telephone, bells, alarms and sirens. The camera angles also changed frequently, such as close ups or larger range shots, and the lighting changes as well. My favorite scene was when the camera started as a close up on her face, then slowly the camera backed up and you could see more of her in the shot, and you see that one of her eyes is squeezed shut, then you see her whole face, and she has on a very serious straight face. Next you here a gun shot and the camera view is no longer on her and you see the targets she was shooting at.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I found the movie "The Freshman" by Harold Lloyd to be incredibly captivating for a silent film. I have only watched one other silent film, "The Circus", and had to watch both that one and this one for a class. Generally, on my own, I would never pick to watch an older movie, so I am very happy this class has made me because I am pleasantly surprised. I found the film to be easy to follow and it was able to keep my interest through out it. Humor, love, and sadness were easily displayed and presented from start to finish. My personal favorite scene was when Harold and Peggy met on the train doing the crossword puzzle. I found their interaction to be really meaningful even without voice. The most upsetting part to me was when Harold learned he was the laughing stock of the school, and again, even without voice, you could feel the pain and his facial expressions and body language and it broke my heart. The intertitle then came up "It doesn't bother me a bit- really; a fellow has to expect those things, you know." and I could read/hear the voice trembling. In this example, I enjoyed having an intertitle, however, the only thing I did not care for was the amount of intertitles there were in the beginning, specifically the first few minutes. I found starting it off with so many in a row made it hard to jump right into enjoying and understanding the film.