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as perfect as perfect TV gets
In the past few years i have rarely done reviews of films or TV on here for one simple reason, abuse, abuse from people who think you are wrong or are thinking you have been unfair on something they love/hate and i grew sick of it. BUT and it is a big BUT i decided for something this special i had to pull my head out of the sand, tonight i watched the season finale and i have to say i had my eye on the clock out of fear of when it would end.

This show has brought me nothing but happiness from the first episode to the last. Every character is written and cast to perfection, every shot is done brilliantly, ever episode is funny, clever and most of all enjoyable and will keep you baited until the next week.

In essence this is probably the greatest import from America i have seen in recent years. Now don't get me wrong, i love Friends/the Simpson's/family guy/Scrubs/South park/dirty sexy money/pushing daisies/west wing etcetc

but nothing quite compares to the originality or catch of this, certainly it is probably the best show i have seen in years in terms of enjoyment

the only negative thing i can dare say about it is the fact the first series is over

long live reaper!

for those that haven't seen it, it is truly a gem to behold, for those that have and arnt obsessed with it, shame on you!

i love this program so much. If you have a complaint with what i've said, go ahead and complain to me, i really don't care anymore, this show is too good to miss out on or miss the chance to explain how unbelievably good it is, so all you nay-sayers do your worst, this show is near perfection and i am more than happy to admit it. I rated it 10 out of 10 on here for a good reason and i stand by that decision completely.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Something truly special
I've spent several hours playing this now, all I can say is WOW this game is truly different and truly stunning the graphics are incredible, the level of detail and care taken over everything is astounding. The story is amusing and engaging and the game is very playable. Something you might find difficult especially if you have it on the PS3 is that the controls are completely different to GTA3/vice city/san andreas but after a few hours youl find your feet and get endless pleasure doing amazing handbrake turns into things. The screen has had a lot of the clutter moved away creating for a more movie like experience and the new mobile phone option adds something truly fun/helpful/original to an already groundbreaking series. I would recommend purchasing, in fact i'd near insist upon it, it's even worth paying out for a nu-gen console for it. The only downpoint is that the game isn't being released on the Wii... which would have been a lot of fun... it is shaping up like the best game ever though

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