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nonsense story
Only good idea and nice to see few hot girls. But the story is unclear, complicated, and not finished. Just give us some insight into some weird dimension and possibilities. Not good to watch. Sexual, boring, complicated, amateur. Only that doctor or psychologist acted professionally and reminds me of real world psychologists and psychiatrists, because of small confident manners during interrogation.


only good topic, all else amateur
Only topic is good. But actors, effects, locations are all amateur. All happening in small area, with only soldiers at the end and that neighbor who let them in looking a bit real. Two main actors look like they are acting for first time, or like they are not even actors. Zombies do not behave serious enough and do not look real enough. Instead like bunch of guys with makeup running around playing hide and seek game. Bit good presence of technology and emotional a bit. Feelings of desperation dominate. Reminds me of hunger, psychological and social problems, and this movie just increases our desperation. Too negative. Tons of stuff missing like presence of doctors, other areas, family of this guy... Not good to watch. Better korean pandemic movie is Flu (Gamgi).

The Doorman

too amateur
I am disappointed by this movie because actors are too amateurs. They look like some kids exercising how to act or acting for the first time. Everything looks setup, fake, and with weak acts. Not the worst movie because of good presence of reality and different people and environments, but still far from good. Waste of time. The whole topic is more interesting than movie.


the only bad movie of Gerard Butler I've seen so far
I am disappointed. All other movies I've seen of Gerard Butler are one of best movies of this world. But this one is not even comparable to them (Greenland, has fallen, Hunter Killer). The only good things in this movie is that it tries to explain of the book or real event, that it is realistic because shows use how really desperate times call for desperate measures, and that camera crew did good enough job so that this does not look like vlog as most bad movies do. But no point, no surprise, no lesson. Boredom dominates. The only bit scary thing was those 2 sailors returning suddenly, which reminds me of real life small fears and unpredictable events.

Den of Thieves

bit unrealistic
This is one of best heist movies. Everything looks serious, real, and teaching. It simply teaches us that crime is bad and not everyone gets what he deserves. This is also one of best Gerard Butler's movies but still not as good as extreme global event ones's like Greenland or Has Fallen sequels. The only bad thing here is that negativity and personalities dominate here. Bit unrealistic that cop lets robber do his robbery and only kills him later. Also unrealistic that robbers do not do anything about that cop. Ironically less realistic than more graphically unreal movies like Greenland.


another extreme perfect movie
Just like other movies of this main actor, this one is as I expected it to be too. Good, realistic, serious, scientific, related to real life matters (pandemic, war, crisis...), emotional, high quality. Although events are too extreme and negative at some points, at the end this is fixed by placing even more positivity, lesson or a message, and balance. Comparable to other similar extreme event movies of same actor like Has Fallen sequels, Greenland, Hunter Killer... The positivity dominates here, at least at the end. Interesting and recommended.

Hunter Killer

another perfect extreme movie
This is one of those best extreme movies similar to other done by same main actor. Similar to Has Fallen sequels and Greenland (2020). Realistic, serious, exciting, motivational. Good actors, good camera, good story. But best for those interested in war, history, politics. Recommended.


best movie of 2020 and best coronavirus-like event movie
I am amazed. Graphics is the best. All look real. Fire, death, blood, comet, asteroid, protests. No thing looks fake. Topic is best, especially because it is based on or similar to current event of covid19 pandemic and on something serious like extinction, judgment day, etc. Actors also looks confident, experienced, real, and immersed into events. Comparable to best pandemic and apocalyptic movies like Resident Evil, Flu (Gamgi), Terminator, etc. Good to watch and emotional and exciting.


extreme but amateur, negative, boring
I am amazed by this movie because of good and realistic topic. It reminds me of real life cases like Michael Schumacher, Stephen Hawking, foster families, and evil family relatives. Topic is scary, real, serious, and teaching. It raises our awareness for disabled, sick, injured, imprisoned people. Also movie gets more interesting towards end, as things develop. But actors, locations, number of people and static activities make everything too boring, annoying, negative. I expected more reasonability, confidence, science, investigation. Instead, it is too ignorant, and more looking like a setup or even unreal, except for the topic.

The Ring

ordinary horror
I did not like this movie because although it has nice graphis and idea, it is not that realistic and convincing. More boring than scary.

Don't Breathe

thrilling thriller but lacks other stuff
This is one of thrillers that fulfill their genre, meaning it is really thrilling to watch it. Apprehensive, difficult, complicated, unpredictable, scary. But the lack of other people, police, locations makes this very poor movie. Very limited area and number of actors makes this less unpredictable than usually and boring. I expected more of everything. The best actor is that young boy who stayed almost to the end, and has nice facial expression, perfect for thrillers and similar genres.


typical crime and drama with something special
This is one of those typical movies where we could see crime and drama and that is it. Nothing to see. But unlike worse movies at least it looks like a movie, meaning good recording, intro, effects, and actors. Just the story is bad and because of bad story, nothing is happening in the movie except common predictable boring stuff. What is special here tough is that movie is showing lot of random micro events and geographical locations, including my city and a person I know in one of footage. So if this movie had some story, purpose, surprise, lesson it would deserve more rating stars.


aimless nonsense
There is nothing clear in this movie. No point, no explanation, no sense, no logic. The only reason it deserves at least 1 more star than worst rating is because there are bit good good small details like real life locations and experiences, jokes, funny and odd characters, all which look natural and inspirational. For example I liked the joke about phone and internet and sexual encounters with hot dark girl. But besides those few small micro qualities, movie is waste of time. Nothing to see, discover, conclude. Just some content which is useless, boring, and even looking like some nightmare or insanity because of too much odd behaviors and characters. Camera man did a good job tough, because movie at least looks like a movie and not like amateur vlog from camera's perspective. Also the biggest thing besides trying to determine the purpose of the movie was to determine the sex or gender of main character. So, somewhat good experience YES, movie NO.

The Tax Collector

unreasonable behavior and too negative
Almost perfect. Actors look realistic, dangerous, cool, serious, confident. Story is realistic, comparable to real life cartel crimes around Mexico and Columbia. Graphic is good too, meaning much done in form of makeup, movements, gore, effects. But two bad things I did not like is too unresponsive behavior of main actors, where they do not take any action neither when being provoked nor soon after, which is not realistic, and too much negativity in form of gore and anger. I expected more positivity, science, mystery, details, and emotions. Some parts are just skipped and obviously too fake or too quick. Good for those who like to watch cool and dangerous people and crimes, and not sensitive to gore.

Cut Throat City

good insight into crime
I liked this movie for showing us realistic criminals, police, and their problems, all which remind me of real life ones. All characters look real and deep enough, can be remembered by look and behavior. Emotional, both positively and negatively, in from of hope and sadness. Good story and lesson explained in one sentence and two different scenarios. The only bad thing here is too much smaller heists, characters, problems, instead of higher quality but less. I expected less quantity and more quality of heists, criminals, scenarios. Also nice presence of religion and morality.

His House

emotional, graphic, but story too bad
There is good realistic look of monsters, emotional stuff, real life stuff like family, culture, relationships, immigration. But the main topic, the unreal stuff appearing in real world and out of nothing is not good enough. Fake, unconvincing, unclear, unfinished. Actors are average. I expected more science and reality.

Good Samaritan

too amateur
Although topic is perfect, the way it is all presented, meaning story and actors is so bad. Like people exercising movie recording. Too fake, boring, amateur. Not good.

The Great Silence

only environment and topic is good
I liked this movie for good pandemic environment and topic which is also current with real life covid19 pandemic, and is one of pandemic movies I found with more difficulty, aka less famous. Airplanes, war planes, farm, soldiers, everything looks real and causes curiosity for pandemic enthusiasists. But the story, relationships, the girl, and explanation is so bad. Unexplained, too negative, unfinished. Also girl and relationships with her in form of love, rape, and arguing are too negative and boring. I think this girl deserved less attention, and more attention should be on topic, especially science. More bad than good movie.

Run with the Hunted

too negative and unclear
I hated this movie for showing us negative stuff like mafia, robberies, crime, violence, betrayal, revenge. Only feelings of anger and sadness. Then characters are mixed up and it is unclear who is who. Adult copies of young same characters are looking too different both by look and by character. Then story is unfinished. Too many things disconnected, nonsesnse, unexplained, occured without cause or solution. Very bad experience. Not comfortable to watch at least for people who don't like complex things and negativity (social and emotional).

The Silencing

too unclear and negative
I hated this movie for being too unclear and negative. The dominant emotion is anger. And leaves us with too many questions unanswered. For example who is that girl on the picture with the culprit (could she be main actor's daughter and still alive), did they find all the bodies especially of main actor's child, why policewoman (sheriff) acted too inapropriately (unreasonably) (even if that is her son, is is still too extreme and unreasonable), why would someone perform surgery on kidnapped children if that is just to save them from drunk parents, what is really wrong with sheriff's kid and what crime has he done and is doing. But good is the environment, look, and bit experienced actors. I liked seeing scary envirnments, different jurisdictions, weapons, car tracking mystery, and that sheriff's son who looks so so so bad, pure evil


movie with a lesson
This is one of better new movies I watched now. Lesson is obvious: to cool off or be patient on the street or in vehicle. and to avoid common mistakes like using phone while driving. Intro, events, actors are high quality ones, and this movie looks like real interesting movie, even if it is bit amateur and low budget or less famous. Good enough. Recommended.

Honest Thief

too amateur, but honest and real
Neither good nor bad. I liked it at least for it's honesty, showing us how people are in real life, thier jobs, relationships, behaviors. Although nothing special, it looks like honest real life events. But bad is that the movie is too amateur, meaning amateur graphics and events. Nothing special or extreme to see, so much that it is boring. I expected, not more unreal or extreme stuff, but more mystery, details, science. The science and intro part are not deep or detailed enough. Emotions are too shallow too. Movie can't be compared to some of Liam's best movies like Taken or Non-Stop. Neutral rating.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

does not even look like a movie
Can't be compared to 1st sequel which was so emotional, detailed, explained, quality. There is nothing serious, no emotions, different voice, everything looks like a joke. The only good is appearance of few new characters like that famous comedian. I think the worst is the editing which is the main reason this does not look good. Looks more like some bad dream or vlog, lacks seriousness, quality, depth, story. Looks more like a joke and comedy. Disappointment. Only bit good graphics and amateur but funny actors. Even tough 2 actors are so famous here, the editing made them look funny and amateur, so they can't fix the movie whatever they try.

Ghost Rider

perfect and easy to remember childhood action movie
I am watching it for 10th time probabucly, and experience is almost same as the first time. Perfect childhood movie and comic. Similar to other famous comics and movies of most people's childhood like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Spider Man, Batman, Power Rangers. Not so ideal for grown ups because of too much graphics effects which are too fake. But still good enough, has all the elements one movie should have: emotions, adventure, challenges, graphics, hero, secrets, surprises, reason, purpose. Best for lovers of action genre and comics readers.


good facial expression
I liked this movie the most for girl's good facial expression which is also natural. It is easy to remember, notice, and figure out the character just by looking at it. She has that sweet but angry look that tells us she is different than all other girls. Like she is natural warrior, and not typical victim that falls prey to convicts or criminals. like most girls do. Also other actors are typically good, meaning look real. Also good graphics, very real and brutal. But bad is the too typical story and too restricted environment. I expected more stuff to see, more mystery, more locations, more pople. This is one good movie, but not the best one. Girl is the best actor, but others are not too bad either, and good editing.

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