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Divorce Texas Style

Witty, clever story-lines, with seduction at it's core
It was viciously clever and absurd at various moments which triggered giggles and guttural chuckles throughout the film's last act. The farcical tale started out pseudo normal then blossomed into a fully ripe candied and colorful bowl of hot green pepper salsa with crispy red cayenne powdered blue corn chips! Hot and nasty. Quick, fetch me a glass of Tennessee blend Jack Daniels Whiskey with a blue moon chaser! Divorce, claims to be shot in Texas, but I didn't see much of what looked like Texas outdoors, other than that of the Lake included in the steamy scenery. If ice cubes could talk, then the tongues that were licking them would melt faster than an ice-cream sandwich on a high-dessert summer's day! There's plenty of innuendo regarding cheating, screwing, doing, brewing, luring, seducing and shooting. Everyone knows everything's bigger in Texas, hence the bodacious curves and bosoms of all of the ladies involved. The men as usual, were all in heat, for sweet, for meat, for treats and for tricks. Happy Halloween!

What They Had

My Kind of Movie! The Story was the Star and the Actors were spot on
"The depth of our loss in directly proportionate to the depth of our love of life."

There is nothing like a really solid story (film) about family and the appreciation of our memories and lives that we will all sadly witness dimming on an annual basis. It is inevitable, that we grow-up and move-on to places and times in our lives that can only be somewhat reminiscent, of what once was seemingly pure and happy. Unfortunately, that's life. Unfortunately, we all have to deal with the reality that as individuals, love and memories are very different from one another's expectations and experiences. Being the oldest of four, losing my father was devastating. I have never cried so deeply, in my entire life. Nothing affected my core so painfully that I couldn't breathe between my thoughts of not surviving the choking. My father was everything to me. My Baseball and Football Coach. My mentor and example of how to love others as a father, a husband, a brother and a friend. Life is so beautiful, that if we can't get past the egocentric walls we all put-up, that come in the form of self-confidence, or pride, we will all miss the ride. We are innocently mushy and wanton all at once. We have the will and the blueprint to create the greatest moments we could ever imagine. So let's do it. Let's live and love as deeply as possible, because it will go by so fast, that we'll only photos to survive us of what once was.

Thank you for the tears of time and memories of my childhood.

Run the Race

If you have Faith in God & Family, you will love this movie
Run the Race was the perfect film for father and sons. I have two sons that are very similar to the actors playing the sons in this film. One is very steeped in his Christian faith, the other, enjoying all the pitfalls of godless behavior. My wife and I raised our sons in the same way. We prayed with them every evening at bedtime, we went to church every Sunday and participated in Christian Holiday events such as musicals, plays, etc-etc.

It affected me deeply, being a Christian. The relationship between the father and the eldest son was negative and hateful, until they gave their life to Christ.

Beautifuly made film. Great job

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