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Dumpy Goes to the Big Smoke

Worth the watch.
I quite enjoyed this short movie. Having not watched many other shorts before I went in with the expectation that they didn't have the time to create a long drawn out story. And for what this short achieved in its run time I think is commendable.

Positives: The film revolved around Dumpy (played by Emily Tomlins). We get the impression that she lives in a rural setting with portly (Anthony Hayes). Her character is seen to be very socially awkward, made even more apparent when someone comes to their house and ask for car assistance. This is exactly what I would have expected from the character, and was satisfying to see. Some who lives remotely with only 1 other person wouldn't know what to do or say in every situation.

In addition, Portly shown similar examples of consistency in their social interactions.

Her desires have an introduction, her care for cats and that she wants to move away from the mundane rural lifestyle, move to the city and create a cat grooming business. This also has a satisfying pay off at the end of the short.

Negatives: The music in the end of the film felt it jump the gun a little bit. I would have preferred it to queue in later. If the sounds aren't playing in the films universe you run the risk of taking viewers out of the film. The use music earlier, which I think was used appropriately. They film inside an enclosed space, and I got the impression that the trailer they were staying in was a 'near an open road', hence why some approaches them when their car gets a flat. But this makes an earlier shot of her trying to look out of a window in the enclosed space make less sense. I get its meant to signify wanting the escape, but they convey this is many other ways.

Despite the final scene's music, its still made this for me. Dumpy's excitement and the chance to leave, and her struggle with the tire was well acted. Would recommend.

The Circle

Unintentionally Hilarious

It has a solid begin, with potentially very interesting subject matter to explore, and an amazing cast of actors (John Boyega, Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, Patton Oswalt). But oh boy does it drop the ball during the middle of the film, requiring a HUGE suspension of disbelief as to how these characters, or just any regular human beings would react to the events that occur.


Performances: Perhaps this movies biggest strength is its cast and their performances, particularly Tom Hanks. Despite the dialogue itself not making sense, I can see why some people might be convinced that this obviously shady system is one that is worth it and an overall benefit to society. Emma Watson had some stand out moments, but nothing that blew me away. I only wish I saw more from John Boyega, as I feel he has a lot of potential, but didn't have the chance to show it, as he plays a minor role. Same with Patton Oswalt, but I know he would have turned in a great performance with more screen time. What we did see was again not bad but far from noteworthy.

Suspension of Disbelief(here we go): So the plot of the movie is centered around 'The Circle' a company that is slowly implementing a system of total transparency, asking people to completely sacrifice any and all privacy, and people actually do it. Some of this could be down to Tom Hank's performance, and I guess it had to be, because the points they make that this is a good system, NONE of them make any sense at all. I could help burst out laughing during these scenes, hence why I call this movie unintentionally hilarious. Numerous times its stated that they have government support from multiple countries, in reference to their plan to create mandatory voting through their Circle profile. WHY WOULD THAT MANY COUNTRIES EVER AGREE TO THAT. EVER. It was so clearly a way for the company to take away control from governments, this just being 1 step in a long line of relinquishing control. Why didn't more people speak out about this obviously shady system? There is MANY more examples of this but you get the idea.

Overall I gave this a 3/10, purely because of the performances, and the fact that I couldn't stop laughing. Its one of those watch it as a comedy movies. Doesn't mean its good.

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