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Good Boys

Pretty Damn Good.
Good Boys is a lot of fun, If you like Sausage Party (2016) or This Is The End (2013) then this movie will have you hooked throughout. Just like the movies I just mentioned, the humour isn't the smartest, it mainly consists of sex references and gross-out humour which can be hilarious if done properly. I can gladly say that the humour is improved upon since Sausage Party, and rather the main joke throughout the movie is that food is swearing, Good Boys manages to keep the swearing kids from becoming boring and repetitive by putting them in all kinds of hilarious scenarios which keeps the movie fresh and entertaining.

Unfortunately the child acting can be quite atrocious at times, I understand that they are just kids but a lot of the line delivery could be fixed with just a couple more takes and practice, it made serious or important events feel a lot less meaningful and was rather distracting, however the acting from the three main characters for the most part are very good for kids.

It's a lot of fun, and while it may not be a perfectly made movie, I can guarantee that most people will have a blast with it.

Eden Lake

One of the worst movies ever made, as a matter of fact I wouldn't really call it a movie due to it not having a proper ending, but rather chooses to just stop at a random point in the story and call itself the end.

A huge missed opportunity. The movie wants you to care for dumb protagonists with no chemistry and little to no character whatsoever. Don't waste your time.

Far Cry New Dawn

Like all Far Cry games, it's a bunch of fun. It re-uses a lot of elements from previous far cry games, especially Far Cry 5 seen as it is somewhat of an expansion, however it does introduce a handful of fresh elements to the world and it's combat. You can now pick up and throw shields, go on fun expeditions to different locations with your friends and explore a colourful and interesting open word that's amazing to look at.

However the ridiculously unrealistic bullet-sponge enemies, uninteresting story, bad villains and repetitive missions drag the game down from a solid experience to the worst instalment in the franchise.


Trevor and the Virgin

Utter garbage
Stop advertising this awful, awful thing. Its pointless.

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