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Hillbilly Elegy

Raw and harsh look back at a rocky and tough hard upbringing.
"Hillbilly Elegy" based on a J.D. Vance memoir and well directed from Ron Howard is one brash, blunt and harrowing look thru flashback at a rural upbringing that helped influence and make one Yale law student. If one grew up in the rural South or Appalachian many can relate to many of the scenes of hollows, mountains, and just good loving country folk. Anyway the movie is a tale of upbringing and forming strong family bonds as this would shape one J.D. Vance from his Kentucky start thru Ohio living to his arrival at Yale law school till his meeting of his girlfriend Usha(Freida Pinto). Love is felt in the strongest and toughest form from Mamaw(in a transformative turn from Glenn Close) and the wild card of the family is J.D.'s mom the far out and eccentric Bev(Amy Adams) who battles her own personal demons of addiction. This picture does feel real and emotional as it's touching to show how family and a rough raising helped shape success and start a new journey in life.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion

Sentimental, heartfelt, memorable look at classic memories of the Banks family!
This latest "HBO Max" doc "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion" is one well done heart warming emotional get together with the cast as they take a look back at their days as the Banks family! Done in a discussion set style the cast talks about the 6 seasons of their sitcom as it's full of a montage of highlights hard to believe it's been 30 years wow times flies when people are having fun. Head star Will Smith does most of the taking along with words from cast members Jazzy Jeff, Alfonso Ribeiro, and plus the still attractive and elegant beautiful gals Tatyana Ali and Karyn Parsons! This reunion and get together has plenty of funny highlights and strong loving memories as it shows tears in the cast members eyes. Only fitting and touching is a tribute to late cast member James Avery. Overall well done and funny entertaining look back at one classic family of a great 90's sitcom a must watch for any fan of the series or TV buff!

A Teacher

Provocative, brash, intense love affair with intimate raw emotional passion!
"A Teacher" captures a behind the scenes part time love affair just perfect, all of us over the years have heard and seen the effects of older teacher and younger student affairs. With most of them turning for the worst in left field. With this series those themes are captured just perfect yet with hot steamy scenes of lust and passion. Set in Texas high school teacher Claire(the beautiful and good Kate Mara) is stuck in a dead floating marriage however when she meets young and popular high school teen Eric(Nick Robinson) and she decides to help mentor and tutor him, the relationship turns and fate has it this leads to study sessions between the bed sheets. It's like this hot steamy lustful affair is masking up as real true love! Yet both have thoughts and doubts as it's clear this journey could be on a nightmare road for both. This subject for sure is for mature adults and watching these half hour episodes may not be everyone's cup of tea, still if your up for some tasty and juicy scandal and shame like local town tabloid like gossip that feels real and burns both lovers involved then this series is a nice treat on the eyes.

Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on The Exorcist

Excellent, informative, eye opening revealing, educational, historical doc on a film masterpiece!
Anyone that's ever watched 1973's "The Exorcist" knows clearly it's one of the best movies ever made and much has been said and discussed about it with thoughts, theories and influences. This latest "Shudder" exclusive doc filmed in 2019 is an excellent spot on a must see for any film historian buff or fan of the film! Interviews are given with director William Friedkin shown are clips and old behind the scenes film footage of the movie and other works and liked films of William. Plus he gives insights and revealing info that much of the public never knew the way he made the film and he even mentions his differences with writer William Peter Blatty. Also he mentions how other films, and culture influenced his making plus he talks of how fate and faith was all wrapped up in the outcome and success of the film. The art world and past radio works even helped influence the score of the film. Overall really packed with much info from William a must watch for any film or pop culture buff as it sheds light on one of the greatest movies ever made.


Far out and strange different film still good vice like entertainment!
"Freaky" is one film that you might call a horror comedy parody like film still even for all of it's fun and joy it's pretty good entertainment. The story is simple as a local serial killer is on the loose known as the Butcher(in a role that Vince Vaughn hams up) killing young girls. Only something strange and different happens when he tries young and popular high school student Millie(Kathryn Newton). A change happens it's like a body switch a transformation happens between the two. The film is filled with plenty of slapstick it's like horror comedy at it's best still the blood and gore is present making a viewer feel like they are watching a classic teen slasher flick. Overall not the best type of film to be made still it's fun and tasty entertainment to dine on with the horror and comedy mix making it the ideal party feast!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse

It's alive parody like episode Jerry as a mighty beast like mouse plus the cartoon twist at the end!
This 1947 "Tom and Jerry" short 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse" is one of the better ones of the series as it's parody like paying some homage to a classic horror film of the day. And it's interesting how Jerry is transformed in this episode into a mighty beast like mouse. The tale is straight and direct involving a potion like poison that when drunk in milk causes strange things like monster like transformations and split personality types. This story is fun a little spooky with some suspense and the music adds some drama and the poison backfires somewhat as in the end the cartoon twist. Really one of the better "Tom and Jerry" shorts of all time!

The Mouse Comes to Dinner

Fine hungry food fight like episode!
This "Tom and Jerry" episode short "The Mouse Comes to Dinner" from 1945 is one that's entertaining as the cat and mouse are at each other's throats over a big dinner meal with turkey being the main feast! Plus Mammy Two Shoes is present in this episode as always her character gives great supporting help with the cat and mouse. Tom has other plans in mind like making little mouse Jerry his servant plus Tom invites female cat Toots to come over for dinner. You guessed it the battle is on Jerry is not going down without a fight! The chase and battle scenes happen mostly on the dinner table as the violence and use of kitchen items as weapons is funny in a slapstick style of way. Overall fun battle feast like episode one that's very memorable!

Dog Trouble

Great super classic short with big bad Spike against the cat and mouse!
"Dog Trouble" a "Tom and Jerry" classic short from 1942 is one that's full of chase as the big bad dog Spike is on full display with his sharp teeth! In fact in this episode Tom and Jerry are even buddies as they run and battle Spike the dog. The story is simple as Spike is awakened he does plenty of chasing and going after the cat and mouse! Overall one of the better and early episodes that's a showcase of having the trio on display as the have their fun little chase battles! The scenes and technicolor is in top notch fine form as this is once again a cartoon classic.

The Ray Bradbury Theater: Let's Play Poison
Episode 7, Season 5

Teacher no match for bad children!
This "Ray Bradbury Theater" episode from season 5 number 7 called "Let's Play Poison" is a morality tale one of revenge and turnabout. It involves some school age kids who bully a young boy so much to the point that he departs for good. A teacher Mr. Howard(Richard Benjamin) remembers it and decides to take action against kids only things don't work out as planned. Overall this episode is written okay it doesn't really twist with any surprises still it has drama and tension build up not one of the best still it's a watch for it's concept and ideals just like many episodes of the series.

Monsters: The Vampire Hunter
Episode 4, Season 1

Old style gothic vampire story.
This "The Vampire Hunter" from season one of "Monsters" is one episode that doesn't really provide many frights and too it seems not to really have much drama or suspense. Set back many years in the Victorian days it involves an old vampire hunter who has some work cut out for him he is trying to save his friend or will it backfire and will he become a blood sucker vamp of the night! Really pretty simple and slow like story not even one of season one's better ones still if you are watching the series you will probably check it out.

Monsters: Love Hurts
Episode 5, Season 2

Clever and seductive revenge like epiosde of the series!
This episode of "Monsters" from season 2 number 5 during 1989 called "Love Hurts" is one that's interesting and builds with tension and it has a seductive tease to it. Set somewhere in the deep south as you can tell by the accents it involves an attractive sexy single lady named Jewel(Olivia Brown Det. Trudy Joplin from "Miami Vice") who goes to the local DMV to renew her driver's license and she's attracted to Vance(Henry Brown) the man who works there. So a plan is formed that's a scheme for Jewel to get what she wants no matter what even though Vance has a pregnant wife. A little black magic in the form of voodoo plays a part here. The episode is sexy too as you get to see some hot seductive love making scenes as Olivia was some eye candy sporting that sexy black bra! Only this episode twist things go wrong in a gory manner! It involves that of some organs! Overall well done episode that's sexy and it twist as it was made by Olivia Brown.

Fraidy Cat

Spooky and ghost like Halloween themed episode!
This "Tom and Jerry" short from 1942 "Fraidy Cat" is one that builds up to some suspense chase and cat and mouse drama slowly! Tom is listening to a radio broadcast of the "Witching Hour" and the story has scared him, never fear his little mouse rival Jerry takes advantage of this and start to play ghost and phantom thru out the house! As the curtains blowing put fear in Tom it's like he feels chills and thrills all thru the night air! This episode is different and a little slower and may not be one of the best still it's memorable for it's ghost like and scary theme.

The Midnight Snack

Memorable and good episode as it's a fight for food and the fridge!
This classic "Tom and Jerry" episode "The Midnight Snack" from 1941 is one that's memorable for it's story and chase and clever ways that one little mouse outsmarts Tom cat! Plus the technicolor was in top notch form as the food shown even made me hungry! It's late at night and Tom is on the prowl only one little mouse named Jerry is in the kitchen fridge and both have hungry stomachs! The chases and laughs are far out still this is a clever episode that deals with smarts and wit. Overall clearly one of the earliest and better episodes ever of "Tom and Jerry".

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Night Caller
Episode 15, Season 2

Well acted and done with a suspense tense tease and twist at the end!
This "AHP" episode from season 2 number 15 from 1964 "Night Caller" is one that's well done and memorable as it has a story of suspense and drama only to twist at the end. Set in the suburbs a socialite and attractive woman Marcia Fowler loves to sun bath as her husband a business man travels plenty and she has a stepson on the side and perhaps an extra flame on the side. Enter a wild card character to the picture that's stubborn and nosy neighbor Roy Bullock(the great legend Bruce Dern) who often watches Marcia from the near by fence he seems strange and out of place like he's a stalker or spy! Plus the episode deepens when he becomes friends with Marcia's stepson, the drama and suspense heat up when Marcia starts getting obscene and whisper like phone calls. You as the viewer think you know where this episode is headed only it twist in the end, overall really a well done episode with it's acting as the suspense kept things moving.

La vita davanti a sé

A film of bonding, connection, and love as it touches your emotions.
Being a film buff and fan I just don't know how I've missed most all of the work from the legendary Sophia Loren however I just caught this touching emotional drama of unlikely friendship and love. "The Life Ahead" has Loren(still glowing at 86) as a Holocaust survivor and ex prostitute and now Madame Rosa who runs a daycare house center by taking in the kids of local sex workers. Things get shook up some when she encounters again and full circle takes in an orphaned Senegalese immigrant Momo(the fire bug Ibrahima Gueye). The film spans thru the lives of both after war torn times in seaside Italy as both grow they have their dramas and differences while each earns an understanding and they develop tough love underneath for one another.

The film explores the themes of honesty and truth and time and circumstances brings it all out Loren's performance is top notch as her vocal tone and facial expressions are dead on and tough as her character is one haunted lady the rain storm scene on the rooftop is telling with flashback memories. Rosa slowly fades as Momo still earns a buck and gets by as a tough street and smart ass kid. Thru it all love is developed by both learning kindness and honesty in a raw way. Overall well done film that connects and touches emotions proving that bonding helps with choices and the future that lies ahead.

House of 1000 Corpses

Sadistic torture and terror pain that blends in a very sick and horror teased like way!
Finally after all these years watched the cult classic from Rob Zombie "House of 1000 Corpses" and clearly the film is not for the weak at heart. In fact many could classify this as not a horror film yet more of a torture porn like that teases very close to that of a low budget snuff film. The scenes are blunt, far out and crazy as it's clear that pain will be put on the victims. Set in 1977 across the rural backwoods a group of four teens go searching for a local fun house attraction that is suppose to be a museum of local murder legends.

However the house has many and plenty of dark secrets as it involves a family and clan of serial killers and flesh eaters. Many compare this picture to a blend of "Last House on the Left" and the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and it has it's moments only Zombie takes the film on a tease ride of wild parody fun and games that involves Easter bunnies, medical surgeries, and hell with death. Overall pretty crazy sadistic film the acting and cast chemistry is pretty good(look for the late Karen Black and an early turn from Walton Goggins as a country sheriff).

Monsters: All in a Day's Work
Episode 21, Season 1

Create a demon to get rid of a double!
This "Monsters" episode from season one called "All in a Day's Work" is one that's interesting with a good story with drama and it twist with suspense as it was good work from Allen Coulter("The Sopranos"). It is set in New York City in an apartment building with a modern day witch Fiona(Adrienne Barbeau from "Creepshow" and "The Fog") who does love potions to make a living with her son. Now things get complex when a guy named Steven enters who is being terrorized by a double and this old wise witch has a plan in the form of a demon to get rid of the double. The episode gets a little strange and far out still it's entertaining and a good one from season one due to Adrienne Barbeau. The effects are also eye catching from this episode.

Monsters: The Feverman
Episode 1, Season 1

Strange far out cheesy premiere episode!
This "The Feverman" the premiere episode of "Monsters" is one that's far out and different even a little make believe. The story is set way back in past times involving a wealthy doctor and a man who has a sick daughter. The wild card and thing is that of a local legendary healer is in town and he says he can do the trick of the healing even when the wealthy doctor has his doubts. This story is dark as it proves the price of medicine comes at a price. The episode is suspenseful with drama and takes twist yet it's most memorable for the makeup work of Dick Smith as the monster does in my take look gory. Overall nothing great still an okay start to the anthology series.

537 Votes

Doc that shows how things connected to influence the 2000 Presidential election in Florida!
"537 Votes" is another one of those eye opening well done well researched political historical docs as the footage brings back memories and times that long stand in memory. Plus it's topic and theme of a close election and recount is common with today's happenings this picture showed how other factors lead to the narrow and razor thin victory for George W. Bush over Al Gore. Thru interviews and takes from political leaders and those in the sunshine state the Cuban population and the arrival of one Elian Gonzalez on the Miami shores set in a dynamic that influenced south Florida and Miami, Dade county voters! As it was clear this issue was an international power struggle that affected all involved! Also the chad problem on the Florida ballots is well documented. Overall well done powerful political doc that's still relatable and common ground one film that any political or historical buff should watch!

Madonna: Erotica

Blunt, Brash, Provocative eye opening song and music video!
Remember back to 1992 and the "Material Girl" the one and only "Madonna" as when she came out with this hit she caused a firestorm as the words and images of this hit "Erotica" were outspoken and they pushed the censor limits! Still the song was a top 10 hit and the video got plenty of "MTV" airplay. "Erotica" has images and words that are clearly promoting sex and passions in the strongest forms from "S and M" to bondage, whips, and leather and the video footage shows glimpses of the material girl in lingerie and one shot she's even nude. Made in black and white and done in Super 8 form the video is eye opening as it pays homage to "Madonna's" album and her go along "Sex Book" release. Overall outspoken song and video one that's revealing and kinky as the material girl for sure showed her intimate and wild erotic style side with this 1992 hit!

Monsters: Bed and Boar
Episode 14, Season 2

Husband is a real pig!
"Bed and Boar" episode 14 from season 2 of "Monsters" is one that's silly and far out a little funny actually it's more like dark horror comedy(as in the "Shining"). Set in a low rent motel John(early work from Steve Buscemi before "Tales from the Darkside" and "Boardwalk Empire") a traveling salesman happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time as over in the room next door he hears a couple having marital words. Upon meeting Sue(Jodie Markell) she connects with John and sparks fly, however John is playing with fire as the words little little pig let me in will bear grave results. Again it's funny, cheesy, and different make all of the pig jokes and fairy tale comparisons you want still this episode is watchable with Steve and if you like the anthology series you will enjoy!

Monsters: Jar
Episode 7, Season 2

Steamy double cross like betrayal and passion tale.
"Jar" from season 2 of "Monsters" aired in 1989 and it is one interesting and intriguing tale that builds with drama and suspense plus it has tense sex appeal before twisting in the end. Set in a motel the keeper Hallet(Fritz Weaver "Creepshow") rents to often shady customers and inside his motel a strange jar is present did it come from the nearby swamps is it infected as you the viewer ask. Now enter Ann(in a hot sexy turn from Gina Gershon) who's staying the night with her husband who she wants to depart from, now enter Jack a private eye who's on the prowl really much of this is a throwback to a little bit of "Chinatown" or L.A. Confidential like feel. The episode twist with passion and a steamy double cross with the mystery like jar doing it's gory and gross like work to set Ann and Jake free. Overall well done story that has a triangle that twist one of the series better episodes.

Monsters: Mannikins of Horror
Episode 23, Season 1

Demons and killers from clay!
"Mannikins of Horror" episode 23 from season one of "Monsters" is one that's interesting, crazy, and far out as it's adapted from a short story from Robert Bloch("Psycho"). The tale involves a crazy once brilliant doctor who's now in an asylum and he's been put away because of his little hobby of creating clay like life mannequins. The scenes and special effects are okay, yet the story is a little predictable you can tell where it's going. Violence and acts of evil come in the end as that is where the whole episode was leading up to. Overall is watchable if you like the series still not one of the better ones.

Monsters: Taps
Episode 17, Season 1

Forgot to cut up the foot!
Episode 17 from season one of "Monsters" called "Taps" is one strange far out one that involves revenge as it involves a dancer and want to be actress who breaks away from her partner. Suzy(Mary Jo Keenen) is stubborn, attractive and she wants so desperately to break away from the world of tap dancing and her partner. She's already got her agent on speed dial looking to break into the world of film by getting some big breaks. So Suzy takes matters into her own hands only things twist and backfire as revenge is just a few steps away in the form of a tap dancing foot! Overall not of the better episodes still a watch for it's gory and revenge theme.

Monsters: La Strega
Episode 24, Season 1

Sexy seductive episode that involves a curse and strange love!
This episode 24 from season one of "Monsters" called "La Strega" is one that's entertaining and seductive, and it has an interesting story with drama, intrigue, and eye candy sex appeal. It has old themes of wicked curses and love that connect up. It involves a young man Vito(Rob Morrow) who visits a local junk type pawn store who seeks revenge as he believes years ago this shop and a ring lead to the murder of his mom. The shop is now ran by Lia("The Exorcist's" Linda Blair) and this young attractive beautiful lady has secrets too. The story and episode builds up with reveals and past connections and the tension and chemistry between Vito and Lia really heats up and gets steamy it's a seductive cat and mouse game the love making scene provides some real sexy eye candy as Linda Blair really makes this episode(a real sexy turn from Linda, that scene of her in that silk sexy black strapless bra rocked!). The makeup and special effects work from Dick Smith add pleasure and wonder to the episode and the story was well written by Michael McDowell as it spins the two themes of an old curse and a new modern love just fine! Overall beautiful well done episode that's made a watch for Linda Blair's performance really one of the series better one's!

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