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Well done anthology that pays homage to the 1982 and 1987 classic films.
Really been a longtime fan of the classic "Creepshow" movies both the 1982 original and the 1987 sequel were great I've watched them many times and always enjoy. So I was so glad when a series was made which would feature tales and stories of horror and the supernatural. I even signed up for "Shudder"(my first buy of a streaming service). And the episodes are hardcore with gore, suspense, and thrills being a fan you will be happy.

Also nice and neat is how each episode starts with the old rotten "Creep" himself as his laughs get one in the mood plus it's nice to see the artwork of crazy creep like items and as the art comic book pages turn to start each story it's really a throwback and vintage like feel! Each episode features two tales and the stories are full of drama and suspense and they often bring gore and death. Many are based on short stories from Stephen King and many other horror and suspense writers.

So if you liked the two "Creepshow" movies then check out this series it's well done and good even if not many household names star in the episodes still the stories are good and well written and most of all each tale has a moral and lessons are learned that bad people get what they deserve as it's often revenge and punishment.

Room 104: A New Song
Episode 6, Season 3

A time of reflection and thought
This episode 6 from season 3 of the "HBO" series "Room 104" called "A New Song" is somewhat of a yawner and lame as it really doesn't hold much interest. Anyway a singer and songwriter Nina checks into "Room 104" a break from touring to write new songs and do her craft. Only oddly and strangely visions and drawings appear on the room walls. Plus she reflects on her past life as she sees a glimpse into the future, plus she comes to terms with her love an Asian woman(Atsuko Okatsuka). Overall not that great of an episode just one about looking back and reflecting.

Creepshow: The Companion/Lydia Layne's Better Half
Episode 4, Season 1

Scarecrow comes to life to help a young man! Greed causes murder yet guilt and conscience takes over!
This episode 4 from "The Shudder" streaming series "Creepshow" features two interesting tales called "The Companion/Lydia Layne's Better Half" are both interesting with drama and suspense as both are stories of revenge.

First up is "The Companion" a story set in a rural small town that involves a lonely young boy who's picked on and bullied by his older brother, as his only escape is to go fishing. However when he drifts away to an old abandoned farm he finds a house with a hidden past and the old farmer who lived there had secrets. It's like the old man of straw has magic, however this "Scarecrow" seeks out revenge for this bullied boy!

Second up is "Lydia Layne's Better Half" set in Los Angeles it involves a business and company lady named Lydia(Tricia Helfer) who's influenced by greed double crosses her lover an attractive young lady who wanted to move up the company ladder. Only Lydia delivers a knockout to her better half, yet things change when both are stuck in an elevator which stops as the feel of guilt and conscience turns to a grim end for Lydia.

Overall well done episodes of revenge that stayed true to the old classic ways of "Creepshow" and E.C. comics.

New Day

"CNN's" wakeup news show!
For all of the late breaking and up to date morning news thru the week tune to "CNN" and their morning program "New Day" now a staple for 6 years. The show is live with guests interviews and it follows all of the latest world and domestic happenings plus live reports are given on breaking stories and now at the host desk is ex "FOX" news reporter the elegant and attractive Alisyn Camerota is now doing her thing at a different network. So give it a watch Monday thru Friday mornings.

Fox and Friends

The rise and shine wakeup show for "FOX News"
"Fox and Friends" a morning staple for the network let's viewer in on world news and gives political interviews and studio guests are featured plus live updates are featured and from time to time they go on location to interview regular folks. Plus many hot and sexy female hosts have been parked on the studio couch now the beautiful Ainsley Earhardt takes throne. Give it a watch even if your not a republican or conservative.

Humanoids from the Deep

Cult classic picture of half man half fish who destroys and eats flesh!
"Humanoids from the Deep" a 1980 film that I finally watched is odd and different a low budget type monster creature film that's very 80's without any "CGI" or special effects. And actually just being simple in the process made the picture watchable even though the story is a little dull. Anyway being a Roger Corman production made it fun. Set in a seaside town like village after a science experiment goes wrong the whole town becomes terrorized by creatures who are half man, half fish and they have a taste for young hot sexy ladies. This flick also features some boob and skin scenes. Overall an okay watch if you like low budget creatures type pictures.

Creepshow: All Hallows Eve/The Man in the Suitcase
Episode 3, Season 1

Payback and revenge on Halloween, and man in the box is a golden help!
This episode 3 from the "Shudder" series "Creepshow" featured two good tales both held interest and had suspense, drama, and payback like twist as it held true to the old E.C. comics spin.

First up is "All Hallows Eve" which is a tale about a group of modern day teens who on "Halloween" go on a search for someone who did something to a member and friend of their little group. As it turns paybacks burn and are hell to pay!

Last and really well done in a clever tale called "The Man in the Suitcase" involves a young man who after landing at an airport picks up the wrong suitcase by mistake. Only this turns out to be a pot of gold. And this young man needs it as he's strapped cash wise, as soon seen after the suitcase is opened up and with the little magic man of gold in it, things start to be taken for granted and abused. Soon this young man is double crossed by his friend and sexy black bra wearing girlfriend. Only coin spinner has the last laugh as his powers can destroy those who abuse things as his magic can be evil! Overall well done tales of revenge with clever and nice revenge twist!

Room 104: Drywall Guys
Episode 5, Season 3

Good guy is nice to help out bad guy!
This episode from season 3 of the "HBO" series "Room 104" called "Drywall Guys" is one that's odd and different still it's one with a little suspense and drama as the two main characters get to know each other after a little bonding together. Greg a guy who's got hope with a bright future is continuing to share a room with his work partner Randy a guy who's got a problem it's like a journey at night with his sleep. And it appears after something bad happens maybe that Randy had something to do with it it's like Greg becomes closer to him to help him cope and bring peace to Randy only now Greg feels the guilt. As these two contractors and drywall workers are now bonded and linked together! Overall okay episode which does hold some interest as it seems to tie the two central characters together while solving a problem.

Strangers on a Train

Well done suspense story that interest you as it's crazy plot keeps a mystery feel present.
The master of suspense did a fine job directing this classic one from 1951 called "Strangers on a Train" as it's plot is wild and nerve rattling and the drama and suspense fills the film from start to finish. Tennis star Guy Haines is about to marry a U.S. senator's daughter and leave his wife however after meeting a loner like playboy named Bruno on a train another plan a wild card action comes into play, as Bruno has daddy issues. It's strange as both want rid of the wife and father however things get more complex when this murder cat and mouse game is only taken serious by Bruno. Then the picture takes many twist and turns. So even if your into classic film or not check out this masterpiece from Alfred as this one from Hitch does entertain with drama and suspense.

Chopping Mall

Typical 80's flick yet neat concept and a little ahead of it's time.
"Chopping Mall" from 1986 is typical for an 80's horror film as it features, blood, gore, and horny teens showing boobs and skin, yet the neat ideal of an evil and killer style robot was a little ahead of it's time. Set at a large mall a group of teens decide to throw a wild party of beer and sex once the store closes down one night however things go crazy. Several robots that have been programmed for security have major malfunctions and it's like a high tech killers are on the loose. Overall neat concept and ideal and this is a fine horror flick that is a little different.

Good Morning Football

Fun and informative football wake up show!
This show now for 3 years has become a staple on "NFL Network" called "Good Morning Football" as it always provides the latest highlights, news, and up to minute and up to date stories from around the league. And often featured are studio guests many current and past players, also the studio and graphics are up to date and current stats, facts, and hot topic discussions are always given. Plus past moments and memorable league history is always spotlighted. Hosted by the young and bright Kay Adams and the reports and insights given by veteran writers and reporters Kyle Brandt and Peter Schrager are top notch it's really a great "NFL" pop culture show. So watch and get up with this if you are an "NFL" fan.

Creepshow: Bad Wolf Down/The Finger
Episode 2, Season 1

Wolf transformations behind enemy lines! And a little finger grows to help a lonely guy!
This episode 2 of "Creepshow" from streaming service "Shudder" and the episode features two tales called "Bad Wolf Down/The Finger" the first is somewhat clever with gore and blood and a throwback to old monsters and creatures. While the second tale is a little far out still it's a creep like feel and haunting story.

"Bad Wolf Down" is set in wartime as it follows a group of soldiers in battle and things change for all when they discover a prisoner of war, and all of a sudden it's a full moon like transformation for all involved! As the blood and gore haunts the platoon! As the Big Bad Wolf helps in wartime!

"The Finger" is a story of a lonely L.A. man who's in the dumps no life, no lady, or family, and he collects trash for a living! Only when obtaining a finger things start to change even more when the limb and attachment grows as many from his past are dealt with only in the end it's still bad news for the lonely guy!

Overall again good episode of the series as the tales continue to twist with gore and suspense as it's just a good old creep like feel.

Room 104: Rogue
Episode 4, Season 3

An escape with a different person to another land or planet?!
This episode 4 from season 3 of the "HBO" series "Room 104" called "Rogue" is one that's pretty lame and it doesn't hold much interest as it's a tale of a young girl who's on the run from home and her father wanting to get away. It's like after she enters a dark and closed room a strange woman enters who has much knowledge about earth and life. Though she is different and she wants to get away so hope is found. However this story just doesn't end right or hold much interest really it's lame and boring with no interest.


Certainly not Jack's "Joker" or even Heath's still an excellent and dark artistic performance from Joaquin that had my face smiling and that's life!
Many of us over the years have been attached and thrilled with the "Clown Prince of Crime" as D.C. comic fans know as the one and only "Joker". And we've seen different takes and spins from Romero's camp, to Ledger's dark wild crazy turn, and the man the one and only Jack played the clown with vanity and brought a proper turn to a bad guy while having fun(Nicholson's "Joker" was like that of the late 70's early 80's "Joker" in D.C. comics) now enter Phoenix who's much different with a creepy origin story.

Set in the early 1980's Gotham city is gritty, raw and the social and political climate is in the gutter as just getting by is so tough. And just tip toeing and dancing his way thru the drama is Arthur Fleck(in a hell of a turn from Joaquin at least nominate him for a "Golden Globe" or "Oscar") a lonely and depressed mommies boy who's a skinny starving clown who just can't fit in he's a society misfit. It's really somewhat of a sad character study.

However hope is possible in the form of Fleck wanting to get away from being a clown for children as his real dream is to be a standup comedian as his smile and crazy lasting laugh is always present! As laughter is the cure for his pain! His hope of escape is to appear on a late night talk show hosted by Murray Franklin(Robert De Niro) where Arthur hopes to showcase his talents. Also the only other wild card pleasure he has in his life is dating a single mom named Sophie(Zazie Beetz) from his apartment building. And his sick mother Penny keeps Arthur hanging on with love and hope as that keeps him hanging on.

Only secrets and ghost of the past and painful memories only destroy the fragile mind of Arthur even more as a connection to millionaire Thomas Wayne is revealed and even more shattering is how this connection and more events will lead to "The Dark Knight". Great and excellent work from director Todd Phillips who despite making a stand alone dark character study still connects things up with others in the D.C. universe.

Many might see this picture as a dark tragedy I think it's a take and spin on how one is affected by life and then they take on a different role after years of being abused and mistreated in the world by it's people. Still this film is excellent because it's unique and finally glad a stand alone movie celebrates "The Joker"(the greatest comic book bad guy ever!) As Joaquin's performance was raw, gritty, and a lashing out of some payback to society. Wow enough said best D.C. comics character study ever made!


Tough look at the final year of a past prime fading legend who shined for one last time.
"Judy" is not a biography type film as it's a focus and showcase on the final last year of actress and singer Judy Garland's(in a wonderful performance from Renee Zellweger) life. As after being flat dead broke and again divorced and at a point in her life where no one wants to work her, it's clear she must do something to support her even if it means leaving her children behind. So it's off to London during 1968 to perform standup concerts at an all night club.

Garland most famous for her 1939 role in "The Wizard of Oz" has flashbacks of those moments yet many memories of the set time were painful with abuse and being bullied by the director and casting mangers and crew. Now it's like much of this has become a reflection and past ghost haunt Judy's life. Was this what lead to her personal demons of addiction of alcohol and drug abuse?(you the viewer can make the call after watching). Still aside from it all this elegant lady though losing some of her singing voice still lives and dresses in an elegant manner and is filled with much joy and humor.

Thru it all it was clearly no dream or "Over the Rainbow" life for Judy as the journey on the yellow brick road was rough, tumble, and rocky as love was not meant for lasting as evidenced by her 5 marriages, plus life was cruel when Judy died way to soon and young the next year in 1969 at the young age of 47. So I like many ask what might have been if not for the apparent overdose that took her, still "Judy" is a well done picture a reflection on a legendary icon who shined despite dark clouds over her.

Creepshow: Gray Matter/The House of the Head
Episode 1, Season 1

Alcohol does this to daddy, and little girl has an evil haunted dollhouse!
This was the first and premiere episode of the new series from streamer network "Shudder" as "Creepshow" returns in episode form anthology like with two tales per episode as the horror comic continues on much like it's 1982 and 1987 films.

This episode features two tales "Gray Matter" and "The House of the Head". The first "Gray Matter" is based on a short story from Stephen King I believe from about the time of the late 70's or early 80's. It involves a small town where a storm or possible hurricane is about to hit and Richie has changed plenty over the years after his wife died he's an alcoholic and guzzles the cheap beer. His son becomes worried and the town locals start to search for him only to find he has become and taken on the form and transformation of a very gruesome like creature did the alcohol do this?

Then the second tale called "The House of the Head" is one that's strange and creepy and it will give one chills with suspense and some fear story is simple though. A little girl named Evie who lives in the suburbs with a loving mom and dad has a dollhouse and it has it's figures of people all of a sudden things get a little scary when a cut off head appears in the house and each and every doll is then at risk! (Nice throwback was seeing the Indian doll which reminds of Old Chief Wooden head from "Creepshow 2"). So this little house of dolls has to be put on the market for sell!

Overall good episode nice start to the "Shudder" streaming series looking forward to all of the episodes also this first one had guest turns from veterans like Tobin Bell and the great Adrienne Barbeau(from "Creepshow" in 1982).

Room 104: Itchy
Episode 3, Season 3

Aliens from the past are inside me! And doc returns to get them! Wow crazy clever twist!
This episode 3 from season 3 of the "HBO" series "Room 104" called "Itchy" is one that's strange, weird, and blunt and a little far out! However thru it all something is revealed about the characters past and a twist and turn happens it's really a gory shock! It involves a man who has a chronic and dangerous rash and skin disorder in which he's broken out in red hives and sores and itches all the time! And for help he decides to get away and reflect in "Room 104" on his own, while communicating with his doctor, then after a dream and talk with his mom he remembers something. And this little thing from the past is revealing and it twist for a shock for the episode it's like something out of this world was really in him and this may have caused his skin condition and his current doctor has come to obtain them! Crazy episode that twist at the end after things reveal itself watch it and see if you can spot the prize.

Tom Petty: Free Fallin'

Good and happy times video that goes along with a great song!
The now late Tom Petty had one of his biggest hits in 1989 with the upbeat and slow hit "Free Fallin' however the video holds fame for it's images of a young girl at a pool party with images from different time eras like the 1960's then the 1980's . Plus some eye candy is shown with some beautiful young blondes and the sunny California sky and landscape is shown. As the Golden state is referenced in the song! Overall well done video that goes along good with my favorite Tom Petty song.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Don't Come Around Here No More

Sink or swim or be eaten like a birthday cake!
This music video from the 1985 hit of the now late Tom Petty "Don't Come Around Here No More" is one that's excellent and well done it tells the message of to stay away as things and the relationship is over and done! Also the video is a parody of the classic children's tale "Alice in Wonderland" and it shows Tom portraying the Mad Hatter and it's like Alice is on the run! As it shows her swimming and sinking in a cup of tea and at the end she's carved and cut into and eaten like a piece of cake. Well done video that's bold that goes along with the message of the song!

Murder in the Bayou

Gripping, raw, and haunting the real true detectives with seek and find answers with corruption.
This "Showtime" doc series based on a real life case and from a best selling book this series "Murder in the Bayou" takes a raw and haunting look which is revealing and painful at the 8 unsolved murders in small rural Jennings, Louisiana that all spanned during early to mid 2000's. In fact many thought the "HBO" series "True Detective" was based on this real life case. However watching the real life cases shown is interesting, and compelling as interviews with family members of the victims and reporters covering the case sheds light on a haunting and painful case of sorrow and injustice. Also shown and highlighted is interviews and revealing info on possible suspects and it looks into police corruption and cover up as connections may be linked to the women's death, even though all lived high risk lives of drugs and sex. The news footage and clips of finding their bodies on back rural roads that have swamps and canals is very scary and telling that evil lurks in a small town. Overall well done engrossing series that seeks justice and sheds life on memory of victims all while showing how evil and corruption is tied together.

THX 1138

A film that was ahead of it's time you make the call.
Finally after all these years watched the cult classic "THX 1138" made in 1971 and which was famed director George Lucas's first work well before his masterpiece "Star Wars" and I must say this picture was a little hard to get into and stay focused as it's an odd and different style of film where life and people live in a total future controlled like state of droids, machines, and life is robot like where love, sex, and many freedom's are against the law.

The film is a far cry that humans simply want out of this number crushing controlled society the visuals for 1971 are ahead of it's time and the sound effects are mind numbing. Robert Duvall stars as the hero who escapes from the state required world of drugs only to learn love in a new world. Overall far out and different film which has a search and find message of escape and wanting freedom as to free from a soul controlled total like society is the only hope for love and pleasure. Also look for an appearance from the legend and great character actor Donald Pleasence("Halloween").

Two Sentence Horror Stories: Little Monsters
Episode 8, Season 2

Poor kids at risk from adult transformations!
This episode from season 2 of "Two Sentence Horror Stories" number 8 called "Little Monsters" is one that's strange and creepy as it's set in a poor city housing project and one by one little kids start to vanish. It's like the adults change and never seem the same as they lure kids and even take on the form of their parents inside homes. One little boy is taken and bound and gagged even before being found and set free. Overall creep like and strange episode that twist showing kids are always at risk as adults change and keep danger and evil forever present.

Downton Abbey

A movie of family royal status and wealth with fun laughs and drama.
Never watched the "PBS" series still watching the movie I can say this is a pretty good melodrama of high class people in small moments. As a royal visit in 20 century England sends all of the Crawley family into jitters as it's a frenzy of social polish and high worry. Nice to see how the well to do try to impress. And still the themes of love, difference, drama, and turmoil is all present as I'm sure many series watchers can relate to. Some standout performances are given from Michelle Dockery and Maggie Smith as the blunt and brash outspoken Lady Mary and Violet. Overall okay and entertaining with laughs and has a royal feel even if not everyone's cup of tea!

Ad Astra

A film of loss, connection, discovery, truth, and soul seeking.
"Ad Astra" is one latest space drama that does entertain with it's beauty and the visuals the cinema art appears in top notch form plus it's supported by a story that adds drama and it's a little tough with some emotional pain. Brad Pitt is Roy McBride an astronaut who seeks out on a solar system mission to find answers about his missing legendary father Cliff(Tommy Lee Jones) a brilliant space scientist astronaut who has been missing for 30 years. And this picture has it all from great visuals to super twist of thought and doubt all while having themes of pain, love, and loss and discovery so present. Overall well done journey of escape which gives answers and hope for all plus the acting from Brad is among his best.

Room 104: Animal for Sale
Episode 2, Season 3

A little strange and different "Bigfoot" goes wild.
This episode 2 from season 3 of the "HBO" series "Room 104" called "Animal for Sale" is one that's different and offbeat and it's strange as it involves the interaction of a tale between an animal and humans. Allan is in room104 with his long beloved friend and primate named "Elmer" and after a visit from Sharon she wants to take the primate away and care for him! Only the episode twist in the end as instincts and will for survival take over "Bigfoot" is on the run. Overall pretty well done episode as those involved seem behind the 8 ball.

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