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Intimate past self portrait of looking back at a haunting change.
Writer and director Kenneth Branagh really gets close and up front and intimate with his personal growing up awakening drama "Belfast". As the director claims it was of his past early life growing up in the late 60's in Northern Ireland. The film done in black and white captures the times and mood of the late 60's with the music and costumes, as we see young boy Buddy(Jude Hill) facing the trials and up and down times of family and life. However to make things complex even more the country and town both are going thru tense like uprisings of violence that involve religious and political differences. Still thru and thru Buddy's family remains tough and solid as stern Granny(the great Judi Dench) shines. And the biggest scene stealer is Caitriona Balfe as Buddy's tough loving overprotective mom who always does and wants the right thing for her family. Really this film is intimate a touching one of love and family a timely felt showcase that shows emotions and being tough outlast stormy and uncertain times. Director Kenneth Branagh has really scored here with a fine compelling personal epic family drama.

Pat Benatar: Shadows of the Night

Well done take flight take off rock video!
Pat's 82 pop rock hit "Shadows of the Night" is supported just fine by a music video that takes off in a aircraft field, and others planes have camos. Also as this video moves along look for actors Bill Paxton(as a radio control operator) and Judge Reinhold("Gremlins") who are in the video with Pat. And the video moves along so well with the scenes of flight and taking off fitting with the words of "Shadows of the Night" as that is what a night flight does! Highly memorable music video.

Pat Benatar: Love Is a Battlefield

Wonderful pop rock hit and fine music video that goes along with it.
Was a Benatar fan and I remember this big hit growing up in 1983 it was called "Love Is a Battlefield" and those words ring so true and the music video goes along with this song so well. It features Pat as a young girl going away from home and mom and dad to the big city to get started and along the way she's sidetracked into an early world of working at a club as a dancer. Only soon Pat takes charge and stands up and fights for love, respect, and pride! Hey everything is a battlefield! Well done music video.

Wonder Woman: The Deadly Dolphin
Episode 9, Season 3

Wonder Woman goes to the high seas to rescue a dolphin!
"The Deadly Dolphin" a cheesy like episode from season 3 of the "Wonder Woman" series first aired on Dec. 1, 1978. And it is one of the season's best and better entertaining episodes with drama and it's memorable. The story involves the abduction of a dolphin from a local sea park and it's purpose involves a greedy land owner an oil tank, and the need and want to lower beach property values. Look for Britt Leach(from "Tales from the Crypt", "Only Sin Deep" 89 ep with Lea Thompson) as a bad guy villain, plus the beautiful Lynda Carter has a damsel in distress scene moment on a boat as she's kidnapped and held hostage and tied up with a black gag in her mouth. Well done super like hero feel episode of the series. In which the high seas and a dolphin are both saved!

House of Gucci

Well done in depth film that's done with style and it showcases a rise and fall!
"House of Gucci" for sure and really is one well done drawn out bio type picture that tells of the Gucci empire family. The scenes, and music is timely with the film and the costumes and clothing worn by Lady Gaga and her Patrizia Reggiani character set the film aside with elegant grace and style. Patrizia(in a fine performance from Lady Gaga) is a poor working girl from the wrong side of the tracks and at a party her Italian ways help hook her an up and coming law student in one Maurizio Gucci(Adam Driver). However she soon finds out she's married into an empire family that's full of gold.

The Gucci family is one powerful family of wealth, fashion, and influence with connections back and fourth between Italy and New York. However greed, power struggle and inner conflict lead to drama and slowly but surely the undoing and downfall of an empire. Good supporting turns are given from film veterans Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, and Jared Leto as Gucci family members. Also Patrizia relies on advice from palm readings and cards from a psychic reader(Salma Hayek). Lady Gaga shines in this role as her turn is very elegant and sexy(one of her best ever, plus the scene of her in a black bra is very sexy!). The movie is a fine and well done bio type tale of the real life rise and fall of a family empire, plus along with the drama the film entertains in a stylish and in depth way.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Not the 84 original still a sentimental and new era tribute!
Finally watched "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" and I must say it was a decent follow up with some charming and sentimental scenes that brought back memories of old ghosts. As the film centers around and has a connection of the grandson of a past "Ghostbuster" and a spooky abandoned farm house left by him. And again ghost are on the prowl and move in on this new era and help and assistance is given from old legends in the end as Murray, Dan, and Ernie make an appearance to fight the evil spirits. And most liked and memorable was the cute and sweet scenes of the little baby marshmallow men who come to life with smores at Wal-Mart in front of Paul Rudd's teacher character I thought that was so sentimental, and had an original legacy feel and a tribute to the classic 84 "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man"! I loved the mini pufts! Overall this picture is nothing great still it entertained and was interesting with the ghost subject all while the new era characters had past connections to the classic and original "Ghostbusters".

The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Great and super in depth bio type film of a rise and fall of one Tammy Faye.
This film "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" was one film I looked forward to seeing all year, and after watching I was entertained and informed about the life of one complex lady. The film is showy and a high key take on a past known late legend and the performance from Jessica Chastain as Tammy was godsend(give her a golden globe or best actress Oscar!). The movie is a revealing bio like journey of the 60's, 70's, and 80's showing the humble and sheltered early life of one little Tammy in small town Minnesota. It's when Faye(Chastain) meets a young Jim Bakker(Andrew Garfield) at a bible college the two fall in love it's like both were heaven sent to marry and spread god's word.

Along the way the power faith couple meet Pat Roberson and get a start in religious TV and soon start the cable broadcast network "PTL". Both spread love and care for the poor only the acceptance of taking donations gets out of hand as faith and easy money mix leading to luxury and high living. Along the way the Jim and Tammy couple befriend preacher icon Jerry Falwell and branch out to other ventures while Tammy sports memorable eyes and a bright lighting smile while singing with a powerful voice on the side. Yet thru it all money, ego, inner conflict, rivals, and moral scandal would nearly destroy Jim and Tammy. Overall well done near flawless movie that's made believable and the acting and screen chemistry is fine, if anything watch for Jessica's transformative performance as Faye it's an acting clinic.

American Crime Story: The Wilderness
Episode 10, Season 3

The Starr report changes the lives of everyone.
This episode 10 "The Wilderness" from season 3 of "FX's" "American Crime Story" anthology series "Impeachment" is one tense and drama filled episode. The season finale wraps up the scandal of President Clinton and the central players all have their lives changed forever! After the Ken Starr report is made to the public, everyone wants to view so much of the details that internets are crashing with traffic search volume overload! After this then Bill escapes impeachment from the Senate, only his life with Hillary has changed forever as he has let her and the American people down. Monica and Linda both write books to tell their sides of the story, and Paula Jones now has a life of advising people, only she gives in and poses for "Penthouse". This finished a series that was tense and filled with memorable drama as the things that went on with these folks was interesting and strange. Overall great super well done season of the anthology as it was a fine pleasure and joy to watch.


Tough, raw, and gritty film of loss, pain, and sorrow.
"Pig" is without a doubt a film that's clearly different and away from some normal film norms, still even as the story is that of a lost pig the movie connects with themes of drama and emotions. Set in the rural Oregon wilderness Rob(in a good well done performance from Cage) is a lonely truffle hunter who lives life rough raising his own food and living like a hermit rarely getting out and even so and then he gets drama from his old rattle trap truck. However his beloved pet pig keeps him going, then the world is turned upside down when Rob's pig is kidnapped. This then takes the film on a past journey of things, and people that Rob remembers as he does a search and travel in the big city of Portland looking for his pig. The film is raw and gruff with Nicolas looking his rugged best with long hair and a beard, however Rob's character is that of a fighter as he searches bars, restaurants, and homes of people from the past just to find his pig. Still even though this story involves a lost animal the drama, pain, emotion, and sorrow matches that of any human story. Overall "Pig" is one eye opening touching painful film that shows how when connection and attachment is lost it brings sorrow.

Miami Vice: Asian Cut
Episode 7, Season 5

Wild, wicked, freaky and deviant type episode of the series!
"Asian Cut" was one of the better late series episodes of "Miami Vice" which first aired on Jan. 13, 1989 from season 5 number seven. The story kind of took right from the headlines as it involved a serial killer on the prowl and the streets of Miami and all of his victims were hookers, prostitutes and escorts. And in an odd and creepy way all of the victims are left with strange ritualistic like carvings and Tubbs and Sonny suspect these may be related or connected to an Asian suspect. However once they learn about the Japanese myths and folklore the episode twist and the sick killer is a surprise. Trudy(Olivia Brown) goes undercover also as an escort who she has a date with a deviant customer and highly memorable from this episode was she was tied up and gagged and held hostage for a pain for pleasure ritual. Overall good well done better highly memorable late episode of the series.

Miami Vice: Smuggler's Blues
Episode 15, Season 1

Dirty drug deals! Early memorable episode with Glenn Frey
This "Miami Vice" episode from season 1 number 15 which first aired on Feb. 1, 1985 called "Smuggler's Blues" was one memorable and highly action packed drama felt episode. This episode even featured the now late singer Glenn Frey who starred as Jimmy Cole a dirty drug dealing air pilot. Also this episode helped springboard the series with it's "Smuggler's Blue" song which was played during the episode and featured on the "Vice" soundtrack. Anyway Crockett(Don Johnson) and Tubbs(Philip Michael Thomas) go undercover all the way to Colombia to pose as drug smugglers as it's expected that a dirty or crooked cop is on the take and cashing in on the money and drug exchange trade. Then the action of gunfire and car chases is plenty also memorable from this episode is that Det. Trudy(Olivia Brown) has a damsel in distress scene as she is held hostage with a bomb after she's tied up and gagged! Wow so much in one hour really one of the series early best episode and an 80's TV classic.


Long drawn out superhero film that spans time and ages!
Not the greatest "Marvel" movie fan yet I gave "Eternals" a try even though never really hearing about it or reading the comics, and was not real impressed as the movie went back and fourth thru the ages and time as the group of Eternals were always fighting evil and the movie was a showcase of love and family like feel. It was an eye candy watch for seeing the hot and sexy Gemma Chan and Salma Hayek as immortals Sersi and Ajak as both were healers and watchers of the group. Overall my interest came and went the film for one was to long and drawn out as the message could have been shorter. Still I guess a watch if your a Marvel movie fan, and the look of Gemma Chan and Salma Hayek as superheroes was sexy and impressive.

High Steaks

A backyard chase and barbecue brawl with the cat and mouse!
This "Tom and Jerry" short from 1962 called "High Steaks" is one interesting and fun one. It involves Tom's owner a gruff and tough looking big guy who decides one day by the pool to grill out and do some steaks and grill barbecue. So Tom cat decides to join in only then little mouse Jerry notices and crawls out underneath from his little hidden mouse hole and you guessed it the chase antics begins in the backyard! The drama is around the grill which involves steak knives and pitch forks! Not one of the better ones still it was fun and interesting seeing a backyard style chase between the two that involved a cookout!


Haunting and intimate in the moment look at a lady of power.
"Spencer" is one eye opening film and look at a lady who seems backed into a corner it's like she wants escape and hopes for joy from her life of royal feel and wealth. The film has it's focus on the 1991 Christmas holiday at the Sandringham family estate with Princess Diana(Kristen Stewart) with her two sons and it's a tense time during her life as she wants to break away from husband Prince Charles. The holiday feast involves a get together with dinner and being with royal family and friends, while Diana reads to escape too, the film even shows her in a wild daydream. The scenes shot are tense showing Diana backed into corners in a very emotional state that haunts. The makeup and costumes that Kristen wore makes good for along with her performance believable as Diana. Really I would have wished to see more of a historical and autobiographical type film as this film is more of a take of her life just in a certain moment even though it entertains with Stewart's performance.

American Crime Story: The Grand Jury
Episode 9, Season 3

Testify, and Paula gets a nose job!
This episode 9 from season 3 of "FX's" "American Crime Story: "Impeachment" called "The Grand Jury" was one tense and drama filled revealing episode. Here both Linda Tripp and Monica give testimony in front of 23 members of the grand jury. Watching it's interesting as you ask who to believe did Linda lie for fame and put to much pressure on Monica. Monica reveals some juicy nasty dirty things on Bill as her words describe "Bubba" Bill as a naughty dirty boy! Plus the tense moments and scenes of Paula Jones not being supported by her husband after her cosmetic nose job was a fine and over the top filled drama tense scene. Still you ask was Paula just a media and money hungry fame seeker. Overall fine and super next to last episode that reveals more damage to the president as Bill even confronts Hillary with his sorrow and regret. Now looking forward to episode10 and the finale.


Chucky is a fine sharp leading and bleeding cut man!
If you were a fan of the "Child's Play" movie franchise then this new extension and carry on of the character and story called "Chucky" is a must see TV watch! As the "Syfy/USA" series is fun, and sharp with fright blood gore fear in a clever and satiric like way. Set in a nice ideal like town of the well to do suburbs with likeable folks, Jake(Zach Wheeler) who's a bullied gay teen doesn't have much or many friends to help, however when he buys a vintage good guy doll at a yard sale things change a scary bond is formed! As this little toy carries an evil past spirit wise, in which involves an old serial killer, still "Chucky" has plans to help out Jake. The game plan involves making trouble and a blood like hell life for those who have picked and bullied Jake in life and at school! It's a mix of characters and modern life involving relationships and really a great origin story. The episode are fun and scary with "Chucky" being an evil sadistic friend till the end!

The French Dispatch

A Wes Anderson movie of stories and characters.
I watch Wes Anderson movies even though I don't understand or like his movies the best, still as always he fills his films with all star and all pro stars. This "The French Dispatch" has Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody, Willem Dafoe, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, Saoirse Ronan, Benicio Del Toro, Elisabeth Moss, Henry Winkler, Jeffrey Wright, and Christoph Waltz now what a collection. The film is filled with drama, action, and fun, as it involves a prisoner, a hooker, a magazine editor and made up stories it's like a roll coaster ride that involves a car chase and kidnapping. I guess it's a watch if you like movies I got thru it even though it was not my cup of tea.


Strange supernatural different style of creature thriller!
"Antlers" is a film as you watch you feel drama and suspense while being entertained in a thrilling like way. Set in rural Oregon it involves a strange and different little abused boy who tells of an ancient legend and curse of a creature who roams the woods(it had me thinking Sasquatch or Bigfoot since it was set in the Pacific Northwest). And it starts to affect him at school and his teacher starts to notice(played by Keri Russell from "Felicity" and the sexy green bra wearing girl from Bon Jovi's "Always" music video of 1994). Soon a local sheriff(Jesse Plemons) who's the school teacher's brother gets involved in the investigation and it leads to gore, blood, and mystery an old ancient like curse. I guess this film is okay for it's genre it did bring some fright and scary like feel. As it was a haunting chiller that revealed secrets.

Last Night in Soho

A ghost haunting of the past, a little bit of reincarnation or living another life with twist!
Director Edgar Wright has made one interesting and tense glamour like suspense thriller horror like drama in "Last Night in Soho". Maybe he took from a page of old classic horror and he really blended the film well with 60's culture of clothes, music and hair styles. The acting and chemistry between the two leads Anya Taylor Joy and Thomasin Mckenzie is in top form.

The story and setting is with Eloise a girl who's lost her mother and she is being raised by grandma and she's accepted to a fashion design school in London. So it's off to the big bright lights and city streets and she does not fit in the click with the current class of girls. So she rents an apartment and her landlady just doesn't seem right. Soon Eloise starts having strange dreams seeing a past time in nightclubs of the 60's seeing a lounge singer Sandie(Anya Taylor Joy) and she soon sees strange characters and a dark past. Many of these sightings and dreams lead to ghostly encounters. What is this picture trying to say is it to reveal a murder mystery or is it saying reincarnation or did Eloise live a past life. Only the film twist and reveals something about the past, murders, and trio of characters of Eloise, Sandie, and the old woman the renting landlady of Eloise's. May not be the best work still it's entertains and blends well with 60's times of fashion, and music as this is a mix of drama, horror, and suspense.

Trick or Treat

Be nice give candy!
This 52' "Disney" cartoon short called "Trick or Treat" is a real watch and view every "Halloween" as it's a clever and fun entertaining one supported by music and poem like lyrics. And the chase scenes are clever. Donald has his nephews come for trick or treating only he plays tricks and pranks, like throwing water and giving fake candy, however when the witch flies in she helps the little ducks with spells and magic potions. Donald becomes one frightened duck who plays by the rules and ends up giving candy out! Overall well done liked "Halloween" cartoon from "Disney" a classic!

Broom-Stick Bunny

Clever "Halloween" like cartoon that wanting to be ugly backfires!
This 1956 "Looney Tunes" cartoon short called "Broom-Stick Bunny" is one fun entertaining and clever cartoon that's always a joy when watched. It involves "Halloween" time with Witch Hazel being at her castle and she wants nothing more than to stay ugly, well Bugs is going to her place to trick or treat, and once she finds out he's a real bunny the episode becomes a chase and twist of fighting between pretty looks and staying ugly! The cartoon is funny as the Magic Mirror is the telling tale of the story as wanting to be ugly backfires for the witch! Nice cartoon with a twist!

Hyde and Go Tweet

A big bird like monster tease!
This 60' "Looney Tunes" short called "Hyde and Go Tweet" is one fun and entertaining one a nice cartoon to watch at "Halloween". As the setting is Sylvester the cat sleeping outside the ledge of an office building and inside is Dr. Jekyll's office which houses a potion called Hyde. Things change and get strange when birds including Tweety fly by. Upon the little yellow bird drinking the potion he turns into a huge bird ugly clawed and a wild looking monster bird! The chase is on as it goes back and fourth with Tweety changing too going up and down in size! Overall fun entertaining cartoon that turns to be different in the end for Sylvester a real twist! I like the "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" parody too!

American Crime Story: Stand by Your Man
Episode 8, Season 3

Hillary has a broken heart!
This episode 8 from season 3 of "FX's" "American Crime Story: "Impeachment" called "Stand by Your Man" is one interesting and entertaining and very revealing episode one of the more powerful one's of the season. Here after testimony in front of Ken Starr as the grand jury hears the words President Clinton has just revealed to the world that his relationship with Monica was to close, even though Bill in his minds feels it was not sexual. And to make matters worse Bill breaks the news to the first lady Hillary, and Mrs. Clinton takes it hard as Hill clearly has an angry broken heart even though she is still standing by her man! Actress Edie Falco still one of the best in the business is believable as Hillary her scenes are tense and powerful with Bill(the good Clive Owen) as she screams and curses the most powerful man in the world over his lust and wrong doing. The acting and cast chemistry is still A plus in this series. Episode 8 was a hard hitting fire spitting episode that sets viewers up for the thrilling final two conclusion episodes.

Creepshow: Drug Traffic/A Dead Girl Named Sue
Episode 6, Season 3

Not getting meds leads to a headless ghoul/Zombies rise from the dead!
This episode 6 from season 3 of "Shudder's", "Creepshow" series featured two interesting and timely entertaining tales of drama and blood ghoul like gore. They were "Drug Traffic/A Dead Girl Named Sue".

"Drug Traffic" a tale that seems timely as it involved the themes of immigration and politics along the border. It's a spin of a congressman who will do anything to get votes, as he uses the immigration and border issue to his advantage as he helps a mom get medicine across the border as this medication will help save her young daughter.(also love the old chief wooden head beer brand! Great super homage to 87's "Creepshow 2") Only things go off track afterwards when a border patrol and customs agent notices the meds and all goes haywire the tale turns painful for the young lady. It's a feast and revenge of a headless ghoul! Wow what a way to re enter the U. S. from another border!

Then "A Dead Girl Named Sue" was done in black and white set many years ago in a small town. Going on is the murders of local people and the citizens and police have a suspect only things twist as dead people from the grave come back and play a bloody part in this tale getting their own revenge.(the parody and feel from George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" is present). Overall another good timely fright felt episode that features blood and gore with parody and homage that pays tribute to not only the series, but the "Creepshow" movies also.


Not the 1976 original still a good well done modern reboot.
Watched the 76 original "Carrie" and I liked it with Sissy as the tale was good with a teen girl that was picked on, well finally watched the 2013 remake and it was good and well done for modern standards and I like the style and theme that mixed a sexy and religion like feel together. Same plot Carrie(good work from Chloe Grace Moretz) is a shy teen girl who's not in the click and she can not escape the hands of her overprotective bible freak mom(Julianne Moore). At school the in girl crowd of cheerleaders and sexy girls torment her(wow the shower scene with blood and soap, plus I liked the eye candy of seeing the sexy wicked girls wearing those sexy colored bras, it was a mix of pink, red, blue, and multi colored bras!). Carrie has special and evil powers though as her telekinetic force like ways help her after taking a blood shower at the prom. Not the classic still if you like horror and liked the original then you will like and enjoy the 2013 "Carrie" remake.

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