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Sijipeuseu: The Myth

An Excellent Korean Series Worth Watching - Interesting Futuristic Storyline
04/11/2021 OK, I'm presently about midway through the first and so far only season. The earlier episodes were the layering of this series foundation which eventually drew me in. Only as it unfolded did the series start to shine. Even though it's a futuristic fantasy series, the storyline has alot of realistic content and normal everyday logic laced within. I'm really starting to like and enjoy this series as it unfolds and will finish the entirety of my review after I've finished the series. Bon Appetit'

Da 5 Bloods

A Far Cry From An Award Winning Movie - Poorly Written/Poorly Directed - Substandard Actors
04/12/2021 I watched 39 minutes and 22 seconds of constant black promotion laced with excess vulgarity and black brotherhood on overload. All done with substandard actors and actress. ( the young bi-racial girl was believable). The dialog is flat and uninspiring for viewers to suffer two long hours plus. In short, a less than desirable movie (kind words) to watch or to continue. I'm going to watch something else. Bon Appetit'

Night in Paradise

Exceptional - Instant Viewer Immersion - I Loved It Like Most Korean Films I Watch
04/10/2021 Another excellent Korean film. Sensible storyline of fiction filled with plenty of suspense and action. Excellent by my standards. Bon Appetit'

What Lies Below

Handsome Fish Boy Does Mena - Mena Hatch's Trout - Daughter Wants Fish Dinner
04/09/2021 The 4.5 IMDb rating is a little high considering that for 2/3rds of the movie "NOTHING" happened thus 3 stars. The last third cannot make up for the first two limp thirds of wasted time.

Condensed storyline: Mena loves eel time with handsome fish boy. .... alot! Daughter tries to warn her butt Mena's eel pot is full and now she's pregnant. A short time later Mena hatch's a trout. All could have ended well with the three of them sitting around the dinner table enjoying a nice fresh trout/fish dinner, but no, pretty fish boy has other ideas for Mena and child? The movie winds down with multiple Mena's and one lonely daughter swimming in separate fish bowls. Why??? Only the writer and director know for sure? Not a good movie, Not very good writing, or directing or acting. If you really like fish, then you'll probably love this movie. I'd rather have a hamburger from Hardies. Bon Appetit'

Sniper: Ghost Shooter

A Decent Movie But It Never Drew Me In
04/07/2021 It was a decent movie but it never pulled me in. When there was action, it was worth watching but the dry spots in the storyline lost my interest. An OK one time only watch. Bon Appetit'


Enjoyable Series That Leaves Viewers Wanting More
04/04/2021 Like most of the Korean series or movies, it's excellent. It stays interesting throughout the series laced with the occasional subtle humor which adds to the overall. I guess the writers ran out of new ideas after episode 16 so 2017 was the beginning and the end. I really liked this series and I'm sad to see it end. Bon Appetit'

Hasta el cielo

A Well Spent Two Hours Of Movie Watching - Excellent Actors/Well Written And Directed
03/02/2021 An enjoyable criminals and cops movie. Never boring, it holds viewers attention throughout the movie. I wish more movies were this well done. Watch for yourself and decide? Bon Appetit'

Haunted: Latin America

Loud Noises And Animated Monsters Do NOT Make People Scared
04/01/2021 This film divided into five parts by the big red "N" is no series, nor is it scary. Without the loud bangs, the screams and other noises this was "The Big Load" for gullible viewers. NOT impressed with any of it and hope that it fades away forever (NO season II). Bon Appetit'

I had two evil presences in my life. The first one I divorced, the second I'm still related to and avoid like the plague.


Exceptional Russian Cops And Criminals Series - I Loved It
03/25/2021 An enjoyable police/crime series produced in Russia. Presently the big RED "N" has purchased the rights for two seasons and big RED subscribers are still waiting for season three. The third season was produced in 2018 and according to all information online may be the last season for "Silver Spoon"? Big RED has yet to make season three available to subscribers. It's a series that Hollywood writers/directors could learn alot from but the repetitious love life of Mr. Silver Spoon gets old after awhile. It will be sad when the last episode finally wraps up! Bon Appetit'

Cabras da Peste

03/25/2021 Another $5 film rights purchase by the big RED "N" for screwed subscribers. A worthless south of the border film, NOT even close to being funny. Films for dumbazzes who pay $13.99 a month for garbage. Real Hollywood films remove to much profit from the greedy big RED "N" owners.


An Enjoyable Series That will Have Viewers Wanting More
03/25/2021 This series is smart, intelligent and has alot of creative writing. The one season series will hook viewers early on and I was just that ........ "Hooked and re-hooked". Viewers will immerse themselves into the storyline almost immediately, just as I did. The only fault in the entire series was the high speed wrap up and overly creative writing which diminishes the overall of this excellent series. I can only hope that someone/somewhere in movie making land will see the value of it's continuation? Bon Appetit'

Online info: As of March 24, 2021, Tidelands has not been cancelled or renewed for a second season............ SAD!!!

The Outsider

Lackluster Storyline - Poor Attempt At Spoken English Dialog During Film
03/24/2021 A mediocre storyline coupled with fragmented spoken English makes for a weak movie. NOT impressed with anything in this movie. A "ONE Time" only watch. Bon Appetit'

Captain Fantastic

It's A Good Thought Provoking Movie For Viewers - Excellent Actors All Around
03/23/2021 This movie stimulates viewers thoughts regarding their personal beliefs versus what the movie projects. I'm pretty sure that Jim Jones and his followers were sincere and committed, just as David Koresh and his Christian believers. Vigo Morrison's character refused all other forms of information and indoctrination that did not support his own slanted self serving version of life. Mid movie there were two of the most poignant words spoken in the film spoken by his youngest son, "Dad's crazy". And I definitely agreed. One of the later scenes shows the inside of their empty bus/motor home with Vigo at the wheel which truly symbolized the reality of many peoples finality of life - All alone with just a lifetime of memories. A good movie! Bon Appetit'


An Enjoyable Movie That Will Hold The Viewers Interest Throughout The Entire Movie
03/22/2021 This movie is an excellent film with more than enough excitement and action throughout it's entirety. Watch for yourself and decide. Bon Appetit'

I Am Legend

A One Man (and a dog) Movie Than Will Hold Viewers Throughout It's Entirety
03/22/2021 Will Smith did a great job in making this movie. Everything we enjoyed came directly from his acting abilities. It was an excellent film to watch in my book with more than enough tense excitement and action throughout the movie for viewers. Watch for yourself and decide. Bon Appetit'

Real Steel

Great Futuristic Family Type Of Movie - Robots And Relationships
03/22/2021 Hugh Jackman and cast made this movie an excellent film to watch, especially for those who always cheer for the underdog and watching wrongs made right in life. Plenty of tense excitement and action throughout the film. Watch for yourself and decide. Bon Appetit'

Mile 22

Excellent Movie With Plenty Of Action Played Out With Professional Actor/Actresses
03/22/2021 Mark Wahlberg and Lauren Cohen (TWD) made this movie an excellent film to watch more than once and I have done just that. Plenty of excitement and action throughout. Watch for yourself and decide. Bon Appetit'

Jiu Jitsu

Tons Of Poorly Executed Fight Movement - Senseless Storyline - Crum Bum Actors
03/21/2021 IMDb rates this at 2.9 stars, that's probably a little low? No, it's not a great movie, nor is it a good movie but it's also not horrible either. The early fight scenes look like back yard friends or brothers fighting, amateurish and sluggish at best, not intending to hurt the other, nor is it believable. The young kids that do the real Kapoor gymnastics could have taught those involved with this film the reality of human speed and vertical movement. One of the best parts of this movie for me was reading the funny IMDb reviews. After being involved with many of these low level substandard movies Daddy Warbucks proves to movie watchers that he's no longer relevant to the movie industry and probably no longer a highly paid actor? Wiki quote: Cage is reportedly "taking film roles left and right in order to pay off his remaining debts. You don't have to wonder if this might be one of those films? The whole movie makes no sense and I'm glad that it's over. Bon Appetit'

True Memoirs of an International Assassin

A Good Movie That's Funny That Will Hold The Viewers Interest Throughout
03/21/2021 For this off beat comic movie Kevin James was a good choice but his female book editor , actress Kelen Coleman was not. What the movie needed was as many female comedians as they could get in this movie. I just watched an excellent dead pan comedian Iliza Shlesinger that would have been excellent playing off of Kevin and would have made this movie much better. Another funny light hearted female comedian that does air head really well is Anna Kendrick. She does funny 24/7 on overload. Overall this was an enjoyable funny movie at times so I can definitely recommend watching it. Bon Appetit'


Even Though I Read Alot Of IMDb Negative Comments I Still Ended Up Enjoying This Movie
03/20/2021 The three principle characters in this movie didn't seem to fit their character parts early on but that changed as the movie unfolded. At first plastic Barbie was a snooze. I didn;t buy her three way lust, her charm or sex appeal. I felt the same way towards the two me-oh-so-pretty grow-boys but eventually they all seemed to grow into their respective character parts. As already stated in several IMDb reviews the audio narration/explanation in the early part of the movie was unnecessary and at times irritating. The movie finally evolved into a decent film to watch. In summary??? It's an OK movie for viewers to watch. Watch for yourself and decide it's fate? Bon Appetit'

Spenser Confidential

An Excellent Mark Wahlberg Movie - Good Sensible Storyline - Professional Actors
03/19/2021 I always look forward to anything Mark Wahlberg. The projects that he chooses to involve himself in are always entertaining for the viewers with excellent supporting actors that fill the bill for the characters they represent such as Allan Arkin in this movie. This movie is no different from what I've described. a well thought out storyline of fiction that allows Wahlberg to do his Wahlberg thing and shine. This is an excellent movie for people like myself to enjoy. This is my second or possibly third watch? Watch for yourself and decide? Bon Appetit'

Sky Rojo

A Good Fun Short Spanish Series - The Overall Quality Will Surprise Viewers
03/19/2021 I didn't think that I would like this series, but I was wrong. It's light hearted and fun to watch. Needless to say it easily holds the viewers interest from episode to episode. Try to dismiss the IMDb negative reviews, it's apparent that they didn't watch the whole series. Let's hope for a second season and more? Bon Appetit'

The Block Island Sound

A Decent Excitement Free Movie - Good Actors - Limp Storyline
03/19/2021 It's a movie that will hold viewers, if for no other reason than wanting to know what the growling is all about? I watched all of it right to the uneventful anticlimactic end. A one time only watch. Bon Appetit'


It's A Sci-Fi Movie That's Alot To Long With To Little "Scare Factor" To Hold Viewer's Attention
03/18/2021 The sound effects and lighting guys were absolutely essential to keep viewers watching during the first 1/3 of this lackluster sci-fi film. They growled and they growled, I assume that they were trying/hoping? that the growl machine would serve as a replacement for any kind of viewer drama/suspense/excitement, hopefully creating viewer immersion? It didn't work for me! The storyline and actors added little to nothing during this period. The best part was the ice cream that I was eating while waiting for the movie to begin. The last 2/3rds was finally/hopefully going to be the movie that I had waited for, but even though it had plenty of action, noise and movement I couldn't get into it so late in the film. Tt was no Star Wars, nor was there any Big Buff muscle bound Arnold searching the South American jungles for some invisible green crab faced Herman Munster. Remember him? Arnold covered himself in mud so Mr. Cyborg Outer Space Munster couldn't see him and when the time was just right, Arnold turned him into cream of crab faced soup and who doesn't love crab soup or two big fat juicy crab claws? I love cream of crab soup, unfortunately there's none of those in this crab FREE unexciting movie, just a alot of noise and other sci-fi stuff left over from other sci-fi movies that we've all seen many times before, most of them were done much better. Not necessarily a terrible movie but far from being a great movie and definitely alot to long considering the storyline. A one time only watch for me. Bon Appetit'

The Lost Pirate Kingdom

It's Frustrating To Listen & Watch This Netflix Talkie Narration Apparently For Dumb Viewers Unable To Figure Out Things For Themselves?
03/15/2021 I can't get past this frustrating scene by scene of being forced to listen to narration versus we as the viewers who are intelligent enough to figure things out for ourselves as the series unfolds. Dear Netflix, We (the viewers) are all adults and excessive lip flapping by some teacher or historian is NOT wanted in this or any other fictional film presentation. Contrary to what YOU think YOU know this is NOT a documentary. I and others signed on for a fictional pirate series. I quit!

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