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The Terminal List

Awesome series
I hardly give 10s but this series is worthy. I like how unabashedly gruesome it is with regard to how a vengeful person would behave, especially one that has seen and dealt a lot of violence as part of his job. Most movies/series nowadays try and suger coat how a person would behave and have him not go over the top when visiting violence upon his enemies but this one goes full on. Loved it!

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Can it get any worse for Star Wars
This was just childish writing and directing at best. An episode of Sesame St has more realism than some of the scenes in this show. Sadly the Star Wars franchise keeps sinking lower.

Kôkaku kidôtai SAC_2045 Jizoku kanô sensô

Over convuluted garbage
Nobody asked for this. Made no sense. Tried to be oversmart but missing a lot of logic. Someone must have thought this was an awesome story but that person needs to stop writing scripts. This probably only made sense in their head.

Dave Chappelle: The Closer

Far from his best work
I'm just glad I didn't pay for this. Usually Daves a 10 and worst 8 but this was a bit long winded and just not as funny. Not sure if its because its his last but it just didn't hit the mark for me.

The Lobster

Boring and aimless
This is a boring and aimless movie that throws in cruelty in its attempt to be dark and relevant. Falls flat in every aspect and can only be called entertaining and a masterpiece by the pretentious try hards in life. Don't be fooled by its rating, this is a total waste of time.

The Card Counter

Pointless and boring
I should have read reviews before I tried to finish watching this borefest. Lead actor tries his best with the hot garbage he was given. Tiffany Hadish just seemed out of place and weird in this movie. I don't know why Hollywood seems to be churning out non stories. I kept waiting for something to happen but this was watching paint dry and and ant gets stuck it the paint and slowly expires.

La Brea

Interesting premise but terribly done
The storyline is ok and we've seen it before, unfortunately the acting and the graphics are so horrible it looks like a childs cartoon. Could have been done so much better.


Who are the good guys
Over the top, entititled, loud mouthed characters who you're supposed to sympathize with but you wish would all get shot and killed in the first episode.

Nova Vita

Interesting but...
Was interesting but boy are there huge plot holes which made it difficult to really get into. Still worth watching if in lockdown.


Bumbling not brilliant
Just watched Season 2 and the level of idiocy is astounding. Not sure how this guy is supposed to be some brilliant detective, basically bumbles around all series making mistake after mistake.

Gunpowder Milkshake

Pretty bad copy
Looks like it tried to borrow heavily from John Wick with the all female cast twist. Failed very badly on both counts. Actions scenes were laughable.

Motherland: Fort Salem

Great idea spoiled by bad acting think plot and teenage drama
Premise was good but acting is terrible, characters shallow or dumb and plots that make no sense. Over simplistic premises that seem idealistic and not based on how real people would actually act or make decisions. Completed season 1 but not going to bother with season 2.

War of the Worlds

First season ok than its downhill
The first part of season was ok even with the weird robot dogs but once its revealed the aliens are English speaking aliens complete with accents it just descended into ridiculous. Add to that the whole premise doesn't make any sense with the Aliens coming to save themselves and needing foetuses to recover but hey decide to kill 99.9% of the population when all they could have done was go to the local abortion clinic and have had more than enough material to cure themselves a 1000 times over with a ready supply on tap instead of looking for pregnant women amongst the .1% leftover. Its obvious the writers are no making it up as they go along and didn't have the budget for proper aliens.

Update: The longer it went the lower the score. I don't think I'll be able to complete season 2.


Waste of talented actors. Not sure who thought this was a good idea for a movie but whoever it was needs to be fired. Aimless meandering story that doesn't go to any heights.

Wrong Turn

Not the Wrong Turn was hoping for but good enough
As mentioned by other reviewers there is a whole bunch of catering to all the diversity groups and PC nonsense that seems to pervade everything coming out of Hollywood. That said they go that out of the way early and I did enjoy it was the rest of the movie was then spent changing said PC individuals physically (with lots of blood and gore) or mentally where at the end they are unrecognizable from the original character. I like the contrast as well where assuming peoples characters and motives are turned around. Blood and gore and horror was okayish for a Wrong Turn movie but if you're looking for something like the original in the storyline this isn't it.

Prodigal Son: Speak of the Devil
Episode 2, Season 2

I thought Episode 1 was bad but this was worse
Gave a score of 2 for a pretty terrible Ep1 of Season 2 and thought maybe it would get better from there but nope, they had to double down so I'm doing the same and this episode gets a 1. As pointed out by almost every other reviewer, shoving politics down the throat of viewers is just going to ruin your show. Hope they all enjoy their last season. I'm out.

Prodigal Son: It's All in the Execution
Episode 1, Season 2

Not a good start to Season 2
First off I'm not totally against politics in shows if it makes sense as part of the show and the characters. What the writers did here is jam an agenda into a show with total disregard to anything resulting in a ridiculous ending to an episode as I've ever seen. Also as someone who is not from the US this is totally meaningless as I have zero interest. Also does Hollywood have something against Texas? Is there something there that I as a non-US watcher am missing? I've just noticed what seems to be Texas put downs in a couple of productions lately...is there something I'm missing?


Slow but watchable
Decent entertainment if you've run out of things to watch. Even though its based on real events I hope those main battle strategies were fiction or that General is probably the worst General in World history having his men continuously run into a hail of bullets.

La valla

Ridiculous character arcs are killing this thing
Halfway through this and so far its a barely 5 for me. The premise of the story is great and the general plot lines. The characters however just don't seem to make any sense at times and the blame for that has to go to the writers. The characters fluctuate wildly as the writers try and create drama but the changes and decision making are quite ludicrous. Take the main character who has just had his daughter returned...he then insists that he take his daughter to work with him as he wants her near him and won't even trust her grandmother and his brother to look after him. He then inexplicably leaves her to sleepover at the house of his employers who are pretty much total strangers and who he doesn't seem to have any respect for. Also the 'rebel' boyfriend who has suddenly turned to helping the regime without any proper motivation apart from threats to his mum. The major's decision to somehow let the main 'terrorist' that he was supposed to have killed and which made him a household name go free to roam about the city with a gun no less. Somehow after having his picture plastered all over the city no body recognizes him...I guess a hoody and a beard is all it takes..bordering on Clark Kents glasses disguise. Ludicrous writing of character motivations and actions is really killing this series. The stupidity of the main characters has me wishing an early demise on them all.

Wonder Woman 1984

No idea what this movie was trying to do. It was pretty bad especially folloiwng on from the first one which I absolutely loved! How could they turn such a great start to this absolute mess. Story makes no sense and even for a superhero movie plumbs the depths of incredulity. Also falls in the the 'all the bad guys are just misunderstood' category...no matter how many lives they have ruined or taken. I guess they were really working hard to get that G rating.

The Expanse

Keeps getting better
I've been watching the Expanse since the first series and its only gotten better with each season. Halfway through season 5 and it doesn't disappoint. Best Sci-Fi show on air right now. Would recommend it to everyone who loves Sci-Fi.

Big Sky

Unrealistic rubbish
Bad guy kidnaps teenage girls and puts them in a dungeon. The youngest 16 year old decides to headbutt him in the nose. He then whimpers about a broken nose, makes a threat to kill her and leaves....yeah sure! Let me guess.....nothing will ever happen to those 'victims' right through to the last episode.


Collection of depressing stories
This must have seemed like a fun project for the Hollywood types to showcase their acting talents playing the plebs but in reality was just a bunch of depressing stories of peoples struggles. You can open a newspaper or watch the news to get a better first hand account of these stories. Trying to palm it off as some sort of horror series gets you the 1 star.


Was cheering for the bad guy
Great performance by Russel Crowe and he has put on a bit of weight since his Gladiator days. The supposed heroes of the story left you thinking how stupid can you get. Also like that the antagonist Crowe was allowed to be a proper bad guy and not the kind where he doesn't actually cause any damage. He caused plenty and as much as they'd like to portray a happyish ending that's life long trauma and all for a lack of civility.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Really bad
This wasn't just a bad remake, this was a bad movie period. Definitely did not have to make this and unfortunately I wasted some time of my life watching this. Don't make the same mistake.

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