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Omg this show is just soooo booooring. Save yourself the time and watch something else anything just anything.have to keep writing did i say it was boring.

We Need to Do Something

To many bad things to say about this film ! Except what a god awful film this is and really a rating of 4.5 out of 10 pull the other one. Awful awful awful awful.

Old Henry

Brilliant film
Not very often i come on here to review a film , but felt i had to with this one the acting was superb and the storyline twist with " billy the kid " just added to the overall writing of this film.

Channel Zero

Brilliant series
Loved this show , great acting and well written although i could be a bit bias as i love these type of shows.


No one else remembers this
Used to watch this as an 8yr old in the early 70 s but when i mention it to people my own age no one seems to remember it to the point i thought i dreamt it lol , but i loved it


Brilliant animation series
Loved this as a child , would get up early on a saturday morning to watch it , brings back so many memories classic series


Hate these series where they constantly saying love you sweetie , love you baby just get on with the show already, most of the time they on the video chat talking absolute b*****cks , turned the rubbish off

The Wretched

Fright night remake
Film was ok but reminded me so much of fright night back in the day

Into the Night

Dont bother
I will save you the time , i watched half way through the 1st episode and just couldnt believe how bad it was i just cant watch what is supposed to be a drama but cant stop laughing. I can only imagine the ones giving it a 10/10 must be relatives or known to the cast, crew etc really is awful

Slaughterhouse Rulez

Crap film
Sorry boys you have really let yoursels down on this film i can see that your trying to replicate past films but this is awful.

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