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Very Good Sci-Fi
Giving this an 8. The reviews here seem to be mostly negative due to the similar "youth gone wild" theme of "Lord of the Flies".

But actually I felt this movie was really entertaining and interesting. Most movies out there seem to take ideas and rehash previously used themes anyway.

The acting in this movie was very good. The acting may have seem cold in the movie at times because the characters were raised to be cold to be able to endure their situation.

As far as recent Sci-Fi I've seen I found this movie overall, top notch.

The Sweet Life

Slow Paced but Good Movie
2 people on the brink of suicide happen to meet at the Chicago river where one is contemplating jumping. Since they have nothing to lose, the other decides that it would be a good idea to take a road trip to the Golden Gate Bridge instead to end their lives there. The chemistry is great between the two main characters. Acting is great as well. It's a dry comedy. Was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon due never hearing of it before. Thumbs up.

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