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The New World

Too slow, too boring
I watched until 45 mins in then after I was able to wake up out of the deep stupor this piece of junk caused, I fast forwarded it several times until the end. Not worth it... It was slow and extremely boring. The acting was bad, bad, bad and the music was choppy, did not go well with several scenes.

DC Cupcakes

Too much drama
I couldn't deal with the drama, especially from the blonde sister. She's just rude and too disrespectful, always trying to pat herself on the back. Neither of them know how to take charge and fix problems, they just whine and make things worse. And the cook? Ugh...

Time Changer

Wonderful Concept
This movie is about the terrible results of removing Jesus from the equation. The main actor isn't promoting morality, he is expressing surprise at how things have changed because of the removal of God from everything, something that he, as a scientist, was starting to consider himself. But once he saw the results, he changed his mind. He understands that we are all sinners and we CAN NOT be perfect... we will sin. But because we put our faith in Christ, we are forgiven and saved. He explains this close to the end. Will definitely watch this one again.

War Room

The BEST Christian Movie out there!
This is one of the best made movies out there! The acting is great and so is the story line. It's a pity that those who are against God would try to discredit the value of a movie because of their anti Christian spirit. If you enjoy good family movies I highly recommend this one.

Christmas Grace

Beautiful Message
This is the type of movies I truly enjoy. A sweet message of trusting in God's wonderful grace. The acting isn't the best, but it delivered and entertained throughout. And no, it's not preachy, it's very heartwarming. It's a pity that people who aren't Christians watch films like this then bash it because of it's message. I hope you give it a try. If for some reason Christianity offends you, then maybe you shouldn't watch it...

The Big Flip

Pretty good
Two friends decide to get together and flip four houses in a year. Unfortunately, the first season had too much bickering. One guy thought he was the boss and was so nasty to his partner, that I almost stopped watching. But I'm glad I went on to season two, because the two guys in season two were awesome. They did beautiful work and they respected each other. If you want to check it out, I highly recommend season two.

Wedding Cake Dreams

Sweet Family Movie
A decent family movie where nothing inappropriate is shown or done. It kept me entertained throughout the entire movie. You won't see sex, butts, or people's tongues down anyone's throat. If that is the type of movie that you like, then move on and don't watch this then give it a bad review just because is isn't up to your immoral standards. I wish there were more like this out there.

The Last Boy

The Land of Hopelessness
Or better yet, the land where everyone dies... Take your pic. It started out slow and stayed that way. It had some interesting parts but the acting wasn't good. I'll give good reviews if the acting isn't all there and the movie entertains, but unfortunately, this one didn't.

Sweet November

Just when I thought that Hollywood couldn't come up with something more ridiculous they prove me wrong. The main male actor looked like he just was in it for the money. And what type of whack job was that main actress?!? This just did not make any sense at all... Did not enjoy any of it. These lame writers and directors at Hollywood need to grow up.

Return to Me

A pleasant surprise!
This is one of the best romantic movies that I've seen in a while. I loved the four old guys and their meddlesome ways, they were just too cute the way they acted like little children. I appreciate that they didn't stop it when the moment we were finally waiting for arrive, but instead, they extended it a bit further, and what a surprise! That wedding was so funny and unexpected. It was an all around feel good film and the good acting helped. Very impressed!

Beautiful Beast

Very Charming
I really enjoy movies like this where I don't have to worry about uncomfortable scenes of sex or violence. The acting was very good and the actors were very likeable. I don't know why this movie has such a low rating. It's very family friendly and delivers entertainment.

Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale

Overacting Galore...
The acting here was terrible. I enjoy chick flicks and family movies, so I always tend to give them a better than average review because they're my favorite. Unfortunately, I can't do that with this one, because the acting was way too bad. The bad girls were too much and the main actress didn't convince. They seemed to get their act together closer to the end, but it was too late to overlook.

What Dreams May Come

Just... bad
This was so slow from the beginning and it did not change even until the end. Typical hollywood trash where beautiful woman meets old ugly man and they fall in love. Never the other way around. But what made it worse were the constant tragedies that kept happening. The situation in this world is bad enough to sit down and torture myself with this slow, boring, tragic piece of trash. I forwarded it to every 15 mins to see if things had changed. They didn't. Save yourself the disappointment.

The Switch

Pretty enjoyable
I liked this one, I found it cute and the acting was well done. They don't linger too long on the sad parts, plus, they had the perfect ending. Not familiar with the main male actor, but I thought he did a good job. The only person that I didn't enjoy was Jeff Goldblum. I sincerely have never understood why people keep using him, not the best actor out there. Had they not used him and had they not shown a man's bare butt, I would have rated it a 9 or a 10. That kid was very charming.

Switched at Birth

Pleasant surprise!
I found it very entertaining, I was hooked with the first episode. The first and second seasons were knockouts, but then it kind of stalled, picking back up close to the end.

It covers a LOT of issues in a very tasteful manner, showing both sides and without trying to cram hollywood's view down your throat. I was pleasantly surprised to see the character of Mary Beth, a charming young woman who didn't fit the description of your regular hollywood sack of bones. I did have an issue sometimes with the critical dad, plus there were sometimes that I cringed knowing that Bay was about to throw her "it's all about me" tantrum in the middle of a group of people without considering others.

I do appreciate that there was no nudity, I'm a prude, I hate that. Every time things started to heat up, they would cut the scene. There was one scene with Bay close to the end that took me by surprise, but that's hollywood...

They did give it a very good ending. I truly enjoyed it.

Private Practice

Too much...
I don't know where to begin... I constantly asked myself while watching this, "What is it with hollywood and their obsession with sex?!?" Do people really behave like this? Sex at home, sex at the job... This show was about sex, sex, sex. No morals and no self control, if it feels right, just do it, if you're in a relationship and you like someone, just sleep with them. And that is such a pity because they brought some very interesting and difficult cases to the show. At least it had the type of ending that I always hope for, an ending where everyone's happy.

The Family Stone

Weird one but nicely delivered
First off, I don't like the main actress, but she delivered entertainment which is what it's all about. Everyone got their happy ending... with that one exception. I don't do sad endings, but this one is too good to pass up, plus, they slowly eased you into what was going to happen. One of my favorites... Everyone did a pretty good job.

Ender's Game

I've never read the book so this review is based exclusively on the movie. It's your normal bleeding heart Hollywood theme, save the planet but make sure you also save your enemy. With this said, I really enjoyed it. I found it very entertaining, and the all around acting was very good. I wouldn't change a thing except, I would make sure that not one enemy that tried to destroy humanity stayed alive. But I guessed it's based on a book. Will definitely watch again.

Ms. Matched

Totally a Hallmark Type Movie
One hundred percent cheesy and not always the best acting, but this type of movie always delivers to my taste. I found it very entertaining and heartwarming, just like most of Hallmark's works.

Body of Proof

Sad to see it end
I was hooked since the first episode. ALL the main actors were entertaining and delivered an excellent job. My only complaint is that it ended only after three seasons, but maybe if it didn't it wouldn't have been so good. I was thrilled with the addition of Mark Valley in Season three, I like what I've seen from him. AND to top it off, it had the perfect ending. I really enjoyed this one.

Home Again

Mixed Feelings
I wasn't sure of this one because of the topic, so I'm just going to separate it into PROS and CONS:

Pros: Good acting and sweet (I enjoyed both female actresses, the mom and the main actress. I didn't care for the three guys).

Cons: Promotion of irresponsible behavior in front of children, promotion of child endangerment by allowing total strangers to stay in your house.

Yes, I know that this is a fictional story, but unfortunately, some people learn and imitate behaviors they see on TV.


Not Sure...
I have lots of mixed feelings with this one. I enjoyed the first two seasons but then I felt it going down as Hollywood switched the family dynamics from "what could be" to Hollywood's idea of a "normal" family. Season three started to go down, then four stalled, but then after season five, it's like a whole new series took over, it just kept on getting worse. There were some pretty good and emotional episodes throughout, but the negative side just became too much. I also feel that there was no reason for them to kill out Zeek, he was a grouch, yes, but there's enough suffering in the world to also have to see it on the TV. JMHO


Absolutely Beautiful
This is what I look for in entertainment, it kept my attention throughout all four seasons. They tackled several "hot topic" issues, and presented both sides. A lot of love and a lot of family issues. There were some episodes where it angered me to see the disrespect of these wealthy kids towards their parents, but who knows, maybe that's the way it is in real life. But all in all, the intro music, the life situations presented, and the ending were all VERY entertaining.

Ally McBeal

Too Weird...
I stopped watching in the middle of season two. I was hoping that it would be about treating cases in court, but it was about sex, Sex, SEX. The main actress was a weird and selfish woman who ended up ruining a good friend's marriage. It was all about her and her stupidity. When I read the description of the next episodes, I realized that it was only going to get worse, so I stopped watching. I really didn't enjoy this one.


Excellent in many ways
I was very impressed with almost everything in this series, from the music, to the presentation, and even the effects. Great job with the dragon! I was almost immediately hooked from episode one. What bothered me was the mistakes the characters made leaving Morgana alive, which caused the killing of many and eventually the death of Arthur. The reason I gave it seven stars is because I hate sad endings and the constant fights with Morgana which could have been avoided. Aside from these two things, this in my opinion, was one of the best made TV series that I have ever watched.

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