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Season 1 was fantastic
However since we've had mostly terrible episodes and s3 is no exception Just let this die, lisa (soy) joy and johnathan nolan have lost the plot quite literally the latest episodes are laughably bad

Ballmastrz 9009

Its like pokemon on acid
Christy Karacas knocks it out of the weird park into the 5th dimention once again, if you havent seen superjail or this then WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW Cant say enough about how wonderfully weird gorey funny and strange this series is.


One of the best dog movies ever made
Move over balto, move over hachiko. This movie is fantastic, on the downside the only bad thing i can say about it is that i NEVER heard of it save for chris struckmann recommending this. You WILL cry so be warned. As usual William Dafoe is fantastic but is honestly outacted by the lead dogs, absolutely fantastic performances from all and a breakout surprise from the director of the point break reboot, who would have thought

Terminator: Dark Fate

Impressively bad, the real judgement day.
Everything about this move is just off base and wrong top down the acting direction writing production and EVERYTHING else is just terrible it feels like a 80-90s T1/2 copy not a movie made in 2019. The CGI is hit or miss it either looks really good or really bad so clearly this movie is just a clusterf of a rushjob, id like to blame tencent but the story is so bad i am convinced the script by james cameron himself is just terrible, i can see why he didnt make t3

Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne
Episode 6, Season 8

A fitting end for the show
Dunno why fans are so salty, first of all its grrm and dabids vision not the fans. There is such a thing as the artists vision in this case grrms story told through the lense of the show runners and thats that.

I for one HATED the last 3 seasons of this show passionately but the last 2 episodes brang be back around and almost a complete return to form. There was only one way this show could end and considering THIS is what we got i am thankful. Really outdid themselves direction, acting, hell everything was great and a huge step up from ep 1234

Could the show have been done better during its low points? Absolutely but i am happy with the ending at least and feel like more of a fan of this show now then when i ever was back in the days where it was actually popular and good quality from s1-4 before it dropped off a cliff when it departed from the books. Its funny becase as soon as it became popular to crap on this show everyone did from the actors, fans and everyone inbetween i think thats really unprofessional of them and the (fans) are nothing but soys who want everything their way. You'd think after the 8 years + everyone spent investing time and emotions into this show they'd learn something...

Cobra Kai

season 2 is better badder and more kickass
S1 started very strong but S2 is even stronger With the power of karate and retro 80s charm this show is honestly one of the best original movie-tv adaptations ive seen. WATCH IT UUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


Solid B movie, flawless ideas done poorly.
Sadly Keanu reeves has regressed in acting ability in this movie though somehow worse than Johnny Mnemonic. BUT acting aside i didnt watch this movie for the actors/acting i watched it for its premise which is fascinating. Its more of a thought experiment 80-90's style c grade scifi given a bigger budget than ye old direct to vhs trash and yet it works, the concepts of reincarnation death and rebirth are great and are handled suprisingly well even if the rest of the movie falls down around it somewhat. If you liked older scifi movies that put more ephasis onto the hi concept stuff and less on the basics then you'll probably like this. Its not bad, its just not great. Plot wise its insane it could easily be a episode of black mirror twilight zone or doctor who. There is also no current era sjw politics or silly politicial correctness to drag you out of the movie + you get to see humans grown in a artificial womb, interesting stuff. Dunno how realistic it is scientifically but if your into this sort of stuff you wont have to turn your brain off at least from my limited perspective

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