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Michael Jackson: Heal the World

Humanitarian at its best
What a great message and great video to spread. It shows how much he cared. Such a loving soul.

Michael Jackson: Gone Too Soon

Sad song and video
Michael sang this song with such passion and it shows. The video also shows how much he cares. Incredible tribute. Very sad

The Making of 'Thriller'

The making of the greatest film of all time
Iconic, classic. Unbelievable. The best. Nothing can top this masterpiece and thats 100% a fact. This making of Thriller shows the amazing work behind Thriller. Wow. Ten out of Ten.

Michael Jackson: Pepsi New Generation

father of all commercials
The first commercial that really went viral. What started it all. There was no such things as commercials before this masterpiece

Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon

really good and informative
I never knew these facts. its really sad what he went through. those who falsely accused him should be ashamed of themselves. RIP Michael Jackson. I give this the highest score possible. Just incredible sad story. the world truly did not deserve him

Michael Jackson: HIStory Teaser

The greatest piece of art ever
This is no doubt the best teaser of anything. This is art at its best. amazing. out of this world. eleven out of ten

Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies

This is the true Michael Jackson
Really loved this a lot. Showed the true side of Michael Jackson. Instead of gossip. He was really a fun, nice guy. Rest in peace. Legend

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