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Shares a birthday with her father, Boris Karloff.

Though her father, Boris Karloff, is one of horror's biggest legends, she has confessed to not being a fan of the genre herself.

One of her favorite movies is Young Frankenstein (1974), a humorous homage to the classic "Frankenstein" films starring her father, Boris Karloff. She has stated that if her father had lived to see the film (he died in 1969), he would have loved it.

Born while her father, Boris Karloff, was filming his last appearance as the Frankenstein Monster in Son of Frankenstein (1939).

Stepdaughter of Evelyn Hope.

Her father never legally changed his last name from Pratt to Karloff; from the age of 8, she was raised by her mother not her father, she has been married twice; and she is not an actress - so it is unclear why Sara uses the surname "Karloff".

On occasion, attends conventions on Universal horror films, sometimes along with Bela Lugosi Jr. and shares with fans a great admiration for her father's -screen legend Boris Karloff- work, even though she admits, she isn't a fan of the horror genre herself.

Bears a strong resemblance to her older half-brother, Tony Karloff.

Would be part Egyptian and part Indian, on her father's side.

Was raised by an attorney called Edgar Rowe, whom her mother married after Karloff abandoned her, when she was 8, to take up with her mother's two-timing best friend, Evie.

Had 2 children, Michael and David.

Never really knew her father: was abandoned by Boris when she was barely 8 years old.

Lives in the city of Rancho Mirage, barely 20 min from Coachella.

Like her father did before her when he lived at Hornby Mansions in Canada, Sara has worked as a real estate broker. As such, she has owned many properties herself, in La Quinta, California and, more recently, a condo in Port Hueneme and her current home in Rancho Mirage.