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The HeyUGuys Interview: Scottish BAFTA winner George MacKay talks Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson

No less than a week ago, English actor George MacKay walked away from the Scottish BAFTAs with the Best Actor award to his name, for his spine-chilling performance in For Those In Peril. He now returns in something a little more light-hearted, in Simon Sprackling’s Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson – and we had the pleasure of speaking to the gifted young actor.

Based on Chris England’s stage play, Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson takes place on the morning England were victorious in the Rugby World Cup final, beating Australia narrowly. MacKay recalls his own memories of the day, who his own sporting idols are – and he also discusses his future, and whether Hollywood may be on the cards…

Well I’ll start by saying congratulations on the BAFTA, you must have been thrilled?

Yeah thank you very much, I was chuffed, really chuffed. It’s cool. For Those in Peril got Best Feature Film too,

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