Review: Cinema Paradiso

This is the @puremovies review of Cinema Paradiso, starring Philippe Noiret, Enzo Cannavale, Antonella Attili and Isa Danieli, and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. If your spirits need lifting through the cold and dark winter months, the beautifully saturated tones of Guisepe Tornatore’s Cinema Paradiso are just the ticket to warm the cockles. This classic film, made in 1988 and fully restored to celebrate its 25th anniversary, is Tornatore’s love letter to cinema, and is imbued with the nostalgia for the Italy of bygone days. Based in a small Sicilian town, Cinema Paradiso explores how film can bind a community, as witnessed by the film’s protagonist, Salvatore, who works in the local cinema during his formative years. Played by three different actors throughout the different stages of his life, Salvatore experiences firsthand the impact his local cinema has on the small community, creating a microcosm of society where the villagers laugh,

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