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Kidnapping, Sexual Assault Charges Filed Against La Acting Coach

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office filed 14 counts against acting coach and actor Cameron Thor of kidnapping and sexual assault against a minor, specifically a 13-year-old girl who sought acting lessons. The Da alleges that Thor gave the girl “a controlled substance … marijuana” and sexually assaulted her. His arraignment yesterday was postponed to June 19 in Dept. 100 of Van Nuys, CA courthouse. Thor, 54, who appeared in Windtalkers, Jurassic Park, A Few Good Men and Hook and on TV in The Net and Star Trek: The Next Generation, taught acting to teens and others in Studio City, CA via the Carter Thor Studio. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office, the victim had consulted with Thor about taking acting classes. After one of those consults, Thor drove the girl to a secluded area in Agoura Hills, CA and sexually assaulted her. The assault took place in 2008. Their case was presented to the L.

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