Review: “Lego Dimensions” is Endless Fun, Some Assembly Required

The Lego series of video games has been top-notch quality since its first installment, and has gone to strength to strength. When the announcement came earlier in the year that they were throwing their small plastic hat into the “Toys to Life” ring, competing with games like Disney INfinity and Skylanders, interest was high. As reports came out as to which of their licenses would be available in the game, that interest sailed even higher. Confounding the old belief that “It can’t be that good”, Lego Dimensions is a perfect mix of the Lego game franchise, that the company have been doing for years, with the interactivity and variety of the collectible figures and vehicles that the company have been doing for decades.

Of all the unique things the game brings to the table is the play pad itself. Like Disney and Skylanders, figures are placed on the pad

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