Hiroki Yamaguchi’s “Bloody Chainsaw Girl” is manga splatter at its best

The film is based on the manga series “Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw.” by Rei Mikamoto and, in general, Yamaguchi manages to retain the preposterous aesthetics of the original medium.

In that fashion, the film does not delay a moment to highlight its bloody, slapstick and fan service nature as Giko Nokomura, the protagonist, immediately gets into a fight with a bunch of ex-classmates, who have been transformed into killer androids by her archrival Nero. Cheerleaders that shoot bullets from their heads and rockets from their bottoms, mechanical mouths, transgender ninjas, a head on metallic spider legs, and Giko herself, who uses a huge chainsaw to rip all of them to pieces comprise a setting that has obviously jumped out of the pages of a manga. Add to that the fact that Giko insists on giving exams in order to pass the class amidst all this chaos, and her quest to find

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