Super Fly remake in the works

Tony Sokol Dec 1, 2017

Warner Bros is pursuing a new take on the 1970s hit, Super Fly...

Super Fly is the latest movie to get a remake, it's been revealed. And it's got a bit of a bar to live up to.

Curtis Mayfield’s soundtrack for the 1972 classic street hustler film Super Fly was as cinematic as the movie it was recorded for, for example. The title track and the song “Freddy’s Dead” bounced off the sidewalks of America and soared on the charts. Songs like “Pusherman” and “Little Child” were heartbreaking snippets of the dual realities of uptown street life.

The screenplay for Super Fly will be written by Alex Tse, who wrote Watchmen and Spike Lee’s under-appreciated Sucker Free City. The director and star hasn’t been named yet. But the big question, for this writer, is who will score?

Video of Pusherman Scene - Super Fly

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