Blu-ray Review: Land Of The Dead Collector’s Edition

For some horror fans, the late, great George A. Romero is considered the George Lucas of horror: he created a trilogy of classic films that changed the face of the genre forever, then years later returned with a second trilogy that was less well-received. But whereas Lucas’ second set of Star Wars films close off his universe, answering unasked questions and making his world feel smaller by tying every corner of it together, Romero’s 2000s trilogy expands his living dead world further and brings the series into a new millennium. They don’t diminish the legacy of his first three zombie movies. If anything, they make it richer.

Land of the Dead, new to Collector's Edition Blu-ray courtesy of Scream Factory (a disc was previously available from Universal), marks Romero’s return to the zombie genre he created after a 20-year absence and is his first (and only) made for a major studio.

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