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David Sherwin obituary

Screenwriter of the classic Lindsay Anderson films If…., O Lucky Man! and Britannia Hospital

The screenwriter David Sherwin, who has died aged 75 from sepsis, wrote three acerbic, funny, trailblazing films for the director Lindsay Anderson, each starring Malcolm McDowell as Mick Travis. In If.… (1968), the most influential of these, Mick was a public school revolutionary who opens fire on the quad with his fellow rebels. In the surreal, picaresque O Lucky Man! (1973), he was a coffee salesman who is mistaken for a spy, falls in with a rock band and then a CEO, and eventually emerges from prison to play the lead in O Lucky Man! And in Britannia Hospital (1982), a scathing satire that used the failing establishment of the title as a metaphor for Britain, Mick was a muckraking journalist who is killed and then resurrected as a modern-day Frankenstein’s monster.

Sherwin’s partnership with Anderson was combative

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