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First Trailer for Family Drama 'Mountain Rest' Directed by Alex O Eaton

"You can't bring me here and expect me to just hate her like you do." FilmRise has debuted the first official trailer for an indie family drama titled Mountain Rest, which is the feature directorial debut of a music video director named Alex O Eaton. The film is about an aging actress named Ethel, played by Frances Conroy, who has sequestered herself in a cabin in a small mountain town for years. She calls her estranged daughter and granddaughter home for reconciliation and one final celebration, resulting in a strange and surprising weekend. The cast includes Natalia Dyer (from "Stranger Things") and Kate Lyn Sheil (from "House of Cards"), plus Shawn Hatosy, Joshua Brady, Karson Kern, Alphie Hyorth, and Audrey Turner. This looks like a very intimate and emotional "art house" drama mainly for the film festival crowd. Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Alex O Eaton's Mountain Rest,

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