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IMDb Poll Board Favorite Cartoon as a Child

These cartoons were elected by the IMDb Poll Board as their favorite. They loved to watch them when they were children. From the list below, which is your favorite cartoon? Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum

Favorite Single Letter Character Movie Portrayal?

Which select portrayal of a character, known by a single english letter, in a film or film series is your favorite movie portrayal? (Poll Notes: Honorifics, ranks and other titles are not considered part of a character's name [Mr. X, Agent X, etc.]. When different people assume the same organizational position over time in a film series [007's M, Q] it creates the illusion of a similar character, when in fact they are distinct options. Multi-film, same actor character portrayals are consolidated into a single answer option intended to span their entire series story arc and represent their full body of work.) Discuss the topic here.

Four Iconic "People" Quotes

I see a quote-people... I've made polls you people wouldn't believe but here's one dedicated to the four most iconic movie quotes featuring the word "people"; which one is your favorite? There are two kinds of people in this world, those who vote and those who vote and discuss here; you do what you want... (solemn grin)

Face-Off: Frances McDormand vs. Frances McDormand vs. Frances McDormand

Only forty-three actors have ever won two or more Oscars for acting performances. Even more remarkable is that only six had ever won more than two — until the 2021 Academy Awards made it seven by giving Frances McDormand her third Oscar, this time for her performance in Nomadland (2020). Which of her three Oscar winning performances do you think is the best? After voting, discuss here. Vote in similar Oscar face-off polls here.

Face-Off: Greeks vs Trojans

Which of the two armies would you support in the Trojan war? Discuss the list here!

Tom Clancy Franchise — Best Spy Portrayal?

Based on a specific title adaptation portrayal, which intelligence officer (agent, analyst, operator, administrator, etc.) demonstrates the best spy qualities of anyone in the entire Tom Clancy franchise? * Character Traits of an Espionage Hero: Perseverance & Commitment, Superior Intelligence, Mental Discipline, Self-Reliance, Interpersonal Skills, Keen Observation, Cultural Adaptation, Socially Accepting, Loyalty, Patience, Sense of Humor, Compartmentalization, and Farsighted Optimism Discuss the topic here.

Actors and Directors Who Have Won the Presidential Medal of Freedom (Part 1)

Which one of these actors or directors who have won the Presidential Medal Of Freedom is your favorite? Discuss Here in the IMDb Community Forums

Favorite Animated Trio

Which of these animated trios is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

The Best Drama Movies of the 2010s

Which of these top-rated drama movies of the 2010s is your favorite? Discuss here

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