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The Vatican Film List: Religion

“Since the first public audience in Paris viewed the moving pictures prepared by the Lumière brothers in December 1895, the film industry has become a universal medium exercising a profound influence on the development of people’s attitudes and choices, and possessing a remarkable ability to influence public opinion and culture across all social and political frontiers.” Pope John Paul II In 1995, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of cinema, the Vatican compiled a list of 45 "great films". The 45 movies are divided into three categories: Religion, Values and Art. Which film of the Vatican film list 'Religion' is the best because of its religious significance? You may discuss the poll here

Favorite 'A __ in the __' Title?

Which **TITLE** of a movie in the form of 'A [insert word] in the [insert word]' sounds the most appealing to you? Also vote for your Favorite 'The __ and the __' Title After voting, you can discuss here

Face-Off: 'Solaris' vs. '2001 A Space Odyssey'

Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris (1972) was initially billed in America (and has been continuously referred to since) as the Soviet Union’s answer to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). On first look, this comparison and the cultural-historical context informing it makes perfect sense. The films were released a short time apart from each other, one before and the other after the peak of the USA-USSR space race during the Cold War. So the films have been seen in some respects as the definitive cinematic reflection of the space race from two competing world superpowers, and thus each film is posited to say what each country supposedly has to say about mankind’s future role as privileged explorer of the cosmos from each of their specific national perspectives. Between these two of the greatest space movies, which one do you think is better? After voting, discuss here.

Reliable Rustic Robby at 63

Robby the Robot Born July 1st 1955 (63 Years Old) has had an interesting life in pictures. As a well recognized prop, his longevity as an actor has covered six decades. He has worked with Hollywood's "A" List Actors such as Walter Pidgeon, Leslie Nielsen, Peter Lawford, Bob Denver, Anne Francis, Peter Falk, and Lynda Carter, just to name a few. The consummate professional he was, Robby did all his own stunts, and never used stand ins. Although he was stood in a lot! This probably lead to his Multiple Personality disorder. Of the 4 choices, what do you believe lies ahead for our Rustic Robot? After voting, please discuss here.

Face-Off: "Shameless"

Which version of Shameless is better, the US or the UK? Discuss this poll here

Humorous Horror Taglines

Although considered to belong strictly to the horror genre as opposed to the hybrid category of horror-comedy, the taglines used to market the following films may be perceived as an attempt to convey humour. Of the following horror movie *taglines*, which do you find the funniest or most ridiculous? After voting, you can discuss here

The Best 1990s Psychological Thriller

These films showed us characters suffering huge breakdowns and as a viewer, we were sucked right into their crumbling worlds along with them. Tense, provoking, mind-bending; these are the best psychological-thriller films of the 1990s. Which of these 1990s psychological thrillers are you most likely to remember? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

2018 Emmys' Best Dressed Ladies

Which of these gorgeous Emmy attendees is the best dressed? Want to talk about it? Click here!

American Cinematheque Award

The American Cinematheque Award annually honors "an extraordinary artist in the entertainment industry who is fully engaged in his or her work and is committed to making a significant contribution to the art of the motion pictures". Source: Wikipedia Whose contribution to the art of the motion pictures, from the American Cinematheque Award Winners, do you think is the most valuable? You may discuss the poll here

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