Poll: Your Mother's Favorite Actor

A poll by pbn

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Classic Actors in Modern Movies

James Dean has reportedly been posthumously cast in an upcoming Vietnam War film. Let's make our own imaginary casting choices. Which classic actor would you cast in a modern film or franchise? Discuss here or add your own casting

Decade Defining Actors — The 1950s

Which of these decade defining actors of the 1950s do you believe to be the most influential? 1940s <<< Vote Other Decades >>> 1960s After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Also vote on: Most Influential Decade Defining Actor

Crime Fighting Couples: TV Edition

Which is your favorite pair of Crime-Fighting Couples? After voting, please discuss here.

Putting together your own Magnificent Seven

You have been tasked with saving your small Mexican village from an evil gang and must recruit seven of the greatest film Cowboys to protect and save your people. From this group of western stars (from the silent film era to the present), where do you start? Which is the most "Magnificent" of your seven? Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/flat/232604422 Note: Members of the cast of The Magnificent Seven (Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughnn, Steve McQueen, etc.) are excluded from this list... as they have already busy saving a different village.

Taxi! Taxi! Deliver Me!

Celebrities that were once Taxi Cab or Truck Drivers. Who's your favorite Driver? After voting, please discuss here.

Craziest stage name by Henry Willson?

Henry Willson was an American Hollywood talent agent who played a large role in popularizing the beefcake craze of the 1950s. He discovered, groomed, trained, sometimes bedded and often renamed attractive young men in a bid to make them stars. Which of these "macho" stage names was the most ridiculous? Discuss the list here

Your Favorite Rock

What is your favorite "rock" ? No movies. Share your thoughts here

Most Shocking Death of an Actor

Any death can be shocking, and they are all sad. But sometimes a death is so surprising, either due to the manner of death, the age of the deceased or other circumstances that it can be considered shocking. Which of these actors' deaths most shocked you? Discuss the list here

Old School Hollywood Hunks

All the ladies wanted them, all the men wanted to be them. Which of these "Old Hollywood" stars was the most handsome in their prime? Discuss the list here *Must have become a star before 1960 to qualify...

Weren't They Together?

Sometimes actors play romantic couples so much that you'd almost think they were together in reality. Which one of these acting couples have you enjoyed most together? Want to talk about it? Click here! * minimum three projects playing a couple; must not have been romantic partners in real life

Unusual names only actors have...

Which of these unique first names would you consider naming your child? Discuss the list here

Pole Residents Poll

If you were to pay a visit to the North (or South) pole, which of these Arctic (or Antarctic) residents would you like to hang out with the most? Discuss over a warm beverage here

Hollywood Heartthrobs

Hollywood screen lovers change with the times, as described in a BBC Culture article. Which of these heartthrobs do you prefer to watch? Discuss here after voting

Biopic Dream Casting

Here are some ideas for casting of possible biopics. Which would you most like to see? Discuss the list here

Highest grossing movie-stars - where it all began

These are the 25 highest grossing movie stars of all time at the domestic box office, taking a look back at their first major movie role (5,000 votes) - who would you have predicted this success for? Discuss Here

A Less "Over the Top" Original Captain Kirk (Alternate Casting)

Okay, so it is the mid-sixties and you are casting a brand new television series about the Starship Enterprise that is going to be called "Star Trek: The Original Series (1966)." This guy named William Shatner has auditioned for the part of series star Captain James Kirk, but you think that he's too "over the top" and campy in his performance. You want someone more dramatic and with more acting skills (dramatic, romantic, physical, and comedic abilities required). Which actor from that era would you choose? Note: He has to be at least 30 years old (and under 60) and active in Hollywood by 1966. Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/flat/248446212

Celebrities love IMDb too (Part 1)

We love IMDb and these celebrities love it too. Which of these quotes from celebrities about their favorite site known as IMDb, is your favorite? NOTE: VOTE ON YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE, NOT YOUR FAVORITE CELEBRITY. Click for part 2 here. Source: http://www.imdb.com/pressroom/celebrity_quotes/ Discuss here

Actors Insulting Actors

Which one of these actors made the most disrespectful insult about a fellow actor? My Source For This List Discuss Here

That's Not My Name Too!!

Pen names are a celebrity tradition that have been around for centuries. Constantly, famous people are going under names that aren't actually their own, Which celebrities' real name surprised you the most? Part One HERE Tell Us Your Real Name!! HERE

Bickering Couples

The great Katharine Hepburn is, of course, the queen of bickering, but a few others aren't bad at it either... Which of these continuously bickering couples is your favourite? Discuss here