Bob Millbourne, aka Robert Mills: I want to serve a summons on Olin Blake.

Sheriff: Quit kiddin'. I'm tired

Bob Millbourne, aka Robert Mills: You're not tired and I'm not kiddin'!

[first lines]

John Millbourne: Well, looks like we hit it big this time, son.

Bob, as a boy: Good as you figured?

John Millbourne: Yeah, the deeper we go, the better she gets.

Bob, as a boy: Th-then I guess we're rich!

John Millbourne: Well, we'll have all we'll ever want, and more, too.

Bob, as a boy: Then maybe I can have a horse all my own - and a gun!

John Millbourne: Well, you can have horse is all right, but I don't like guns, 'cept for huntin'.

Bob, as a boy: Yeah, but everyone packs a gun around here.

John Millbourne: Well, that's 'cause this is a new territory, but there'll be law and order here long before you'll be ready to shoot.

Mrs. Millbourne: Huckleberry pie for folks that wash their hands and face!

[when his father is mortally wounded by Blake's gang, young Bob vows to avenge him]

John Millbourne: No, no, Bobby. Remember what I told you?

Bob, as a boy: You said the law was comin'. Then this happened!

John Millbourne: But it is comin'. And I want you to promise me... you'll always uphold the law.

Bob, as a boy: Yes, sir. At least, I'll do my very best.