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  • In 1980, Gloria Monty along with other General Hospital writers decided to make a couple out of two actors that had amazing chemistry. Genie Francis and Tony Geary who have become the phenomenal Luke and Laura. Luke and Laura made General Hospital the unforgettable soap opera it is, and still today, Luke and Laura's though painful relationship, keeps viewers going through their fascinating characterization and never ending passion between them.

    Alan and Monica, played by Leslie Charleson and Stuart Damon, Frisco and Felicia, played by Jack and Kristina Wagner, Robert and Holly, played by Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms, Sonny and Brenda, played by Maurice Bernard and Vanessa Marcil, and Luke and Laura have showed every other soap opera the definition of a "love story". Though never simple, always intense, always unforgettable.

    General Hospital has also shown amazing technique in storylines that are not love stories. Such as Monica Quartermaine's heartwrenching breast cancer storyline in 1994, or the amazing storyline of two little girls dying, yet only one miracle came out of it. I could only be talking about Bobbie Spencer's and Tony Jones's daughter BJ giving her heart to Frisco and Felicia's daughter Maxie, in the last moments to save her life. These stories touched many viewers and there are so many more.

    Some of the most precious moments on daytime television have occurred on General Hospital, and the highest rated moment on daytime television was Luke and Laura's wedding in 1981. It was said to be the only wedding ever to rival Princess Diana's. General Hospital has created feelings, storylines, and characters that go beyond words. I thank Genie and Tony who play Luke and Laura for bringing out the fantasy we all have about how love should be. Though they are General Hospital's greatest achievement, I don't think General Hospital's done with them yet! And we know that Luke and Laura are not the only life changing storyline they've come up with! Thank you General Hospital!
  • stubbs-61 June 2006
    I am not one for soap operas, however, General Hospital is different. However dramatic this show gets, I can never get enough of it! It is actually kind of funny how I got started watching it. One time when I was little, my mom was mad at me as I wouldn't calm down or sit still so she made me sit down and read while she watched general hospital. I remember half watching over my book when the show ended, and for some reason, I cared about what happened to Jason, so I made a point to watch it the next day and I have never missed an episode since! This is by far the best show on TV and it comes highly recommended. Hope this helps, Fletcher
  • After Santa Barbara, Guiding Light, Another World, and One Life to Live, the Soap Butcher Jill Farren Phelps has placed her friends in high position often ruining such high quality shows. When I was watching Guiding Light, it was at its peak in 1991. They fired the producer and replaced them with Butcher Phelps. She drove Beverlee McKinsey away by overworking her to death. She killed off beloved Ellen Parker's character Maureen. So Parker won an Emmy but the loss was much worse for the audience. On Another World, she killed off Alice Barrett Mitchell's beloved Mary Frances Frame Winthrop in a ridiculous storyline. On One Life to Live, I could only imagine what she did to that show which took years recover. Now she is ruining General Hospital by driving the great John Ingle away to Days Of Our Lives where he received a contract role. I feel sorry and sympathy for Jed Allan because he has a tough act to follow. The Quartermaines used to be the funnest family on television completely. She drove the great Dame Anna Lee away right before her death. Now Kristina Malandro Wagner refuses to return unless she gets a contract for playing Felicia Jones. Why aren't the veterans of this getting the short end of the stick? I bet Gloria Monty is livid over the show getting Best Drama Emmy under Phelps. I know Monty's heart was always in the right place with this show and her last time around wasn't successful as the Luke & Laura days but still, I know Butcher Phelps track record with soaps. Nobody in the real workplace would allow somebody whose cost so much damage to so many people. I am glad that Robin Strasser is speaking against Phelps' known favoritism for certain actors. I am going to single them out now on General Hospital because it would be unfair. But I know after 25 years of watching soaps, I could do a better job to satisfy both fans and the cast and crew. I am sorry but Phelps is just a Soap Opera Butcher to me. I know Guiding Light was great at the time but she made terrible decisions which cost fans. Now Guiding Light might be up for cancellation! the cast and crew took a pay cut to keep the show afloat. Remember Another World! Phelps was there before she jumped ship to One Life To Live. What goes on behind the scenes must be more fascinating than on screen. Guiding Light and Another World were creations of another daytime diva or queen Irna Phillips who would be turning over in her grave if she knew what this woman has done to her children.

    Now Phelps is killing off Alan Quartermaine who has been played faithfully by Stuart Damon for 30 years. I'm concerned that she is going to lose one of the show's best attributes, the Quartermaine Family. She and the network practically drove Anna Lee out over a contract dispute. Even with John Ingle's welcome return, the shadow over the show is still different. I don't blame cast members like Leslie Charleson and others for being so vocal about Damon's departure. It's as shocking as it comes. This is what you get when you have somebody like Phelps at the helm.
  • General Hospital is a long running soap opera that had wonderful leadership with Gloria Monty and Wendy Riche and amazing writers like Claire Labine. Also great performances by John Beradino,Rachel Ames, Tony Geary,Genie Francis,Tristan Rogers,Finola Hughes,Kimberly Mccullough,Vanessa Marcil,Alicia Leigh Willis and Billy Warlock.

    Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes were incredible as Robert and Anna in the 80s and 90s where GH was filled with action,adventure and romance.

    The highlight of the 1990s included storylines of the family. BJ Jones's death, Monica Quartermaine fighting breast cancer, Stone and Robin's love story and their AIDS storyline. Plus the amazing chemistry and connection that made Sonny&Brenda soulmates.

    GH hit a rough patch in 2000-2001 with many backstage changes but it is improving in 2002. One of the most promising current storylines is the AJ Quartermaine and Courtney Matthews relationship. Billy Warlock and Alicia Leigh Willis have phenomenal chemistry that makes watching in 2002 a must.
  • I'm so tired of people saying that General Hospital is just a stale old soap opera. GH has been a staple of ABC's daytime lineup for 39 years. It's 3rd in the ratings and I think that ain't half bad considering it's age. The Alexis, Sonny, Carly triangle is a masterpiece destined to go down in GH's extremly long history. The actors and actresses who portray the characters on the show are fantastic and so are the writers. I get very upset when people say that it's a stale soap. So when GH tries to do something exciting and fun people say that it is not true soap storytelling. Just like the revival of the Cassidines (Helena, Stavros). I thought that that was a great storyline. In closing I would just like to say that General Hospital is on the track to taking back the ratings crown from The Young and the Restless. Your the greatest GH!!!!
  • Rayvyn22 February 2006
    When I was a kid in the 70s, I watched soaps with my mother. It was all the ABC ones. All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. When I was about 12 or 13. Luke and Laura got married, I wanted to see it so bad, I told my mother I was sick and stayed home from school. Over the years I stopped watching the other two and stuck with GH. It's still the best soap I've ever seen. It's not as good as it used to be but it's good. I would love to see less Sonny and Carly and more Luke and (whoever). When Luke was the hero, the show as truly great. Since now it's all about Sonny, it's getting really boring. The same old mobster stuff, Sonny isn't heroic he's a crook.

    Maybe in the future GH will regain it's backbone. Maybe draw clear lines between good and evil like it did in it's hey day.

  • General Hospital used to be a great show. Back in the late-70's and early 80' was THE SOAP to watch.

    In the early 90's, when Claire and Matthew Labine took over head writing duties, General Hospital spotlighted so many fantastic, heartwrenching, and honest stories. I mean, what fan of this show will EVER forget Stone and Robin's love story. Stone, dying of AIDS-blind due to it...takes his last glimpse of his love, Robin by a window and hapilly says "I can see you"...then passes away. Or will the forget the Breast Cancer storyline, when Monica cuts her bandages off to see that she has no breast, and she just begins to cry uncontrollably. Or, the revolutionary and GUTSY storyline when young Maxie is dying from a heart condition, and is need of a transplant. At the same time...her cousin Barbara Jean (B.J.) is rendered brain dead in a school bus accident. Tony and Bobbie decide to donate her organs. Meanwhile Felicia (Maxie's mom), gets the news that a donor heart has been found. So she goes to Bobbie happy that they have found a heart for her daughter. Her happiness turns to horror when she finds Bobbie crying. Instantly, Felicia knows...

    "Noooo. Not Barbara Jean. Not Barbara Jean's heart."

    And she collapses to the floor, crying. I cry now as I think about it, and this was ten years ago. And then the scene where Tony hovers over Maxie, as she recovers from the transplant. And he leans down and places his ear over her chest to hear the beating heart that belonged to his deceased daughter. Oh man...


    Sadly, GH has regressed so much under the watch of Bob Guza, Jr. I don't care what anyone's BLASPHEMY to put a Spencer with a Cassadine!!! To me...this show is long gone. With the loss of some of my favorite actors (Johnathan Jackson, Amber Tamblyn, Kimberly McCullough, Sarah Brown), and some truly horiffic writing, storylines and pairings....I can never watch this show with the same enthusiasm as I did ten and twenty years ago. For me though...there are few saving graces for this show. The Quartermaines': John Ingle...whom not only has filled the shoes of David Lewis' "Edward Quartermaine" character...but has greatly improved on the original (and this is saying A LOT, as David Lewis was FANTASTIC as Edward), Leslie Charleson, Stuart Damon, Anna Lee, Jane Eliot (always a good watch when she returns from time to time), and Robin Christopher (GREAT). Maurice Benard as "Sonny" still delivers the goods. And of course, Tony Geary as "Luke Spenser". I just wish the material was better. Sadly, unless the Labines come back, or someone can be the second coming of Gloria Monty...I'll just be a viewer on occasion.
  • Once upon a time there was a "story" that brought the kids home from school just to see it. It was called "DARK SHADOWS", but then later another soap did the same thing, it was called GENERAL HOSPITAL. In the early 80's this show managed to rise above it's soapiness with sharp writing and novel concepts that attracted the younger viewers female AND male. Throughout the 80's and early 90's GH managed to ride on that loyal fan base. But during the last 7-8 years GH has struggled mainly due to LOUSY WRITING. The current scribes seem to think the audience wants to watch heroic crime-lords break the law and beloved characters die horribly. It's a shame that this once cutting edge show has devolved into a show about a mobster, his moll and his cardboard cut-out henchman. ABC should either fire the current writers and producers or PULL THE PLUG on this terminal soap.
  • I watch General Hospital all the time, and i must say, it is the best the ever! It is a SoapOpera, but, i think even men will enjoy it. (I say that because men do watch it, but mostly women) There is just enough action to keep the men interested, and enough passion to keep the women. The show is just a good show, point blank! Its plots are amazing, you never know what will happen next. Also, the characters are written to a Tee, so you fall inlove with them, and end up picking favorites, and picking those you don't like! Some people say the show is not good anymore, but i disagree. If you were to of watched back in the day, it had a much different feeling, now, mob families rule Port Charles (where General Hospital is located) But, story lines don't just center around that. If you decide to give GH a try, some characters you should look for are Edward, Monica, Alan, Luke, Tracy, Bobbie, Leslie and Audry. They are have been on the show for a long time. This show is my opinion, out of a 1-worst, 10-Best, id give it a 9. It is always keeps me entertained, but, nothing is perfect, even General Hospital!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The show has really hit a stride when it had Luke and Laura saga and how thirty million for a TV audience in the daytime at the time watch their wedding. As it was a big thing. This was also the year where Diana and Charles married along the way. Couples like them, Frisco and Felicia in the past to Dante and Lulu in the present. Make the soap as the super couples. Be why the soap has been popular.

    Also the hospital thing known as scrubs as the daily scoop of the inner workings of the hospital. Hence the title! In upper NY! Like doctors, nurses, cops etc.

    Set the star thing for future superstars like Demi Moore, Rick Springfield, John Stamos among them. A treasure!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't watch soap opera shows any more because I just don't have the time to watch a show that you have to watch every day but when I did watch soap operas, I watched General Hospital which I started watching when I was in high school when a class mate told me about the show and got me interested. I started watching General Hospital sometime in the 1980's shortly after Luke and Laura got married and I watched it on and off again for several years and though I don't really watch it anymore I still keep up on what is going on by reading about it in the soap opera guide in the newspaper. The only other soap operas I also sometimes liked watching were, One Life To Live, All My Children, and Santa Barbara but I much preferred General Hospital and only watched those other soaps for a short while.
  • I began watching in the fall of 1996.It was the time when the Spencer/Cassadine feud was reignited.This, in my opinion, was the show's peak.The best characters/actors in daytime were front and center.Sonny Corinthos/Maurice Benard,Jason Morgan/Steve Burton,Luke Spencer/Tony Geary,Lucky Spencer/Jonathon Jackson,Carly Roberts/Sarah Brown.They made the show worth watching.Now,9 years later,only 3 of them remain.Long past his prime,Luke has been reduced to a series of boring plots involving the always annoying Skye.The only reason i still watch is for Sonny and Jason's scene's,but the writers insist on saddling them up with depth-less arm candy(Reese and Sam).Also,the formidable Jonathon Jackson had great chemistry with his costars,Tyler Christopher,Amber Tamblyn,Becky Herbst,Genie Francis and especially Tony Geary.All subsequent Luckys have paled.(Although I do like Jacob Young on All My Children)
  • debbiemc011 January 2007
    i have been a viewer since 1963, watched in black and white, was 13, and still watching. i have seen them come and go on this show and it's still the best one on TV. it has had it's ups and downs and always manages to come out on top. remember Jesse? Audrey and he sister Lucille? that was back in the day! i do so miss the Luke and laura thing. Luke just isn't Luke without laura. Anthony Geary has only improved with age. Luke is all that and more. GH also has the best looking guys and the sexiest, is Jax gorgeous or what? Jason is sooooooooo smooth, and all that too. it will always be hard for the writers to top the original Luke and Laura storyline,it dosen't get any better then that, but they have kept me watching all these years. to every one that is associated with the show, keep up the good work
  • Back in September, I thought GH was finally starting to improve but sadly that was a brief improvement and it is now downhill. Soap Operas have similar storylines sometimes but General Hospital only has the same recycled storylines. The show is predictable and boring. General Hospital has a large and wonderful cast including Robin Christopher, Nancy Lee Grahn, Tony Geary, Rebecca Herbst, Leslie Charleson, Billy Warlock, Stuart Damon, Chad Brannon and so many others. Yet General Hospital seems to waste this large ensemble cast and only use them to prop up four characters, known as the drab four (Sonny,Carly,Jason and Courtney) by some fans. General Hospital has turned into a wanna be Sopranos. They hardly ever showcase the hospital or the families. They have backburned older characters or gotten rid of them, like original cast member Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy). The show now puts down the police and strong women like Alexis, Elizabeth, Monica and Carly. The writing is god awful and the pairings lack chemistry and are forced, especially the pairing of Jason and Courtney. Alicia Leigh Willis's Courtney showed promise in the beginning but without Billy Warlock's AJ the character and actress is a disaster. Nancy Lee Grahn's Alexis was once a strong independent lawyer who is now reduced to dressing like a man to see her daughter. General Hospital is now the worst show. It is appalling.

    General Hospital needs to write better for it's women, for the police and for all it's characters. They need storylines about family, love, adventure and storylines that are not about the mob. They need couples with actual chemistry that sizzle like Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst's Jason and Liz, Zander and Emily or Alexis with either Luke, Ned, or Cameron. Ted King's return as Lorenzo Alcazar is a great move but GH does not need more characters. It needs balance, and great writing.
  • I have been watching this show since 1996. I started watching it when Carly and sonny were just getting together. So thats who i fell in love with. To this day still love them. And for all of the people who think that they should take sonny of because he's just a gangster and a crook well there wrong. Sonny has brought a sexy danger to port Charles. he is the one man who you want to kiss and the man who you want to save you. The whole mobster thing is great. He loves his family and he would never hurt them. He does what he has to, to take care of them. To this day there is never a dull moment in Port Charles. I wish Sonny and Carly would get together again and that Jason and Elizabeth would get with each other.
  • I started watching this soap 10 years ago. I loved watching Jonathan Jackson as Lucky. He is the reason I started watching. Now I wish that I'd stopped when he left. If someone asked me to pick my favorite storyline I'd have to tell them that there's no way I can pick just one.

    Sadly I can't say that I'm enjoying what I'm seeing on my TV now. This show used to have characters that were worth rooting for and that you loved to hate. Now all it has is pathetic wannabe mobsters and characters you just hate. You're forced fed basically 4 characters Sonny, Carly, Jason and Courtney. The writing on the show is horrible and some of (if not all) the acting is horrible. Couples with no chemistry are on every single day (Jason & Courtney) while others who used to be great (Sonny & Carly) have become boring and props for other couples. I want the General Hospital that I used to love. I want the GH was more then just boring mob stuff, the GH that actually had a hospital in it not just Sonny's place, the GH that actually cared what fans thought not just what a certain fan base wants.
  • For the first 15 years or so, General Hospital was a basic medical show on daytime TV. Nobody watched.

    Enter Gloria Monty, who turned the show into a ratings winner. She created the Luke and Laura phenomenon, and expanded on that with far-fetched stories and international intrigue. Eventually, it became stale, as did the Luke and Laura story.

    Enter the 90s. New producers and writers completely changed the image of the show, from romance and intrigue to a show that set out to inform the world about diseases such as AIDS and breast cancer (something that numerous soaps had done before). Although it is good to be socially aware of the world around them, General Hospital was not like that before.

    Nowadays, General Hospital resembles every other soap on the air. There is no way someone can distinguish General Hospital from another show. The stories you see on this show are just like the ones you can see on any other show. And that's a shame.

    Side note: the show rarely even takes place in the hospital anymore! What's the point of calling it "General Hospital" when no story takes place there? And I think there are only 3 characters who are even connected to the hospital. Hello!
  • Don't be fooled by the title. While back in the golden ages this soap may have been centered around a hospital but now it's main focus really centers around the mob. I can't say that I know it was better years ago because GH had been on many years before I was born. The storylines of today are really lacking. Golden couple Luke and Laura aren't on the screen and we are forced fed pathetic excuses of chemistry such as the Jason and Courtney storyline.

    Like most soaps General Hospital gets caught up trying to make a steamy romance build up for May to try to gain teenage viewers. This means that we usually get some 19 to 20 something airhead with a past blow into town and start what the writer's think is a romance with a favored regular. I am a teenager and I can tell you now that I could care less how old some of the cast members are, I want to see real romance! Although I may not have been around to see some of the blossomings of past couples that doesn't mean I don't care!

    The one good actress that GH has is Robin Christopher who has played Skye Chandler on three daytime soaps and very well!

    General Hospital was once the most graced and respected shows on daytime TV but like most all other soaps bad writing has lost a lot of loyale viewers and failed to gain new ones. If you're already a soap watcher then it may be worth your time to try it but if not then there isn't much for you.
  • General Hospital struggled for awhile with bad writing but it is improving each and every day. It has once again become a tv show that you can't miss.

    The pairing of Billy Warlock's AJ and Alicia Leigh Willis's Courtney is a breath of fresh air and they shine in an "us against the world", "making him a better man" love story.

    The true love story of Steve Burton's Jason Morgan and Rebecca Herbst's Elizabeth Webber is amazing. It's full of friendship, loyalty, trust,passion,angst and love. Jason and Elizabeth are soulmates They are the best since the early days of Luke and Laura and Sonny&Brenda.

    The return of Vanessa Marcil as Brenda and Ted King as Alcazar is adding much excitement. All GH needs to do is reunite soulmates Sonny and Brenda and it will be all set.

    Also needed is storylines for Brad Maule, John J York, Stuart Damon and Leslie Charleson, Rachel Ames, Real Andrews and a good new romance or the return of Emily for Zander.

    These characters,couples and actors leave you wanting more and put their hearts in to their work. With improved writing General Hospital is the best soap opera to watch.
  • Most boring show ever . I don't get how you people watch this depressing stuff . I wish this show would end .
  • Bradford Anderson and Jason Cook are working on a new project called Genreful. Had a friend send me this link. Looks really interesting! Looks like Jason Cook with be directing and Bradford Anderson is acting. What a great combo. There's a neat little video on the Genreful link with Jason Cook talking about the project. But if you are a supporter of the projects there are some awesome giveaways and incentive to get involved. It's pretty interesting the way they set it up. Plus Stephen Hanson is involved as a producer in the project. I've heard some great things about him as well and has some cool films in the works. I'm looking forward to getting involved in it myself and maybe meet them!
  • master10528 June 2007
    So am I deeply concerned about the future of GH's wonderful and exciting plots! I've been watching this soap opera for nearly one month! General Hospital had its own recommendation in my case and I had it described in the best possible quality. I was considering me joining the show and start belonging to this world,world of GH and its fans. As you can guess,I made up my mind to become a part of GH! And I still do not dare to use any bad or negative word for describing it!

    First of all,I would like to mention,that this soap opera really makes my every day. It is still alive and active in my dreams, it is inside me, it's a living soul in my heart. Never before have I been so obsessed about any soap opera. General Hospital can boast about its remarkable climate,atmosphere. Every episode starts with jumping from one scene to another. It's really gorgeous. It is some kind of quick skin. You can take pleasure from enjoying 5 or 6 various scenes of sometimes different stories. It makes this soap opera look versatile. It is my impression,my constant impression. What is more, General Hospital has a very fresh stories. It is linked to the world of drama,'s also stocked with joke,fun,here I have this entire story with Kate Howard and Sonny Corinthos on my mind. Their quarrels,fights and 'arguments presentations' have this power to make viewers laugh loudly in front of their TV's or computers... Furthermore,GH shows totally different characters. We watch characters,that are absolutely opposite to each other. Jerry Jacks/Jax Jacks - Jerry,who was named Craig was torturing 15 people in a hotel,treating them with a little bit of cruelty,with no honour and goodness. Jax is his younger brother,capable of sacrificing his own private life for his bad brother! Jax is the ideal brother,husband,son... Jason - Lucky. Jason is this type of man,who is supportive for women,calm,who usually respects others. Lucky is a volcano! Lucky was abandoned by his own father,Luke Spencer,that's why his behaviour makes others feel very bad for him. Disappearing of Jake let this whole amount of Lucky's anger appear and start making trouble in his life. Lucky,instead of comforting his wife Elizabeth, accused her of turning back on Jake! It made me furious! There are a lot more opposities,but I would like to leave this aspect now.

    Last events in GH are remarkable! Disappearing of Jake,Sam's secrets,that are coming out,Jax,who is searching for his brother,Luke taking Laura etc.! I'm just after the episode from the 27th of June and I...I am only about to say,that I'm dying to watch the next episode!

  • I started watching General Hospital about 2/3 months ago. The UK freeview channel ABC1 had started showing it since it launched (the channel, not the 1963 launch of GH!).

    At first, it looked like the worst soap I'd ever seen - WORSE than Sunset Beach I thought. I gave it a chance and realised that what it lacks in acting, it makes up for with intriguing story lines (sometimes) and a "lightness" that begs the question, "Why go out of your way to dislike something that isn't begging to be taken seriously?".

    I enjoy watching it in my lunch break and I've just about timed my daily coffee so that it's cooled enough to drink, by the time GH starts. I know - I sound a bit obsessive-fan-like. It's harmless fun and if you follow this vein when you're watching, you can't go far wrong.
  • juicy924 December 2002
    If you are a new viewer to GH, the soap might not be that bad, hey it might even be enjoyable. But, to those who have seen pretty much ANY of past years' episodes, you'll be completely disappointed and probably appalled. The writing is terrible, half the actors are horrible and there are too many contrived storylines and bad recasts. The only reason worth watching is Nancy Lee Grahn, Billy Warlock, and Robin Christopher. Or if you need a good laugh. Except for these 3 notable exceptions, and sometimes Tony Geary and Lane Davies, the show is a complete waste of time. If, like me, you are a long-time viewer, you'll be extremely upset at the mess of the show now. Couples are contrived and have no chemistry, storylines are replaced with laughable dialogue, agenda-filled writing, and the acting is terrible. Fan favorites are merely a shell of their former characters as a result of terrible recasts, and the show has reached an all time low. Don't waste an hour of your time on this show, if you need a GH fix, I suggest you look into edit tapes of previous years, when the soap was the reigning show of daytime.
  • General Hospital was the best soap opera ever back in the day. I would race home from the office to watch it every weekday with my wife, Clara. Oh Clara. We loved when Luke, Laura and the gang were into mischief with the Cassidines and the Ice Princess and all that. Do you remember when Bobbi had to take over the fireworks so Luke could escape? Those were the good old days. I don't watch it anymore.
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