There is a recurring extra throughout this series who also appeared in Bill Bixby's The Incredible Hulk. She is a beautiful, middle-aged, blonde lady and can be spotted in many episodes, often featured as an atmosphere player (an extra who single-highhandedly interacts with the star of the show or is prominently featured in non-verbal scenes).

In the first half of the series, Tony Blake lives on a plane called "The Spirit"; a ramp is often seen lowered so he can park his Corvette, with the vanity license plate equally named "SPIRIT", inside of the Boeing. In the second half of the series, Tony Blake has lost the plane and moved into a suite at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. No explanation was ever given for this character change, however period articles attribute this mid-season revamping to the fact that there was a gas shortage at the time, and the audiences would, not only not be able to relate to a man who spent so much fuel to jet-set himself across country, but would also resent that.

In the Quantum Leap Episode "The Great Spontini: " Sam Beckett (Scott Backula) jumps into a magician in 1974 who plans on auditioning for Bill Bixby's The Magician. Sam mistakenly thinks he's going to try out for The Incredible Hulk, to which his young companion says "Harry, I don't think a great actor like Bill Bixby, a magician, is going to play a green comic book character."

License number on his Corvette was "SPIRIT".

Although Todd Crespi plays a paraplegic as recurring character Dennis Pomeroy, he was perfectly ambulatory in real life.

In the X-Files, when Samantha Mulder is kidnapped in 1973 The Magician was on after the show playing on the Mulder's TV set.

Bill Bixby actually learned how to do the magic tricks for this role, so for most of the magic there was no trick photography used at all. Some magic did use the frame of the camera or edits to allow effects that would not have been possible otherwise.

There was a writers' strike in 1973 (Writers Guild of America against the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers) and the series greatly suffered because of that. Fans attribute to that fact the demise of the series after only one season.

Tony Blake only drank white wine.

In the series pilot, the title character is introduced as Anthony (or Tony) Dorian, but by the time it aired, a real magician named Tony Dorian was found and he was renamed Blake by the time the next episode aired. Similarly his legman, had been named "Jerry Wallace" in the pilot but for unknown reasons was renamed "Anderson"

In Charlie's Angels: Toni's Boys (1980), an unsuccessful would-be spin-off for that series, Barbara Stanwyck's character is called "Toni Blake". The coincidence doesn't end there. When her "boys" are first introduced, one offers the angels white wine. Of course, one of Tony Blake's main characteristics, here, was that he only drank white wine. Bill Bixby served as director for a Charlie's Angels episode. It is unclear what say he had in that one, but the coincidences are too similar to be random.