Paramount wanted director Dave Thomas to go back and reshoot some scenes before its limited release in 1989, but in the intervening two years star John Travolta had gained over 30 pounds, which prevented any new scenes being shot.

Shelved by its distributor, Paramount, for some two years after it was filmed.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston first met on the set of "The Experts" and later married.

According to his podcast show, Gilbert Gottfried auditioned for a part. Although he didn't specify which part, it is most likely the role of Mr. Smith.

There was another ending filmed which was later cut: a car chase that ended with a 56 Chevy. The Sedan was rolled on the Main Street of Niagara on the Lake. At the roll over ramp, the car hesitated and the right speed was not reached so the car didn't fly through the air and roll correctly.