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  • One of the best brazilian TV series ever made. Tells the story of the one of the first composer women in Brazil. Maybe the most important. Chiquinha Gonzaga was born in the end of the 19th century, in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Composer of several of the most known carnival songs of Brazil. You can't miss it.
  • Chiquinha Gonzaga, the miniseries, tells the story of the woman who defied the male chauvinist authority of her epoch. She set an example for the women of her era giving them newfound freedom.

    In this critically acclaimed epic, real life mother and daughter Regina Duarte and Gabriela Duarte play Chiquinha Gonzaga in old and young stages of her life. Also on the cast the newcomers Danielle Winnitz and Caio Blat, and the veterans Suzana Vieira, Zezé Motta, Marcello Novaes and Carlos Alberto Ricceli, who all give great performances.

    In a beautifully produced masterpiece Globo TV captures once more the essence of an era with the epic Chiquinha Gonzaga.

    The revolutionary maestrine's life comes to television. The miniseries depicts a wide ranging pannel of the history of Brazilian women, their struggles and victories, depicting the surge of Brazilian popular music, that had Chiquinha as one of its precussors.

    Again, don't miss this classic with Regina Duarte and Gabriela Duarte at their best. For another great performance by Regina Duarte and Gabriela Duarte, check out the drama Por Amor.