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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Police detective Dick Copper (broadly played with hammy panache by Harry Reems) investigates the murder of an undercover cop who was rubbed out by the mob. Copper persuades the man's wife Connie (foxy brunette Bree Anthony) to use herself as sexual bait in order for Copper to nab the mobsters responsible for the hit.

    Writer/director Ralph Ell keeps the enjoyable story moving along at a brisk pace, makes nice use of gritty New York City locations, and tops everything off with an amusing sense of goofy humor. The sex scenes are pretty hot and explicit, with the opening lesbian sequence between Connie and amorous maid Louise (slender minx Kellie Dunkle) rating as a tender and erotic highlight. Bobby Astyr contributes a hilarious turn as mumbling mobster Shorty. The funky-throbbing prog-rock soundtrack hits the get-down groovy spot. A real hoot.