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  • A very attractive and capable cast is lost in this deadly boring rehash of the slasher sub-genre. The plot a simply a collection of cliches and set-pieces that we've all seen a hundred times before. Has great potential as an insomnia treatment.
  • sammyb18 February 2007
    It is hard to believe how bad this movie is.The presence of Jeff Fahey should have been a clue as should the queen of trash Emily Booth.Suffice to say they are not the worst actors in this.Even one of the has beens from the failed remake of Crossroads ( as Brad the High School stud!)

    doesn't give the worst performance- despite an American accent that makes Christian Bale's look good.

    That dubious honour goes to Tony Alueh..who appears to be channelling the ghost of Mr T.Probably a bad idea as Mr T is still alive. No cliché is left unused,no piece of scenery unchewed
  • This really should have been a one star, but there was so many, clichés, predictable twists, seen it all before slasher flick parallels that I actually give it an extra star for the fact it made me laugh...although this was never the directors intention Im sure.

    I don't often write comments about films, they have to be either sensational, or in this ones case really bad.

    To be honest, as soon as I saw Jeff Fahey in it I knew it was going to be poor as he has a unique nose for picking out the worst films.

    Somehow the farce of it all made me watch it all the way through, possibly for the hilarious voice of MR T, (not relay Mr T, but you'll know what I mean if you bother to watch this), if you do watch it, make sure you don't pay to see it. This may have worked had they actually put intended comedy into it, but Im sure you'll find the odd laugh here and there at the farce of it all...
  • Fallen Angels is a perfectly fine thriller/slasher/horror B movie! The cast has some great new up and coming stars including Esme Elliot. As well as some Hollywood legends such as Michael Ironside! I think for the budget the cast and crew did a great job. I see the other comment completely dismisses this movie. But it's worth taking a watch yourself to make your own opinion. I believe it was out in Canada initially, I hear it has now been released on DVD in the UK. I see since Fallen Angels Ian has a new movie out "Bad Day". From what I have heard in the press this new film starring Claire Goose should be worth looking out for!
  • An otherwise lame and sluggish film was saved by the startling performance of newcomer Tony Arunah Abbey. The film limped from scene to scene only to be lit by the too seldom appearances of Mr Abbey. I am in the process of trying to track down DVD of his other performances as I was totally blown away by this guy's talent and professionalism. His attention to detail and painstaking care when researching this role was evident from his stunning performance. He is certainly someone we need to be looking out for in the future and has an illustrious movie career ahead of him I'm sure. The film in general was watchable if a little predictable and slow.