Belén Rueda left the series in season 6 in order to focus on her film career. She later returned for the series finale.

Several actors from Los Serrano have worked before in another series, "Al salir de clase" (1996): Fran Perea (Marcos), Alejo Sauras (Raúl), Elsa Pataky (Raquel) and Leticia Dolera (Ruth).

Antonio Molero is only 11 years older than his son in the fiction, Alejo Sauras, and Belén Rueda is only 12 years older than her daughter in the fiction, Verónica Sánchez.

Jesús Bonilla and Belén Rueda have worked together before in Periodistas (1998).

Most of the songs in the series are preformed by Fran Perea (Marcos), Santa Justa Klan (the music group composed of the youngest actors in Los Serrano) and El Sueño de Morfeo.

After Guille and Teté have a relationship in Los Serrano they had one "in real live" for 5 years.

In the finale episode is revealed that all series is just a dream of Diego Serrano, played by Antonio Resines. This decision caused so bad negative reactions in the people, that since then it was created the quote "es un sueño de Antonio Resines" ("it's a dream of Antonio Resines") to indicate something incredible or unbelievable.