In Jerry Orbach's last episode, he was so sick, he was barely able to speak. In one scene they pulled back and added his voice later. In another scene, they changed it so he "had" to whisper, since his voice couldn't get any louder.

Season one, episode thirteen, "Eros in the Upper Eighties", is the only episode of this show not to be broadcast during it's original run on NBC. After the series was cancelled, it was rebroadcast by the Court TV network, which finally aired the episode on January 21, 2006.

The following statement appeared at the beginning of each episode: "In the criminal justice system, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty. Either by confession, plea bargain, or trial by jury. This is one of those trials."

With only thirteen episodes, it is the shortest running series within the Law & Order franchise, which included: Law & Order (1990), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001), Law & Order: Trial by Jury (2005), Law & Order: UK (2009), and Law & Order: LA (2010).

Beginning with season seven in 2007, and continuing until its final season, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001) used the opening theme music originally heard on this series. The change in theme music coincided with the show's transfer from NBC to USA.