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  • The BTS short subject on the DVD for David Stanley's "Vicious Streak" is far more interesting than the lame feature movie. We see a "We'll miss you Dasha" party on set for Dasha, who's married co-star Dillon Day and is leaving Vivid Video to move to Europe with him. And we have the male BTS interviewer "Victoria Woodhill" asking star Sunrise Adams about how Stanley loves to throw in movie references (ripoffs) in his work, and she is clueless in her inane response.

    So "Vicious Streak" is not that dreaded porn-parody but rather a pastiche of thriller cliches mixed with director Dave's own relentless foot fetishism.

    Adams is a horny realtor, renting out a crummy apartment (a typically crummy Vivid set for Stanley, whose later Wicked Pictures' sets were far more lavish) but getting into violent trouble. Her co-worker is Dasha, who doesn't have much of a role but does get the requisite sex scenes in.

    Picture opens with scary music and first-person stalking camera, but Stanley makes light of the thriller genre in most scenes, having his cast exaggerate (Randy Spears as Sunrise's husband is the most egregious overactor) but failing to generate any black humor as in such mainstream movies as "Scream". Instead he insists on redundantly falling back on foot-fetish content, running the gimmick into the ground.

    He starts off with Sunrise commenting on Dasha's long black socks, crushing a banana on her stockinged feet in mockery of how men supposedly cream over such garb (men like David Stanley that is).

    Whether the Vivid audience is ready for unannounced endless footsie, Stanley plunges ahead, with pointless foot-jobs and cum-on-the-feet scenes. The central motif of a VHS tape shot by prime suspect quirky Eric Masterson features Michelle Michaels with black socks on (of course) giving a first-person foot-job to some unknown guy, and it is this that leads to the finale tying of the loose ends of the mystery plot.

    Requisite lesbian scene has punk-styled Betty Sue and Jasmine Lynn going at it with a dildo as their new neighbor (Sunrise rented him the apartment) videotapes them in action for his collection. Stanley is very sloppy throughout the shoot, with a sign marking "Riverdale Apartment's" displaying that incorrect apostrophe and a final scene when newscaster Trevor Zen (who reports on various murders on TV) closes a door and the blooper of it accidentally swinging back open behind him left in the final print.

    Both big-busted blondes Dasha and Sunrise are sexy but subordinated to Dave's obsession with feet. Someone at Vivid should have sat on him and forbid his too-frequent swerving from the sort of sex mainstream Vivid fans paid to see instead of merely and repeatedly indulging his own preference for tootsies.
  • Indeed, this movie is not a recommendation: it's rather a Sunrise Adams spotlight so Dasha had only a cameo and what awful it is: the set is truly crummy and sure not arouses excitement or desire! Dasha has a straight scene with her then real husband and you can't see an once of chemistry between them, especially from the bald Neanderthal Dillon! The climax happens on Dasha's feet and as the 10 minutes that preceded, it's totally flat and useless!