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  • As a general fan of Eddie Izzard, I was surprised to see that both he and Minnie Driver were taking on a television show. While most TV pilots seem hackneyed and forced, this had the quality of a feature film. Pilots are out there to bait the audience and this one did so with a pace that, if they can keep it up, will have the viewer exhausted by the end of every hour. My surprise turned to sheer joy by the end of this first episode. Both Izzard and Driver are amazing in their respective roles, flowing effortlessly through their very complex characters. The writing is intense and raw and the dialogue is both natural and on point. I had no idea what I was getting into when the show opened and the thread of the drama pulled me right through to the end. I'm not one to watch many TV shows on a weekly basis but for this show, I'll make the time. Definitely the best TV I've seen in years.
  • I missed the first airing of the pilot but caught an encore Saturday night, and I am glad I did. The plot was challenging, characters engaging, dialog tight and raw, atmosphere gritty.

    I have an inexplicable soft spot in my heart for Gypsies, and I am usually disappointed in how cold and inaccessible modern nomads are in film and T.V. The Riches family are portrayed with enough warmth and pathos (and unexpected poetry!) to let the viewer in, while in no way slipping into the criminals-with-a-heart-of-gold cliché. This ain't no Hallmark channel program!

    I was particularly impressed with Eddie Izzard's rich use of language which really did touch on the poetic at times. Minnie Driver was especially compelling and complex. And their marriage was one of the few believable mature relationships I've seen on television in a long time.

    With the absurd premise and the comedy-background casting, I expected a few laughs, but didn't find them. Instead, I had the strange yet familiar feeling reminiscent of picking up a Frank Miller comic book the first time, expecting superheroes and finding horror in its place.
  • Sure, it was only the pilot I saw, but I had very high hopes coming in, being a big, big fan of Eddie Izzard's. I was just worried that for a drama/comedy with what appears to be an actual storyline (unlike many serials, such as the CSI's or Law and Order's - not that there's anything wrong with that), a stand up comic was a rather strange choice for the lead character. But Izzard plays his role straight, not slapstick, and very well. Between him and Driver, definitely seems to be a good foundation (and at least most of the time, they did a good enough job of dropping their accents and picking up the southern one). The kids were good enough, which is really all I needed out of them for now. Not a distraction, added well to the ensemble.

    Plot seemed dodgy when I read the synopsis. But it actually does make some sense, seems the writers are going to use one new thing going wrong per episode, such as their old family members possibly showing up. I just hope, that even though it just started, it stays fresh. But the outlook looks bright for the Riches.

  • The Riches is simply one of the best shows on television. If you are a fan of drama, comedy, and action – this is the show for you. The Riches stars Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver as a family of con-artists who steal the American Dream. The dialogue is witty and the acting is superb. If you haven't seen the pilot yet, don't wait another minute! Once you watch the first 5 minutes, you'll be hooked. There's a magic to the show, one that steals your heart and leaves you wanting more. It's compelling television in a sea of banal programs. I can't wait until the next episode!!! Eddie and Minnie make a dynamic tandem; the soundtrack is eloquent and inspired. Kudos to FX for bringing America a show with complexity, character, and spirit.
  • cdsutton-115 March 2007
    It's got to be hard for TV producers and writers to come up with a new theme for a series... but they have scored a bit "10" with this one. I believe The Riches will go down in history as one of the truly "different and great" ones. I'd bet it will soon be a cult series. I'm hooked already!

    Yes, it was a bit dark - I wasn't prepared for the violence and dark themes - drug use, cross-dressing child... but everything was portrayed intelligently. I thought it would be funnier, and perhaps future episodes will be, but I absolutely loved it - sort of the way I loved Fargo and Twin Peaks. Very clever, great acting, intelligent, and what a different idea for a theme.

    Living in Tampa myself and knowing a little about the "Travelers" - modern day gypsies (and yes, there are some that live nearby) - made it hit home even more. Plus I've been hankering for an RV, so I am really enjoying seeing them ride down the highway.

    Haven't we all had a little dream about living this type of life?
  • I now have something to look forward to on the most dreaded day of the week. I love every single character on this show, I love every line, every look, every scene, EVERYTHING.

    When I first watched The Riches I was a little confused. It was funny and touching but at the same time rather dark (much like Director Peter O'Fallon's first feature "Suicide Kings")  Upon further examination I have realized that it is this contrast that makes the show so incredible. Hollywood does an amazing job at painting the perfect portrait of "the American dream" while simultaneously ignoring its dark corners and stark realities. The Riches takes the shiny and manufactured concept of the American dream and strips it down to reveal the reckless and desperate nature of those aiming to achieve it. Though Wayne and Dahila Malloy initially seem like terrible parents, they are the perfect (albeit extreme) representation of American society's obsession with materialism and are, therefore, much like the rest of us. Though it is hard to picture yourself stealing the lives of a dead couple, I'll bet it is not as hard to picture yourself sacrificing everything for the well being of your children. I love this show because it forces me to think about my own borders and limitations. Right now there is no way I could carry on like the Malloy's but if push comes to shove, I could be singing another tune.

    Long live The Riches!
  • hcurschel13 March 2007
    This show is not nearly as funny as I thought it would be (damn those trailer editors!), but it is better than I imagined. It's amazing what a couple of excellent actors and good writing can bring to a series. Seeing Minnie walk out the gates with those braids and that pallid, dead face! I disagree with a previous poster: Minnie is excellent with accents, and EDDIE IZZARD!! We have been fans of his stand up for years, and he is unrecognizable. He prides himself on having an almost incomprehensible English accent, but his American accent is--so good. Americans are so often casted in Brit flicks, so it's refreshing to see a couple Brits doing the same routine. I'm so excited there is something on to watch--we have no shows left. Hope this doesn't go the way of Wonderland, Wonderfalls, Freaks and Geeks . . . I do hope that it doesn't push itself into some of those Rescue Me directions (cheap thrills, cheap thrills). But would Eddie sign onto something that wasn't special?
  • jng945113 March 2007
    Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver had great chemistry and really portrayed their characters to the T. From the opening scene until the very end I couldn't take my eyes off of the TV. When a show keeps you for that long, you know it's good. FX needs to keep putting out the "out of the ordinary" shows. Dirt and Nip/Tuck along with the Riches gives TV a breath of fresh air. They are not the average copy cat crime show or hospital drama (which isn't a bad thing all together). But it was time for something new! I thought this show was awesome! It had everything you need in a show and more! The plot line was awesome and I can't wait until the next episode. It will be fun to watch how the characters and the story evolve over the next 12 episodes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is a breath of fresh air. I haven't enjoyed the pilot episode of a series this much since Lost first aired. The writing was brilliant, and Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver shine in their leading roles, particularly the most excellent scene-stealer Izzard. I laughed out loud several times and I came close to tears during the scene where Mr. Rich dies. This show has a perfect mix of drama and comedy and balances them out in a way few shows can. I seriously cannot think of one scene I did not enjoy in the episode. If it continues to be as brilliant as it was in the pilot, it will certainly be around for a long while.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    WARNING: Spoilers. I watched this mainly for Eddie Izzard because I love his stand-up, and I was not disappointed. There's a compelling plot-line centered around this gypsy-like con-artist family and the bigger family they belong to. After Wayne Malloy (Izzard) gets into a fight with the boss of the family, he steals cash belonging to the boss or family, I wasn't quite clear on that, and he and his wife Dahlia (Driver) take off in their old RV with their daughter and two sons. Fellow members of their 'family' run into them at a gas station, and after a little conflict, two RVs are chasing one another. The RV not belonging to the Malloys forces a car off the road, and they flee. Wayne decides to try and help whoever was in the car, and instead he finds a dead woman and her husband, still alive though he dies soon after from a piece of wood that impaled his heart. Long story short, Wayne finds a paper belonging to the man, Douglas Rich, entailing the new home he has bought in a planned community. Wayne takes his cash, credit cards, and ID before having his family assist him in pushing the car and its occupants into a lake. Wayne decides that it's time for his family to live the American dream, so they pose as the Riches and move into their home. Over all, it's a satisfying plot with some laughs and also some deeper drama. I would recommend that anyone give it a try, I'm certainly glad I did.
  • The guy brings me to tears doing his stand up. He has acted before, but never so much as a straight guy. He's either a British guy (not a stretch) or a transvestite (not a stretch either). Here he is a father who loves his kids, loves his wife (dearly) and is also a Modern Gypsy (thief). His whole family comes from a sub culture where you lose your sole of you sleep in a house. There is a hierarchy to a "Gypsy Family" to which this family belongs. Eddie pulls off this "father with flaws" perfectly. Minnie Driver plays the wife who just got out of jail and has been scared by that experience. There must be some top notch production/direction/writing going on because all the actors are very believable. It's very much a dark comedy type show. We have only seen the pilot, but it's on our Tivo from now on. 9/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Riches is a roller coaster ride in the dark: you have no idea which way it's going until you take that turn. And wow, what a ride! The plot is simple. A group of grifters are taking innocents for cash and trinkets, by going to various towns in their RVs and swiping what they can from those unfortunate enough to cross their paths. One branch of these "travelers" is the Molloy family, Wayne, his fresh from prison wife, Dahlia and their three kids.

    When Wayne rips off the family fortune and tries to break away from the rest of the group, and when the other members of this group come after them, a chain of events takes place that leads to the death of an unrelated couple on their way to their new home. The result is Wayne and family get to assume the identity of these well-to-do people, and they become The Riches.

    The brilliance of the program is the counterpoint storytelling of this group of vagabonds, now set up in the wealthiest area of suburbia, who have the ultimate con going on: pretending to fit in to society!

    Sterling performances from the always watchable Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, as the leads, and a very talented ensemble cast make this a worthwhile watch, and great, twisted, hilarious and unpredictable scripts give them all something spectacular to do in every episode.

    I really don't know where this series is going, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's definitely a ride worth taking.
  • icon195931 March 2007
    Wow! Even better than expected. Eddie Izzard is an amazing talent. The writing is very much like his one man shows of a few years ago, very stream of consciousness, witty and satirical and funny and, laced with equal doses of understanding and pathos. I finished high school in a town like that in south Louisiana, frighteningly accurate portrayal of suburban insecurities and social climbing. But then again, it could be anywhere, and Izzard is everyman for the new millennium. And the willingness to make the character of the youngest child a cross dresser, not always in the pursuit of the Con, so very Eddie.I sure hope this show captures enough audience to survive. BY the way what is that Poem Eddie recites at the end of the Pilot episode? Good Job and Good Luck!!
  • I am a big fan of Eddie Izzard and find his comedy remarkably insightful and clever. So, when I first heard the premise of "The Riches" a while back, I dreaded the thought that he would be in a sitcom akin to another version of "The Beverly Hillbillies." However, when I saw the pilot last week I was mesmerized by the quality of the acting and writing; and the concepts that were spring-loaded into this first episode. It was like reading a great novel when virtually the entire story is laid before you early on, but the art and craft comes in the characters pulling the pieces apart and then putting them back together, saying: "If you come with us on this journey, you will have some questions and confusion. At times we might make you laugh, or we might break your heart. You might not always like what you see, but you will never be bored." This is what "The Riches" promised the viewer in that first episode. After viewing the second episode last night, I believe they intend to keep that promise.

    As a longtime TV viewer I have watched many a new show, digging through the dreck and the dross, seeking gold. I believe there is gold in "The Riches."
  • sarahkm19 March 2007
    This is honestly one of the best, if not the best, new series of this year - Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver ARE the Malloys. They both exude brilliance in their performances as the flawed couple conning their way to the American Dream. Izzard and Driver is the main reason why I'm watching this show because they are so compelling and entertaining. Also, I should note that the casting is top-notch with the younger actors as the Malloy children, providing great support and laughs. Never have I seen such a quirky show about the American Dream concept

    Come Emmy season, Izzard and Driver should reaping the rewards for signing on such a great show and making it even more fantastic!
  • After watching five episodes of this show, I am completely hooked on this smart, funny, intelligent, dramatic and engaging show. The acting is excellent. Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver just shine in their roles as the Riches. It is different, much so than anything else on T.V. right now. If you tried one episode but turned it off - I would suggest trying it again! Although I absolutely loved the first episode, I am finding that it is developing and growing into an even better show now! It is a unique combination of comedy, sometimes a dry sense of humor or outright comedy coupled with some very dramatic moments that leave you speechless. The dark themes of cross-dressing, confused kid, drug use, possible danger and theft are dealt with in a mature, intelligent manner. The show is worth seeing- more than once since there are some comedy and drama that can be missed the first time around.
  • Before I begin, I must say I understand those of you who have said you dislike this program. It is sometimes difficult in the touchy feely world of crime investigation and counter-terrorism dramas to understand the wild notion of anti-heroes serving as a story's protagonist.

    But that is exactly what has come together here. Make no mistake, the "heroes" of this television program are low down, dirty criminals. Criminals without regard for anything or one except themselves. Criminals who off their own grandmothers to profit on the sale of a gently used pacemaker.

    In my experience, there is one other television show that this combination character malice and despair come together to make a wholly entertaining program. That show is Six Feet Under.

    With the sublime dark and almost tragic comedy underlying and fantastic character performances (I know the accents are a little off), this show promises something on television to those of us still grieving from the loss of Six Feet Under.

    If you were a fan of Six Feet Under, or if you appreciate the intricacies of dark comedy; where the goal is not entirely a plot to make you laugh, I believe you will very much enjoy this show.

    Give it a look see.
  • I heard about the series when Minnie Driver was interviewed. My dad took us traveled around the US by motor home when I was a kid. We had encountered the "Gypsy crowd" many times in campgrounds/road. Dad warned us about "them", but in reality we never had any problems. It's the same all over. You have to watch out not to be taken by anyone. Stock broker, President, or Gypsy. I was curious how they were going to portray what is considered an under-class by many. Good or Bad. I don't know the inner workings of gypsy family clans, but from what I see so far, the portrayal is as close to reality as the censors will allow. The first 2 episode have already shown that no matter what social class you are in we are all the same. We all have the same needs and temptations. We all want the same thing. "The American Dream". I think the "Riches" are going to realize they were happier on the road. Proverb: You don't own possessions, possessions own you. Only two flaws, the accents, and how did he find time to learn how to golf that well on the road? I finally understand what preacher cookies are. Only took 50 years. Da!!!
  • Sylviastel13 March 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have to say that I was really excited for this show to appear last night but I have to say that I have mixed feelings about the whole premise of Gypsy Travelers roaming the American South in prey of loot on us buffers. I think Eddie Izzard is brilliant as Wayne and I like Minnie Driver as Dahlia. As a couple, they have a lot of chemistry. I just love Eddie Izzard now. He can make me believe anything but somehow it's all hard to swallow. For example, he cons his way into a class reunion with his teen daughter and young son who likes dressing his older sister's clothes. Didn't anybody notice that he brought his kids while nobody else did. After all, it's kind of hard to believe that buffers are that dumb in general or they wouldn't have more. After almost getting busted by a cop on the road, they head to pick up Dahlia for a family reunion and a celebration of her release from prison. Anyway, Wayne steals from the Godfather of the Gypsy Travelers's safe because the heir has already fixed his teen daughter up to be married to a slightly slow relative for marriage in the fall. The Malloys take off after running into relatives. Dahlia is considered Gypsy royalty whatever that means and Wayne is not. They are fortunate to witness a terrible car accident who takes the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Rich who were on their way to their new home in a gated community. Wayne or Doug has a plan to move his family into the new digs. Will they fit in? No, but they plan on trying to live a normal life whatever that means. I just have trouble believing that the producers didn't have a character with some moral conscience. Of course, it's only a show and it is to be entertaining but I was hoping for so much more but I love Eddie Izzard now.
  • Marked30 March 2007
    I finally got around to watching the pilot last night and was so impressed. So far, so damned good.

    I do have to take slight issue with those reviews that bag on Driver and Izzard's "accents". For one, although Irish Travellers live in the Deep South, they have their own language, accent, and (sometimes) melodic way of speaking. I think the leads did a wonderful job at oscillating among a variety of accents in order to fit in contextually no matter where they were. I saw the accent-shifting as another example at how flexible they are and how they try to adapt to every situation they find themselves in.

    I really look forward to future episodes.
  • marioncarmichael17 March 2007
    I had no idea what this show was even about but when I saw it starred Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver I knew I had to watch it. All I can say is WOWWWWWWWWWWW. A completely original plot, fantastic acting and very very very (did I mention very?) dark humor. The quality of the production was such that I felt I was watching a movie instead of a television show. It's not going to be to everyone's taste but THANK GOD for that!!! The storyline about a family of traveling grifters is so unusual but also so compelling to watch. I am hooked! Thank you to all the cast and crew involved for making this such an incredible watching experience. And please keep doing what you're doing because it's magic!!!
  • After watching countless previews for this new drama, I waited with bated breath for the premiere. In addition to its modern Gypsy intrigue and captivating familial interactions, "The Riches" showcases the immortal genius of of the incomparable, Eddie Izzard. Even if this show was a complete dud (which it's not), it would be worth watching - if only to see Eddie Izzard at his best!

    The show's slow beginning was a minor deterrent from completely enjoying the episode; however, the pilot was an exciting beginning to what I hope will be a successful cable drama. The only problem this series may encounter is well will they cultivate the plot and will it progress in a logical and cohesive manner.
  • JJnCowtown13 March 2007
    One word......fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot of The Riches and can hardly wait for next week's episode.

    Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver were captivating. The teens/children were equally good. The youngest is brilliant!

    There are a lot of Irish Travelers where I live and it's hard not to be fascinated by their lifestyle and ways. I wish there was more about that aspect.

    BTW, the Irish Travelers around here are probably outraged by the way the families were dressed in this show. Around here they dress to impress. Only the trendiest clothes and very expensive cars/trucks. The women are rarely seen in the same outfit and are always "made up".

    Congratulations and I have to say that FX is really impressing me with their original, incredibly entertaining shows.
  • With eager anticipation for FX's new show 'The Riches' I tuned in last night to watch the premiere episode. Mostly, as I am sure many did, because of Eddie Izzard. Having been a big fan of his stand-up I wasn't quite certain as what to expect from this strange show about thieves. Was it a comedy? Was it funny? If dramatic, well then, was it any good? What I found was a show I have not seen before. Something surprisingly refreshing and yet not all that unexpected. We love bad guys. In this country of supposed do-gooders, we love that conniving thief, the middle-aged mob boss, the suburban pot-dealing mother almost more than our John Waynes and Laura Crofts. In fact some of Wayne's best work was when he would play that gray area between vengeance and law, the Wayne of Red River. But that's where we are as a nation and a world right now. Stuck in the gray zone. The area between right and wrong, and why shouldn't we? There hasn't been a political administration in this country or on the world stage that hasn't been seeped in some kind of scandal for the last several decades, if ever. And out of this mire that has become our modern civilization comes a band of nomads to help us through the harder times,the darker times, led by an unlikely patriarch in Eddie Izzard and a struggling mother, Minnie Driver.

    Now I won't give anything away, what I more want to express is that this show has great potential. A great cast. A great feel and tone that I haven't quite felt before (and I've watched a lot of television). Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver do some of the best work of their careers. Their connection and rep ore is palpable and their nose for telling the truth is particularly breath-taking. Now of course I'm speaking emotional and story truth here, these characters, after all, don't tell the truth often. Somehow though, this new television family seems more commonplace then the mysterious tribe of people they represent, the Travelers. Somehow "The Riches" are like all of us, just trying to keep alive and find some idea of family. After all, if you've been on the road your whole life, sometimes you want to get to where you're going.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Somehow I had been living under a rock for some time and had totally missed all previews, teasers, etc. for this show. Thus, I started with a blank canvas and had NO idea what to expect. I think that actually may have been to my advantage. After having gone back and watched all the preview clips, I get the feeling that this show was being touted as a comedy. Clearly, from the pilot episode, it is something much darker, and much more intelligent. My husband, however, had seen one of the "funny" trailers and was left feeling a little confused after watching "Pilot".

    **Here There Be Spoilers**

    What I think works:

    Eddie and Minnie - A hugely, hugely unlikely couple, to be sure. But the fact that they are obviously SO devoted to each other, plus what little we know about their courtship leads me to believe there's a LOT of interesting back story between them that will be explored later.

    The Redneck Mafia - Granted, I know nothing about the Traveler society, nor am I from Louisiana, though I am from the "deep South". I thought the idea of this convoluted redneck mafia family was fantastic! The "New" Riches - I imagine that the family's integration into higher-class living will be a little bit "Sopranos" and a little bit "Beverly Hillbillies".

    The Feel of the show - I really liked the overall feel of this show; gritty and realistic, but still appealing. I thought it was well filmed and that the actors seemed at home in their roles.

    What I think needs work: Eddie and Minnie - Accents, people! :) Eddie has *always* had a lousy American accent, though it has been vastly improved for this show compared to his work of years past. Minnie is more convincing, but hasn't hit the nail on the head as of yet. Granted, a Southern American accent is really difficult to achieve without slipping into an overdone caricature.

    Script - Since I have no copy of the shooting script, I can't tell you if the flaws in this show are due to bad writing or to bad editing. What was the younger son doing in the trooper's car that was so important? I have no idea, though there's plenty of speculation about it on the message boards. I'm not sure who to blame, here. All I can do is keep watching the show and see what happens. *Here's where I took the star away from the rating... the show's assembly seemed sloppy*

    My conclusion is that this is a show that will NOT appeal to the average American sitcom watcher. Then again, neither did the Sopranos nor Firefly... both shows with a huge fan-base of non-so-average Americans.

    If you enjoy a drama with some dark comedy that has some potential for intelligence, please give The Riches a try.
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