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  • "ABQ" is an abbreviation of the city Breaking Bad is set, which is Albuquerque. Edit

  • Use Shazam. Edit

  • The pilot is about 10 minutes longer than all other episodes, at least in the original version. However, it was shortened for the international broadcasts to have the same length as the other episodes, as was the case with The Walking Dead, for example. These cuts concerned the plot of the episode. Additionally, there is also a lot of alternative or completely new footage. This altered version could be seen e.g. on the UK channel FX.

    There is also an altered version of the original cut, which features a few censorings like blurred breasts and muted swearings. This version was shown on AMC, where the episodes always can be seen first. However, only one month later IFC showed the same episode "Uncut & Uncensored" to the US audience. Edit

  • "El Paso" Marty Robbins

    "Faust, I. Les Nubiennes: Allegretto" Charles-Francois Gouno

    "Love is Running Through Me" Javaroo

    "Midtown" Bobby Summerfield & Matt McGuire

    "Siempre Amore" Bobby Summerfield & Matt McGuire

    "Lydia The Tattooed Lady" Groucho Marx

    "Baby Blue" Badfinger Edit

  • No he didn't, the code of Omerta prevents anyone who willingly enters the organized crime business from talking to the authorities no matter what happens to them or their families. In the Pilot Walt threatens to turn Jesse in if he doesn't help him distribute meth, however at that point in the show Walt hadn't officially entered the drug business so at that time the code did not apply to him. Jesse however did violate the code in the 'Rabid Dog' episode when he spilled his guts to Hank, which was why Todd was so hard on him when he captured him to be a meth slave. It all goes back to the saying "snitches get stitches" and "never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut." Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Gretchen and Elliot laundered the 9 million dollars that Walt gave them by giving it as a charitable donation to Flynn on his 18th birthday. The remainder of the money that Jack stole from Walt was either seized by the cops or is still hidden somewhere in the clubhouse. Edit

  • Walt literally had no other choice. Walt had destroyed his good relationship with Gus by saving Jesse's life from those two drug dealers and now as a result Gus was going to have him, Jesse, Hank, Skyler, Junior and Holly all killed. To make matters worse Jesse returned the favor by palling up with Gus (a child killer BTW). Since Jesse refused to help Walt save his family Walt had to find a way to get Jesse back on his side so that they could kill Gus and giving Brock a tummy ache was the only option he had left, thanks to Jesse. Edit

  • No one had any reason of suspecting the Los Pollos Hermanos trucks were transporting meth and the trucks were an efficient and effective way of transporting meth without attracting attention. In Season 5A Mike, Walt and Jesse had to pay a very high price for the transportation of their product which Gus didn't have to do because he had the Los Pollos Hermanos Trucks. If by chance one of the trucks were seized, Gus could deny any involvement and suggest it was just a few individuals. Giving him enough time to shut down that method of operation and find a new one. Edit

  • Likely hiding small amounts in his clothes. If they're not searched when leaving then there's little risk. Edit

  • Hank is a D.E.A. agent who made his career trying to bring down the mysterious Heisenberg, manufacturer of the purest meth to ever be created and a man responsible for so much death and chaos in Albuquerque. The shock, humiliation and betrayal Hank must have felt to learn that Heisenberg was his own brother-in-law. Hank likely didn't consider how this would effect Skyler, Walt Jr and Holly because as a law enforcement officer, you can't concern yourself with how arresting a criminal will effect the lives of their families. Even if it's someone close to you. Hank knew that bringing down Walter was the right thing to do. Even though it would likely end his career to do it. Edit

  • Walt saved Jesse's life by running over two drug dealers who were about to kill Jesse, however by doing so his relationship with Gus deteriorated and now Walt's life was in danger. This goes into the recurring theme that Walt is Jesse's guardian angel. Mike also implies that Walter's ego wouldn't allow him to be a simple cook for a drug kingpin. Walter needed to be the big boss. Edit

  • Yes they did. Originally in the Ozymandias Episode, after hearing about Hank and Gomie's deaths, Lydia became paranoid that Skyler was going to reveal her to the DEA, so as Walt is hauling the barrel through the desert she orders Jack, Todd and the Nazis to go kill her. Walt finally arrives home to discover Skyler and Junior have been shot and Holly has been thrown into the pool where she drowned. Walt then calls Ed, the vacuum vanisher guy and tells him that he is going alone, without his family. He still would have come back to Albuquerque to save Jesse however he would not have been able to leave his family the 9 million dollars because they were dead.

    However AMC deemed this ending to be too dark and sadistic so Vince Gilligan had to rewrite it at the last minute so that Skyler and the kids survived and Walt got the heroic ending he deserved. Edit

  • Jesse's car was left at Tuco's. Thus placing him at the scene of the crime. But by hiding out in the hotel and getting rid of any incriminating evidence, he has Badger call the cops on him, so they track him down, arrest him and bring him in for questioning. He's able to play it off that he'd been holed up in the hotel all weekend with the prostitute and someone must have stolen his car. With no drug lab to find, no drugs on his person; the police would think he had been partying all weekend and didn't realize his car got stolen. However, with no drugs on him, they couldn't charge him. The cash was left in his car when they were fleeing from Tuco and hiding from Hank. So unfortunately, that was confiscated at the scene. There was no way Jesse could recover it. Edit

  • Because she wanted to know where it came from and suspected he was responsible for it. Edit

  • The Ricin/poison (made for and intended for Gus at one time) was put into the Stevia packet that Lydia always added to her tea. Walt is shown fiddling with the packets when he goes to speak to Lydia and Todd, under the guise of needing more money. We don't see how he exactly he placed the packet or how Lydia happened to pick the exact one he poisoned. Edit

  • Walter and Elliot started a company together called Grey Matter Technologies. Gretchen worked with them and was in a relationship with Walt. At some point, Walt learned that Gretchen was from a rich family and so he broke up with her. It's implied, but not outright stated that he had some sort of issue with dating someone who was richer than him. Vince Gilligan also stated this reasoning in the DVD commentary. So once Walt broke up with Gretchen, she started dating Elliot. Walt then couldn't stay with Grey Matter and so sold his shares. This was before the company was successful, so his shares were only worth a few thousand dollars. Some time later, Grey Matter became a massively successful company, worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Making Gretchen and Elliot rich. While Walt became broke and forced to get a job as a high school chemistry teacher, while also working a second job at a car wash, just to barely make ends meet.

    Walter partially blames Gretchen and Elliot for his financial situation, though it's largely a result of his own choices. This is why he refuses to let them pay for his surgery. Edit

  • Season 1: Emilio, Krazy-8, Tuco Salamanca

    Season 2: Tuco Salamanca, Hector Salamanca, Skyler White

    Season 3: Hector Salamanca, Marco/Leonel, Salamanca, Gus Fring, Skyler White

    Season 4: Gus Fring, Mike Ehrmantraut

    Season 5A: Hank Shrader, Todd Alquist, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

    Season 5B: Todd Alquist, Jack Welker, and his skinheads, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, Jesse Pinkman, Marie Shrader Hank Schrader and his partner Steve Gomez Edit

  • There are two likely reasons:

    First, Victor was seen by witnesses at Gale Boetticher's crime scene. Gus being an extremely cautious man, thought it best to dispose of Victor to avoid him getting picked up by the police. A second reason which ties into the first; Gus killed Victor in front of Walt and Jesse to show that he was willing to kill a loyal member of his organization for a minor screw-up, what chance do Walt and Jesse have after their betrayal?

    Alternatively, In season 5, Walt theorizes that Gus killed Victor because he "Flew too close to the sun and got his throat slit.", meaning that Victor started learning the process or cooking meth on his own by watching Walt and Jesse and in a sense, stealing the secret recipe. However, this was more Walt's wishful thinking as he was angry with Mike's attitude towards him. Lastly, it's possible that Gus suspected that Victor had been stealing the meth Jesse had been skimming from their shipments and giving to Badger and Skinny Pete. Edit

  • Saul poisoned Brock on Walt's orders. Walter, creates the poison from a Lilly Of The Valley plant he had in his back yard. Walt then gives the poison to Saul and tells him to administer it to Brock next time he goes to Andrea's house to check on them. Prior to this, Saul calls Jesse to his office. Upon Jesse entering the office, Huell attempts to frisk him and pickpockets Jesse and takes the pack of cigarettes that has the vial of ricin. The idea being that Jesse will assume Walt poisoned Brock, but then Walt would convince him that it was Gus trying to turn him against Walt. A risky gamble, that pays off for Walt. Edit

  • Walt didn't care about Todd. He simply took him under his wing after Jesse quit. Walt only ever cared about his family and Jesse. Walt actually went to the compound with the intention of killing Jesse along with the Nazis. After seeing how Todd and the rest of the Neo-Nazis had treated Jesse, and feeling partly responsible for Jesse's enslavement; decided to save him instead. Given Todd's previously killing an innocent young boy, Andrea, torturing Jesse and forcing him into slave labour is what sealed Todd's fate. So Walt felt Jesse deserved to be the one to kill Todd. Edit

  • When first captured and put to work by the Nazis, they put a photo of Andrea and Brock in his work station, as a reminder of what would happen if he didn't co-operate. Jesse, not thinking ahead, tries to escape the compound before properly assessing his surroundings and can't make it over a fence before being re-captured. He is then taken to Andrea's house and forced to watch as Todd executes her for Jesse's transgression. Warning that if he tried to escape again, Brock would be next. Edit

  • Because Walt had achieved his objective. Ever since the start of the series all Walt wanted was to make sure his family was safe and that they had the money they needed when he was gone. Jack, Todd and the Nazis were the final threat to Walt's family and now that they were eliminated and Elliot and Gretchen were going to give Junior 9 million dollars on his 18th birthday Walt was free of his burden. Throughout the season Walt has proven time and time again that he is Jesse's guardian angel, he saved Jesse from Emilio and Crazy-8, saved him from Tuco, paid for his rehab, made him a 50-50 partner, saved him from those two drug dealers, saved him from Gus Fring and now had saved him from being Todd's meth slave. Because of all that Jesse owed it to Walt to let him go out the way he wanted which was as a hero. If Jesse had tried to save Walt then Walt most certainly would have been arrested and his entire name would have been disgraced. Edit

  • It was more than likely because they were ordered to by Gus. While it is never stated why Gus had a child murdered there are some possibilities:

    1) Gus never approved of Jesse working in the lab and only agreed to it because he was trying to keep Walt happy. After Gus saw how much Jesse cared about children he figured that if he had Tomas murdered Jesse would try to take his revenge on the drug dealers, would be killed in retaliation and he would then have Jesse out of the way. Since Jesse would have been the one who instigated the incident Gus would have not have to worry about Walt refusing to cook since Jesse's death would have been his own fault. However unfortunately for Gus, Walt intervened.

    2) Gus was not aware that those two drug dealers were using a child which presented a huge problem. It was very likely that Tomas could have been picked up by the cops as he not only was collecting money but also was being used to murder people. If Tomas was interrogated Gus could not trust him to keep his mouth shut meaning the police would be one step closer to those two drug dealers which would bring the police one step closer to Gus. Since Gus was such a cautious businessman he had Tomas eliminated as a precautionary measure.

    3) While it is very unlikely it is possible that the drug dealers killed Tomas out of revenge for Jesse attempting to poison them.

    4) The two street-level dealers killed Tomas, because unlike Gus, who's cautious enough to not want to draw the police attention of killing a child, the two dealers are dumb and short-sighted. This makes most sense, because Gus had little to fear from Tomas- Even if cop's had arrested Tomas, he couldn't ID Gus; he could only ID the dealers, who'd likely have the bare minimal sense to know that they're better off accepting whatever sentence, for whatever crime, and keeping their mouths hut- Rather than rolling over on Gus. But the street dealers DID have something to gain by killing Tomas; They got rid of a child who didn't just have the potential to send them to prison; He also had motive to send them to prison; ie resentment, for taking away his job, that very day. Edit

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